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Combining various web services with the power of Universal Analytics, opens up a whole new world of possibilities that will change your Analytics-life forever. In this session we will go through 3 hacks for Universal analytics, that will help you visualise valuable insights directly in Universal Analytics with no need to analyse data elsewhere. Topics covered: 1. Combining offline data with online data in the world of retail, is key to success but can be hard to do with Universal Analytics. Learn how to show offline store visits beside your online visits 2. Use GEO-radius data to segment your visitors and measure how local advertising helps you attract more online/offline visits 3. Use weather forecast data to get a better understanding of your customers pre-purchase behaviorAt the end of the session, we will discuss other possible approaches and hopefully share ideas.


 Ml & Vrdistning 1 3 retail hacks for Universal Analytics Agenda 2 Geo-location tracking Offline data into Universal Analytics Weather data to the next level Ml & Vrdistning 3 Geo Location Analytics Geo-Location Analytics 4 Et ikke fleksibelt setup, hvor enkle ndringer var meget tidskrvendea P grund af begrnset viden hos udviklerne var der meget dialog frem og tilbage Udrulning af ndringer kunne tager mneder Mange partner involveret i mling p kampagner Shopping center location Current radius 200 km New radius 400 Km The challenge and the ambition 5 Main target is to get customers to travel further when they go shopping Reach more customers and inform them about promotions and sales events Today the local advertising isnt streamlined and the effect is not measurable The Solution 6 Make it possible to measure the distance from the local shopping center for each user that visits the homepage Divide the distance into radius zones 0-200 km 200-400 km 400-600 km +600 km Each visitor is placed into one of the above segments Solution 7 Create a custom dimension in Universal Analytics called Visitor distance When a user visits the homepage, the distance from the shopping center is detected using the Maxmind GEO2IP javascript web service If the user is within 200 Km the value 0 - 200 Km is saved into the custom dimension Visitor distance http://www.maxmind.com/ In Universal Analytics 8 How can this data be used? 9 Identify how far away the typical customer lives Identify the current reach for each shopping center See the true value of local advertising Others???? Ml & Vrdistning 10 Offline Visits & Universal Analytics Offline visitor data 12 The target is to get offline Shopping center visits into Universal Analytics This would show if there is a correlation between offline store visits and online visits Often visitors go to the website before they visit the shopping center We want to be able to do this in UA! 13 The challenge 14 Our client does not have hardware that can send live data to Universal Analytics Often offline visitor numbers are delayed because of the system used Raw data like the offline visitor numbers cant be uploaded into Universal analytics, so another solution is needed! Dimension widening to the rescue! 15 The solution 16 Each day an automated pageview is fired from our server with a custom dimension value key 25-03-2014 At the end of each week, the offline store visit numbers is uploaded into Universal Analytics using Data upload and winding to a custom metric In that way we get offline store visits for each day into UA and can easy visualize if peaks in online traffic might correlate to offline store visits Daily hit with dimension Offline visit number Data upload The solution Step by Step 17 Step 1 Create a custom dimension called Offline visits key Step 2 Create a custom metrics called Offline visits Step 3 Create a solution that fires a hit each day with the custom dimension Offline visits key value set to todays date 25-04- 2014 Step 4 Create a data upload where the key is the custom dimension Offline visits key and widening to the custom metric Offline visits Step 5 When you have the offline visitor data, just upload it to the created data upload In Universal Analytics 18 The challenges 19 Have to fire an automatic hit each day Hits might get lost Might be easier to just do it in EXCEL The possibilities Other numbers can be uploaded like offline sales What else? Ml & Vrdistning 20 Weather forecast Thanks Simo Ahava! 21 http://www.simoahava.com/web-development/universal- analytics-weather-custom-dimension/ How weather data is used today 22 Each time a visitor visit the homepage, the Geo-location is used to get the current weather conditions This way we can see in what weather conditions the users convert! This is what we want 23 Our client sells garden products and sales is highly dependent of weather conditions We want to get better insights about the pre-purchase research behavior We think the weekend weather is very important for how much activity the website gets This is what we want 24 18o 22o The solution 25 The current weather condition at the visitor location is saved into Universal Analytics using the a Maxmind web service and a Weather API (openweathermap.org) On a user level we then saved the avg. temperature for the upcoming weekend using the forecast data in the Openweather API feed Data is saved into a Custom dimension on session level 0-10 11-16 17-21 22-26 +26 http://openweathermap.org/ How can we use the data? 26 We get a better understanding about how the upcoming weekend weather affects how much the homepage is used for research It will show if a upcoming warm weekend affects how well the visitors convert using find your dealer This could be done outside Universal Analytics but.. Any ideas or feedback? Feedback? Ideas? Is this crazy? 27