Dr. Chen. : name, location, title n : beauty, management n n : air, water, silver n (Countable) n a/the N. .

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  • Dr. Chen
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  • : name, location, title n : beauty, management n n : air, water, silver n (Countable) n a/the N.
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  • n n architecture/architect ; physical/physician n economy/ economics/economic/economical n rigor /vigor; affect/effect n editor /editorial n literacy / literature (computer ) n literate / literary (illiterate/ style)
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  • n n : passerby, bookshelf n ( passersby, bookshelves) n commander(s) in chief; n editor(s) in chief n -- hold-up(s), father(s)-in-law, n go-between(s)
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  • a/an, the n a/an ( per):seventy words an hour n a + union/university/United Nations/ unit n an + unhappy / hour/ apple/item n the : n : the sun/earth/moon, the sky/world n n n : The rose is = Roses are n the + ; the + : the unknown n /
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  • the n : Asia, Europe, West Germany, Texas n : Cairo, Fifth Avenue, Broadway, New York n : n go to bed, in bed, at work, go to school. come home, in prison.
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  • n , : team, police, staff committee, audience, faculty, *people n , n : athletics, economics, gymnastics, n *statistics, analgesics, characteristics n : measles, mumps n amends, summons, lens, news
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  • n Five thousand pounds was stolen. n Three years is a long time. n Six miles is too far for me to walk. n :fish, deer, series, species n a means to, by all means, by no means n : trousers, pajamas, jeans, pants, n socks, gloves, scissors, nippers
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  • n n attention /attentions n confidence /confidences n custom / customs n compass / compasses n force / forces ; good / goods n honor / honors n letter / letters ; manner /manners n spectacle / spectacles
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  • n n a three-week holiday n a ten-page paper n a six-hour journey n 14-year-old girls n a five-man investigation committee n an eight-story-high building n : n three dozen of eggs / dozens of eggs n two score of books / scores of relatives
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  • n -us/-i fungus-fungi,stimulus,cactus,alumnus n -um/-a bacterium-bacteria, medium, datum n -a /-ae alga-algae, larva-larvae n -is / -es crisis-crises, basis-bases, analysis, n thesis, synopsis, diagnosis, emphasis n -ix/ -ices index-indices, appendix-appendices n -on/ -a criterion-criteria, phenomenon n -a-/-e-man-men, woman-women, chairman n (German-Germans, Roman-Romans)
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  • n one of (the candidates) n a range of disorders n a variety of activities n a number of guests n a blend of elements n a deal of work n a amount of money + Ns
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  • n A hundred dollars - hundreds of . n A great number of books n = of books n An large amount of money n = Large of money n A number of students absent. n The number of students big. + Ns
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  • n he, she, they, we n Self- : himself, herself, myself, themselves, ourselves, ourselves n that/ those n The economic development of Taiwan is like of Japan. n The lives of animals are in many ways like of humans.
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  • n Some, other(s), the other(s), another n someothers; some of , the others n Some prefer hot tea; others don't. n Some of my students went abroad for further education and the others stayed in Taiwan starting their careers. n
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  • n : n One of my parents is a teacher and the other is a nurse. n He has a book in one and and a pen in the other. n This air conditioner is too expensive. Please show me another. n The pen doesn't work. Please give me another (one)..
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  • n each other one another n each, either, neither n of my brothers knows that.(-,-) n of them will come. (+, - ) n of his parents is a teacher. (+,+)