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A Newbie’s Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com A NEWBIES GUIDE TO PPV MARKETING Written by Bank, the owner of PPVKiller.com

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A Newbie Guide to PPV Marketing


  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Written by Bank, the owner of PPVKiller.com

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Hello! First I would like to say thank you for purchasing my eBook. This

    eBook mainly contains the basics of how to do Internet Marketing using PPV

    Traffic or Pay Per View.

    There are many people who succeed in Internet Marketing using this

    kind of traffic. If you are member of a private forum, you can see that PPV is

    the traffic source that has the most questions and answers, since it is not

    difficult to make money from this kind of traffic.

    I hope that this eBook will help you see the different points of view in

    doing Internet Marketing. And after reading this eBook, you will be able to

    generate money from PPV traffic.

    Thank you



  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com

    Table of Contents What is PPV? Why it can make lots of money? ..................................................................................... 1

    Way to choose a good quality PPV Traffic Source ................................................................................. 4

    Way to choose a good CPA Network and Interesting Offer .................................................................. 8

    Step to Choose the Right Offer ............................................................................................................ 12

    Lets Choose Profitable Keyword ......................................................................................................... 16

    How to Design Your Landing Page to Increase Conversion Rate! ........................................................ 20

    Track & Optimize to Gain More Profit with the Same Amount of Capital ........................................... 27

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    What is PPV? Why you can make lots of money from it?

    Firstly we should know what PPV is. Why you can generate lots of bucks

    from it? Why is it popular with Internet Marketing experts? Lets see.

    What is PPV?

    PPV stands for Pay Per View, which is a kind of traffic that you have to

    pay for each time your landing page is shown. The landing page will be shown

    in the form of a pop-up window.

    How can the landing page pop-up?

    The landing pages can be pop-up when users install some toolbars or

    adware from a PPV Network in order to gain benefits. For example, Recipe

    Toolbar is a toolbar that always updates a user with recipes. Another example

    is a toolbar that update news. It depends on how each toolbar is designed.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Within these toolbars the code for showing popups by PPV Network will

    be embedded. This will make users who install these toolbars see many pop-up

    windows shown during surfing the Internet, for instance, if you bid on the URL

    ppvkiller.com and there are users whove installed the toolbar of a PPV

    Network, theyll access the website by entering the same URL keyword as your

    bid i.e. ppvkiller.com Your landing page will be shown as a pop-up to that user.

    Is it spamming traffic? Could it really make money?

    At this point, there are many people starting to wonder whether it is

    spam traffic or not. Most people always close pop-up windows. So, could it

    really make money? I will answer each question. For the first one, Is it spam

    traffic? My answer is both Yes and No. The reason is that the method of

    display might be similar to spam or interruption marketing because the pop-up

    shown interrupts users while they are surfing the Internet But do not forget

    that pop-up windows can be shown since the users agree to download toolbar

    in order to gain benefits. Therefore, it also can be called Permission Marketing

    depending on the point of view of each person.

    For the answer to the second question, It can make money, and lots of

    money, too. Why? Even though users do not want to see pop-up windows

    shown during surfing the Internet, try thinking of this example. While users are

    looking for promotion of a Disneyland ticket, suddenly a pop-up window of

    Hotel near Disneyland appears. In this case the landing page is noticeable,

    contains related content, and is useful for the users Will this popup be


    Of course! It will be interesting because people who are looking for a

    Disneyland ticket will surely go there and look for the hotel near Disneyland.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    If they book a hotel through the popup-window, then we will get commission


    Last question for the first chapter Why should you turn to PPV Traffic?

    Another good question Why? Why do I suggest you turn to PPV Traffic?

    First reason: its really cheap!! For paying only $0.02 your pop-up windows can

    be shown. The second reason is that you do not have to worry about the

    language too much, just have creative ideas and a little Photoshop skill such as

    adding text, pictures. Having coding skills will be better, but there is no

    problem if you do not have this.

    As I mentioned above, you do not have to worry about language

    because we do not have to write ads with attractive words, do not have to

    worry whether the ads that you wrote will be clicked after reading, and do not

    have to worry about whether the grammar in your ads is correct or not. If you

    are doing PPV, the most important thing is IDEA. What I did is that I mainly

    presented my ideas through pictures. I used less text. Since users who will click

    on our pop-up landing page do not read long text, just creating attractive

    pictures is enough for PPV.

