5000 sat preparation words 英語 5000個必備基本單詞及其解釋

Download 5000 SAT Preparation Words 英語 5000個必備基本單詞及其解釋

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Free - 5000 SAT Preparation Words - FreeVocabulary.ComThe 5000 words, with brief definitions, listed below are free for individual and classroom use. As with any Web page, you may (1) view the words online, (2) print them on paper or (3) save the file to your hard disk. To save this page, click on file, then click on save. You can later view the words off-line using either your browser or your word processor. A word list, like a list of mathematical formulas, is great for reviewing before a test. However, if your vocabulary needs substantial improvement, you need to read several vocabulary-building books, which have examples of words used in context and illuminating explanations. There are several excellent, inexpensive vocabulary-building books, since millions of people, like you, undertake vocabulary improvement to enter better schools and to obtain better jobs. The three books that I use and recommend: Merriam-Webster s Vocabulary Builder, 558 pages, $5.99 (publisher Vocabulary Dynamics by Gyen Harrison, 374 pages, $5.99. 1000 Most Important Words by Norman Schur, 245 pages, $4.99. s list price).

These are the best vocabulary-building books available at any price. Click on the above titles to view Amazon.com s description. Amazon.com pays me a pittance, as an Amazon associate, which is how this web site is supported. -- Steve Baba, Ph.D. -- Copyright 1999 EEENI. There is more information on SAT vocabulary building at the bottom of this page.