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1 #onlyinfluencers Bill McCloskey, founder Only Influencers, LLC Jose Santa Ana, Director of Product Marketing, Message Systems 2014 Email Predictions

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2014 Email Predictions

Bill McCloskey, founder Only Influencers, LLCJose Santa Ana, Director of Product Marketing, Message Systems

2014 Email Predictions

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##onlyinfluencersWho is Bill McCloskey?Background18 years in Digital Marketing. 14 Years as an Entrepreneur, 11 Years in the Email Marketing Industry

CompaniesFounded The Rich Media SIG (1998), Emerging Interest, LLC (2000), eDataSource (2003), Only Influencers, LLC (2010)ActivitiesWriter for Mediapost, Clickz. Created Email Insider column (Mediapost). Developed and hosted Email Insider Summit (Mediapost).Created The Inbox Insiders, a private discussion list for Email Marketers.

Recognition50 Marketing Leaders over 50 You Should Know: (CMO Magazine).2 time finalist, EEC Stefan Pollard Marketer of the Year Award: Direct Marketing Association.100 Names To Know in B2B Marketing: B2B Magazine.50 Most Influential People in Interactive Marketing: Media Magazine.

##onlyinfluencersWhat is Only Influencers?What it is:A World-wide Private Community for Email Marketing Professionals

Membership:Membership is by Invitation Only. It consists of brand marketers, deliverability experts, email agencies, designers, consultants and vendors (in non-sales roles). Features:Discussion ListsJob BoardsWeekly Newsletter to promote Member activities (open to the public)World-wide MeetupsWeekly Blog Posts by thought leaders in Email IndustryMarketing Resources

Business Model: 100% funded by the membership. OI takes no advertising or sponsorship money.

##onlyinfluencersEmail Predictions for 2014


62.4% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. PCs still preferred for online shopping (87.3% vs 7.4% for tablets and 5.3% for smartphonesDoes skinny design improve clicks? Data is inconclusiveHaving a Mobile strategy will continue to grow in importance





Custom Audiences will provide new opportunities.

Fact:#2:Facebook and tools such as LiveIntent provide marketers with new ways to target ads based on current email lists




Emails new Motto will be Mail More but dont be stupid.

Fact:#3:Alchemy Worxs Dela Quists ideas around mailing more will find more adherents.




Email is a Stable Marketing Platform And has been for nearly 20 years. It remains the marketing platform with the highest ROI.It also remains a complicated platform with many moving parts and personalities The Concerns of Email Marketers in 2014 will be the same concerns that Email Marketers had in 2013 .and 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006




A Field Guide to Email MarketingEverything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

##onlyinfluencersThe World of the Email MarketerEmail Brand ManagerC-suiteDeliverability (pressure from above)(pressure from below)DesignerVendorsConsultants/agenciesAnalytics ISPsInbox

##onlyinfluencersList Purchased (or Harvested)No Honoring UnsubsRED Light ProgramsSingle (or no) Opt-ineAppendsDifficult to find Unsub LinksYELLOW Light ProgramsDouble Opt-InProminent Unsub LinksPreference CentersImmediate Removal from Unsubs and FBLs Types of Email Programs(ala Bob Frady)GREEN Light Programs


Brand ManagerCampaign Development Stages of Email Marketing(regardless of size)

Acquisition and List BuildingDesignerDesign


Deliverability ExpertDelivery


IT DepartmentAnalysis



Lets Look At Each Stage

##onlyinfluencersList Rental or PurchaseM&AeAppendsAffiliate MarketingPOSContent MarketingSocial MediaGive-awaysCo-RegReferrals Channels for Acquisition

RED Light ProgramsYELLOW Light ProgramsGREEN Light Programs

##onlyinfluencersDo Pop-ups Work? Yes!