    This chapter is basic content that you should know about PPV. The next

    chapter I will go into deeper detail. I guarantee that it will be full content, so

    anyone whos never heard of or done PPV before can read and follow it easily.

    Lets go to the next chapter.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Way to choose good quality PPV Traffic Source

    After you know what PPV is, I will good PPV traffic sources suggest to

    you. Choosing the right traffic source is very important. Choosing the right one

    is half way to succeeding. On the other hand, choosing the wrong one e.g.

    cheap and bad quality, is like throwing your money away. So lets see which

    one you should choose.

    I have tried out many PPV traffic sources. I will recommend the ones

    that Ive gained profits from. There are 3 main PPV traffic sources. (I have tried

    two of them, another one Ive never used. But it is the best of PPV so I think it

    is good to suggest it.)

    1. TrafficVance

    TrafficVance is the best PPV traffic that has the best quality.

    However, the problem is that it rarely allows foreigners to join. If you want to

    join, you have to have a referrer or person recommend you. Moreover, the

    minimum deposit starts at $1000, which is quite expensive. However, the price

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    is reasonable compared to its quality. I recommend using this PPV traffic

    source if you have funds enough and referrers who can help you join. Do not

    hesitate. Lets join it.

    Popup Size: 775x435 px

    2. LeadImpact

    The PPV Traffic source that I would like to suggest is LeadImpact. It has

    quite good quality traffic, and in my opinion is inferior only to TrafficVance.

    The way to use this service is easy: just fill in your information such as name,

    address, email etc. completely. The minimum deposit is $200, which is not too

    expensive. I recommend beginners start here. When you familiar with PPV,

    gain more profits, and know more people, you can change to TrafficVance.

    Popup Size: 775x400px

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    3. Media Traffic

    This PPV traffic source is another one that I recommend. The quality is

    close to LeadImpact but the application is more complicated since you have to

    print the application form, sign your name, scan, and send it back to the

    service provider. The minimum deposit is equal to LeadImpact, $200. The

    interesting point is that the popup size of this source is bigger than

    TrafficVance and LeadImpact. I recommend this one to those who like creating

    large landing pages.

    Popup Size: 1024x720px

    These are 3 PPV Traffic sources that I would like to recommend. I can say

    that you do not have to try out the others because the quality of traffic is quite

    bad. Ive used many other sources and lost money, but I do not want to

    mention those names in this eBook. If you are interested in PPV, start with

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    these three traffic sources. If you are not satisfied, then change to the others.

    For me, I recommend starting with LeadImpact, since Ive gained the most

    profit from this source and the bid price is quite cheap.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Way to choose a good CPA Network and Interesting Offers

    Now we know what PPV is and where to get our traffic source, next we

    have to apply to a CPA Network in order to find an offer to promote.

    CPA Network, or Cost Per Action Network, is an intermediate between

    advertisers (people who have products or offers) and publishers (people who

    promote products or offers). In CPA Networks, there are a lot of offers to

    choose. There are both Cost Per Lead (Pay when filling information) and Cost

    Per Sale (Pay when buying products).

    For example, with Cost Per Lead, if you can lead people to fill in their

    email each time, you will receive $1.30. Cost Per Sale, if you can sell the

    products, you will receive commission. It is up to you to choose which kind of

    offers you want promote.

    Thing you should consider when choosing a CPA Network

    Nowadays, there are many good and bad CPA Networks. Some are

    created in order to cheat publishers. Some do not pay foreigners. Therefore I

    suggest you study each CPA Network before joining to promote their offers.

    Below is a list that you should take notice of before applying to a CPA Network.

    1. Reputation of CPA Network

    2. Period of Payment: Every week, every two weeks, or every month?

    3. Method of payment: PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Payoneer?

    4. Minimum payment: $50, $100, $500?

    5. Feedback in WarriorForum

    6. Amount of resources and guides for reading

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    7. Affiliate Managers look after or not

    These are 7 points that you should study before applying to promote

    offers in CPA Networks in order to prevent some mistakes in the future.

    There are 2 CPA Networks that I want to recommend

    1. Neverblue

    Many of you may know this CPA Network since it is quite famous and

    reliable. The first $50 will be paid by cheque, the rest can be by PayPal or

    Payoneer depending on your deal with the affiliate manager.

