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1. 6 Benefits OF U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP 2. Benefit 1 ADVOCACY: Meet and learn from U.S. Chamber policy experts at our Washington Fly-In Briefing Program 3. Benefit 2 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Attend Institute for Organization Management, the premier nonprofit professional development program, at a discounted rate 4. Benefit 3 DISCOUNTS: Get discounts from FedEx and Sams Club, saving you time and money 5. Benefit 4 NETWORKING: Receive complimentary or discounted entry fees to events and conferences 6. Benefit 5 COMMUNICATIONS: Repurpose articles and content appearing in FreeEnterprise.com and U.S. Chamber Quarterly 7. Benefit 6 TOOLKITS: Access members-only content on U.S. Chamber Small Business Nation 8. Learn more and apply for membership at: www.uschamber.com/ federationmembership.