Pre-PopupPost-PopupOnly Influencers Newsletter signup: Pre and Post Pop-ups

##onlyinfluencersBest Practices: AcquisitionEmail Address VerificationIs the Email Properly formed?Is the Email Correct? Is the Email a Spam Trap?OnboardingWelcome EmailsBuckets: Marketing lists, Transactional, Lifecycle, Holiday, Auto-responders, Location-based

Resources: Fresh AddressLeadSpendBriteVerify

##onlyinfluencersHow often to sendSend less or send more? Campaign DevelopmentFrequencyWhat is your Style: Spirit Air or IBM? PositioningSubject LinesKiller words?LengthColumnsCopyCAN-SPAMWhich Country? What type of message? LegalResources: Agencies: Alchemy Worx, Brightwave Marketing, Inbox Group, Trendline Interactive

##onlyinfluencersDesignResponsive DesignLets Code like its 1999!Do you need a Mobile Strategy?Resources: Litmus, Movable Ink

##onlyinfluencersAdvantages? Disadvantages? Warming IPsWhatCountsMailchimpSilverpopExactTargetdotMailerESP? Advantages? Disadvantages? Message SystemsIron PortStrongViewPort 25On Site? DeliveryResources: Red Pill Emails ESP Buying Guide, Return Path, eDataSource, Laura Atkins Word to the Wise, Tim Watson

##onlyinfluencersWho drove the sale? AttributionWho else is in the inbox? What are your competitors up to? IntelligenceWhen do you remove an address? Types of Engagement in the Only Influencers CommunityAnalysisEngagement

##onlyinfluencersHygieneRule of thumb: remove undeliverable addresses after 3 mails or 3 weeks which ever is longer Inactives require different strategy including re-engagement campaignsRules vary from ISP to ISP. Need to monitor Bounces and FBL. 77% of email delivery problems are based on sender reputation.

##onlyinfluencersKey TakeawaysEmail is a stable marketing platform, still with the highest ROI.It also remains a complicated platform with many moving parts and personalities. Whenever possible, use technology to automate and streamline processes.Dont give in to pressure: Green Light email programs deliver optimal results.Majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices Mobile strategy.

##onlyinfluencersMessage Systems Helps You Execute

##onlyinfluencersMomentum Digital Messaging PlatformDelivery (Reputation Management)IP warm-up, Comprehensive up-to-date rules, Traffic shaping, Smart threshold managementIntelligent Queuing: Per segment, per destination domainPreference Center Multi-channel message generationAnalysisTimely data on messages queued, delivered, opened, bounced, errors, clicksReal-time troubleshootingHygieneAutomated Bounce Interpretation, Suppression List UpdatesAutomate FBL Remediation, Correlate FBL Reports with Sent Message



The Leader in Digital Messaging20%

##onlyinfluencersBefore I start I wanted to introduce Message Systems.MS supplies the software that delivers the worlds highest volumes of messages to their intended recipients better than any other company in the world.

In fact, in e-mail alone, our software is responsible for sending 20% of the worlds legitimate e-mail.

We work in the most demanding messaging environments in the world for companies like:


Email / Marketing Services Providers

Social NetworkingDaily DealsTelcoFinancial ServicesConsumer TechnologyTravel & HospitalityPublishing & MediaHosting & SaaS

Sampling of Key Clients by Vertical Markets

##onlyinfluencersFacebook and other Social media companies like Linked in, Twitter and daily deal sites like Groupon. These companies are the most high volume senders anywhere. Social network volumes can be measured in the billions of messages a day far surpassing normal F100 corporate volumes. FB alone sends billions of messages a day and accounts for 7% of the worlds email volume.. These companies totally depend on MS to make their businesses work. In addition, MS counts 5 of the top 7 ESPs as customers and the two leading SaaS marketing automation platforms Eloqua and Marketo and SaaS CRM leader Salesforce. These companies depend on e-mail delivery in volume for their revenue and can choose any s/w they like and they all chose MS.

Among Corporates we work with banks and credit cards as well. Our software sends the statement notifications and alerts for AMEX and we distribute research to large investors securely and fast for JPM, B of A, SS. When you get an itunes receipt that is MS or a Paypal message or travel notification from Kayak, that is MS. Our s/w is trusted worldwide by leading companies..


Additional ResourcesConferencesEmail Insider SummitMarketingSherpaEECM3AAWGVendor User GroupsOI MeetupsNewsletters:Only Influencers Email Insider (Mediapost)ClickZhttp://messagesystems.com/resources/digital-library/ebooks/email-best-practices-101


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