    I think this network is number one with regards to resources. There is a

    lot of information provided to study. Affiliate managers often hold webinars.

    Knowledge is updated very often. If you do not want to join webinars, you can

    talk to your affiliate manager directly via Skype. I often ask for their advice.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    The problem with this network is that it is quite difficult to join. You have

    to send evidence about your past work and experience to them. This network

    will screen your profile. When you fill in your application, you can ask me

    because your information will affect your application. If you dont answer well,

    you could be rejected. So do not hesitate to ask me, as I am always pleased to


    2. PeerFly

    This CPA Network is quite famous. The prominent feature is that there

    are many Email/Zip Submit offers. This kind of offer is like a sweet for PPV

    Traffic. Applying to be a publisher of this network is a lot easier than Neverblue.

    After filling in your application and sending the website that you will use for

    promoting offers to the network, it is not difficult to be approved.

    PeerFly is very well-known for new affiliates. It is because its easy to

    apply to, offers fast payment, lots of offers, easy to talk to affiliate managers,

    and always provides knowledge through its blog. You can read it at

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    http://lukepeerfly.com/ I always read articles from this website. I think it is

    very good, so try reading some.

    These are the two main CPA Networks that I use. Of course there are

    other networks, but I focus on these two. This is because if you have too many

    CPA Networks, it will lead to bad results, for example most payment thresholds

    are set at $50, so if you cannot make much income and this income is spread

    over many networks, it will be difficult to withdraw money. Therefore, I

    recommend you apply to only 2-3 networks.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Step to Choose the Right Offer

    Now we have all the necessary things. You understand PPV workflow,

    have a PPV Network, and have a CPA Account. Next we will start to promote a

    CPA offer with PPV Traffic!

    Which offer suits PPV Traffic?

    First, we have to understand which offers PPV Traffic is suited to Well,

    it can be applied to every sale, but I will suggest offers that make it easy to

    make money with PPV Traffic.

    Normally, when Internet users see the pop-up, the chance that they will

    close it is about 80-90%. However, if there is just one user interested in the

    offer from the pop-up, then the most possible thing that he or she will do is

    fill in their information because it is a fast process. When a popup shows,

    they see the interesting picture, and then fill in their information you get 1


  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Filling in information can happen easier than buying through a pop-up

    because it takes less time and decision-making. So from my experience, I earn

    a lot from Short Form Submit using traffic from PPV. I recommend you start

    with this kind of offer since you can get profit easily.

    After getting Vertical to promote (Here, I will use Short Form Submit), I

    will guide you on how to notice which offer should make a profit easily. First, I

    look at EPC value.

    EPC stands for Earning Per Click or the estimated income that most

    people get when sending 1 click. This means estimated income that most

    people get when a pop-up shows 1 time.

    When choosing an offer, I will look at this value first because it makes

    me know which offer people can earn with. After seeing this value, you might

    sort from max to min EPC and list the offers that you interested in.

    Another interesting value is Conversion Rate. This value will tell you

    about the chance of profit you can make from the offer. For example, if one

    Email Submit Offer has a conversion rate 30%, it means that after you send

    traffic to an offer page, 30 of 100 people will fill in their Email. So, this is

    another value that you should consider when choosing an offer.

    When I choose an offer to promote, I will look at these two values first

    to see which offer is interesting, then go to see the landing page of that offer.

    Landing Page of Offer is Very Important!!!

    After considering the EPC and CR values and getting some interesting

    offers, the next thing that you should do is to cut off some offers that might be

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    difficult to make profits from PPV by viewing landing page of each offer. Next

    you should see the landing page of every offer that you choose.


    Since many offers allow people in certain countries only, it is necessary

    to have a VPN in order to see the offers of other countries. There are 2 VPN

    service providers that I usually use and will recommend to you.



  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Both are good. I suggest using paid VPN or proxy. Please do not waste

    your time finding a free VPN because sometimes it works, but mostly it does

    not. This will make you waste your time. It is better to pay just $10 per month

    to simply see the landing page of each offer.

    After you have VPN to see the landing page of each offer, next I will

    guide you on which style of landing page you should and should not do.

    The first thing that you should consider is the size of landing page. What

    I do, in case of the direct link, is choose an offer where the size of the landing

    page is smaller than the size of the popup that the PPV Network specifies. The

    size of the landing page might be a little bit bigger than the size that specified,

    but the position of the Call to Action, buttons and forms should be seen

    without the need to scroll.

    If you create the landing page by yourself without using a direct link or

    showing the landing page of the offer through pop-up, the size of the landing

    page is not the factor that you have to be concerned about too much. This is

    because if I create my own landing page and have a button that redirects users

    to the offer page, I will make my button open in new window in order to see

    the landing page in full screen. However, the part of Call to Action has to be

    seen without scrolling the scrollbar. This is the most important thing in

    considering a landing page.

    The other detail that you should think about is the appearance of the

    landing page. You have to consider the style of landing page - is it interesting to

    fill in information? Is it reliable? Does it look like a phishing website? In the

    case of Cost Per Sale offers, you have to consider whether it is reliable, and

    whether it is attractive to buy products from.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    This is the easy way to consider which offer can make money with PPV

    Traffic. Next I will guide you about choosing keywords for PPV!

    Lets Choose Profitable Keywords

    After youve chose an offer to promote, the next step is to select a

    keyword for your PPV campaign.

    Keywords used in PPV are quite different from PPC. For PPV, it is popular

    to bid in URL format. Pop-up windows will be shown when users access the

    website that you bid on. For instance, if you want your pop-up shown in

    http://www.warriorforum.com/ website, you have to bid on the URL

    warriorforum.com. When users enter this URL, they will see your pop-up


    There are 3 simple principles for selecting a keyword to show a pop-up.

    1. URL that you bid on should have content related to the landing page of

    the offer you want to promote.

    2. Demographic of website users should be close to the group of people

    that are interested in the offer you want to promote.

    3. Style of landing page of URL that you will bid on should be similar to the

    style of the landing page of the offer page that you want to promote.

    These are three simple principles when choosing a URL to bid on. They

    are very necessary to consider. Most people just think about whether the

    content is related or not, and whether the amount of traffic volume is large or

    not If you consider only these things, you may lose your money for nothing.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Especially for those websites that have a large amount of traffic volume, I

    recommend that you should not bid. It is non-profitable.

    For example, if you bid on the GameSpot.com website, you will see that

    it is game website that has large amount of traffic volume each day. Of course,

    your pop-up will be shown very often however, from my experience, it rarely

    converts. I think it is because this website is very well known and most of the

    users that enter this website already know where they want to go. Moreover,

    most of them already have their target, so they will not be interested in pop-

    ups. That is why I suggest not bidding on well-known websites that have a

    large amount of traffic volume. You will waste your time.

    Most of my profitable keywords are deep links of websites and have a

    small amount of traffic volume. For instance, if I really want traffic from the

    GameSpot.com website, I will not bid on the root domain. Rather, I will bid on

    the deep link e.g. http://asia.gamespot.com/xbox360/index.html . This page is

    about a group of Asian people that are interested in Xbox. The traffic volume

    may be less, but it is an exact target match.

    How to extract keywords in order to increase traffic volume and find cheap

    bidding keywords

    When we get an amount of URL keywords, we can extract these

    keywords in order to increase traffic volume. Splitting the URL keyword for PPV

    is not difficult, just cut off the alphabet e.g. we want to bid for the URL

    warriorforum.com, we can split the keywords as shown below.

    warriorforum.com warriorforum.co

    warriorforum.c warriorforum.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    .warriorforum.com .warriorforum.co

    .warriorforum.c .warriorforum.

    Its not difficult, is it?

    The reason that we bid this group of URL Keywords is that there are

    many users who type incomplete URLs and then press enter. Then they will not

    see the website that they want to access, but they will see our pop-up instead.

    This will make the Click Through Rate of this group of URL keywords high

    because they will be interested in the pop-up more than the website they

    cannot access.

    Besides extracting a keyword by cutting off alphabet, we can use * in

    order to represent any letter of the alphabet in the URL. Below is an example.

    warriorforum*com warriorforum*co

    warriorforum*c warriorforum*

    *warriorforum*com *warriorforum*co

    *warriorforum.com *warriorforum.co

    .warriorforum*com .warriorforum*co

    *warriorforum*c *warriorforum*

    *warriorforum.c *warriorforum.

    .warriorforum*c .warriorforum*

    Extracting URL by replacing alphabet with * will help increase traffic

    volume a lot. * will be replaced by any alphabet in URL, for example, we bid

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    URL *warriorforum.com, when users access a URL such as

    login.warriorforum.com or ppv.warriorforum.com (assuming URL), there is our

    pop-up showing, so it sees a lot more traffic.

    As shown in the example above, only one keyword can be extracted into

    many keywords. If we find only 1 profitable keyword, we can scale the

    campaign to make more money with this method.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    How to Design Your Landing Page to Increase Conversion Rate!

    Now you have the knowledge from the previous chapters, you can start

    to create your PPV Campaign with a direct link. But in this chapter, I will guide

    you on how to design your landing page to receive traffic before sending it to

    the offer page.

    Why do you have to create landing page to get traffic before sending to an

    offer page? Does it decrease conversions?

    Many of you may wonder why we have to create landing pages. Why not

    send traffic directly to the offer page? If were creating a landing page to show

    before, there must be more steps that users have to click the button to link to

    offer page. Does it decrease conversions?

    I will explain that sending the traffic directly to the offer page or direct

    link will make users see the offer page immediately. However, it seems like a

    hard sell. This will increase the chance that users will close the pop-up.

    Furthermore, the size of the pop-up the PPV Network specifies is usually not

    big enough to cover the whole landing page of the offer. The most important

    reason is that direct linking can cause a landing page blindness problem.

    Since many internet marketers have done the same thing - direct linking -

    there will often be the same pop-up landing page of the offer shown to users.

    Surely, this will cause problems. How? When users access a website that we on

    bid every day and always see the same pop-up landing page, the opportunity

    that they will close it is very high. Thus, creating your own landing page for pre-

    selling before selling a product or asking for information will make for a better

    conversion rate.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Lets see the Idea of Creating a Landing Page for Promoting an Email Submit


    Below is an Email Submit Offer which you will get commission for when

    users fill in their Email in order to join the sweepstake for the iPhone 4S.

    If we think normally, we will bid on websites such as an Apple Product

    website, Mobile Phone website, and Gadget website. Definitely, these kinds of

    websites are mostly bid on because most people have the same ideas. So if we

    bid in this vertical, we will face many competitors, and users who access these

    websites will frequently see the same pop-up offer. This will cause landing

    page blindness, as I explained before. Therefore, you should think differently

    from others.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    This is the example of landing page that I created when the Euro 2012

    football competition was on. I designed a landing page to invite people to

    guess which team would be the champion of Euro 2012. If they guessed the

    right answer, they would have a chance to get an iPhone 4S for free.

    Does it sound alright? Giving an iPhone 4S away for nothing is very

    strange. Commonly, no one will give an iPhone 4S away for free. Users will

    think this only wants to get their Email. On the other hand, if we design

    something like this, people will guess the answer and maybe get a reward. This

    does not look like spam that much and will increase conversion rate.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Significant elements of landing page

    This is an example of a good structured landing page. It is comprised of 9

    parts. However, it is not necessary to have all 9 parts in one landing page. If

    you want to use any of them, you have to design the style to make it look good

    and attractive. Next I will explain each element step by step.

    1. Headline Should be concise and easy to understand!

    The headline is a very important part. I recommend putting it in every

    landing page because it is the first thing that most people see when pop-

    ups show. It should be the word that makes people understand the

    landing page immediately after reading it. The font should be big,

    attractive, and make users want to see more detail on the landing page.

    2. Secondary Headline Should be clear, and help in decision making

    This element is optional to put in a landing page. It depends on whether

    the area of a landing page is big enough or not. If it is put in, think about

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    whether it will make the landing page untidy or not. If you want to put it in, I

    suggest inserting more detail that you cannot put in main headline or inserting

    Call to Action Text. For the style of the secondary headline, it should be

    noticeable but be smaller than the main headline.

    3. Detail of offer Should be concise

    This is a part of the offers detail. It has to be short and concise, and

    understood in a short time. I recommend writing in bullet point format. Do not

    put too much detail because, as I mentioned, users do not read the whole

    landing page. Input only significant things and make easy to understand, and

    this will be enough.

    4. Testimonial - increase reliability of offer

    This part is also optional; it depends on what kind of offer you want to

    promote. If you want to promote an offer that needs high reliability e.g.

    financial offer, the part of testimonial will make your landing page more

    reliable. Testimonials have to come from real customers. If you make it up, you

    might be accused of lying. Do not take any risks.

    5. Call to Action Text Stimulate clicking

    This is as important as the headline. It should be located near the Call to

    Action Button because when people read it they can click to the offer page

    conveniently. Call to Action Text is a message that stimulates people to click to

    go to the offer page quickly. Example of Call to Action Text is Free Signup Ends

    Tomorrow! This helps stimulate people to quickly sign up to be a member

    because tomorrow is the last day for free. This is one stimulation technique

    that is quite effective.

    6. Call to Action Button Should be outstanding and interesting

    This is another part that is very important. It is a button that users will

    click to go to the offer page. Therefore, we need to make it outstanding when

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    a pop-up is shown. It is good to use color that contrasts with the background.

    The size should be big. The text in the button should be words that stimulate

    people to take action fast, such as Click Now! or Signup Now! It is better to

    make it blink because this will help increase the rate of users clicking to the

    offer page.

    7. Navigation link For increasing reliability

    This part is optional. I do not usually put it in. If I want to put it in, I will

    put it as a link that go to Privacy Policy or Disclaimer page in order to prevent

    some problems occurring. It is not very important though.

    8. Main Image SHOCK image is preferred!

    This is a very important part because it is the first thing that people will

    see when a pop-up showing. Most people will see the picture before reading

    text since it is more outstanding and understandable. If we use an interesting

    image, it will lead to about 50% of people clicking to go to the offer page. I

    suggest you use strange or funny images, as these will be very interesting.

    9. Landing Page with no scrollbar

    The last important thing is the size of landing page. Every detail of the

    landing page should be seen without scrolling. We have to check the size of the

    popup that the PPV Network specifies carefully. The most significant thing is

    the position of the Call to Action button, which has to be located within the

    frame of the landing page, and which can be seen without scrolling.

    These are ideas used for creating landing page to promote offers with

    PPV in detail. I hope you will understand and have more ideas to create landing


  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    However, we do not create only 1 landing page. We have to create more

    than one in order to find the one that gets the highest conversion rate. I will

    explain this in the next chapter: Tracking and Optimization.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Track & Optimize to Gain More Profit with the Same Amount of Capital

    Before running a campaign, another thing that you should take an

    interest in is tracking. Tracking is very important in paid traffic. If you do not

    track, you will not know which keyword, offer, or landing page is making a

    profit or loss. If you let the campaign continue running without tracking and it

    loses, you will lose money for nothing. You will know only your work is not

    effective, but you will not know the exact cause.

    In contrast, if you track a campaign from when you start, even if you lose,

    you will have information to analyze. For example, you will know which

    keyword you paid lots of advertising cost for but does not make a profit, or

    which offer you sends a lot of traffic but does not convert. When you track this

    information, you can cut off unproductive keywords or offers in order to cut


    Tracking can increase your profits without paying more advertising costs,

    because when you track and find that your campaign is profitable, you can

    check where that profit comes from, e.g. which keyword, landing page, offer,

    or even the time. You can use this information to optimize your campaign in

    order to maximize your profit.

    Many of you may wonder how to track. Do you have to have coding skill?

    Is it complicated? Does it take time? Nowadays, tracking is very easy since

    there are many supporting programs. I will recommend 2 popular tracking


    1. Prosper202

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Prosper202 is considered as the most popular tracking software because

    its capability in tracking quite good. In particular, it is free and suitable for

    newbies who dont have many funds to buy excellent tracking software. For a

    normal tracking campaign, this software can perform efficiently. However, if

    you want to split test a landing page or rotate offer, you will have to write

    some code.

    Below is an example of a report from Prosper202. It shows in detail the

    number of clicks, conversions, and EPC value of each keyword. You can use this

    information to analyze in order to scale you campaign easily.

    This tracking software is quite good, even though there are some

    problems with split test landing pages or rotating offers, but there are

    solutions. Studying coding is not too difficult. You can save a lot of money by

    doing it yourself. Anyway, for people who have funds, I will recommend

    another tracking software in the next section.

    2. CPVLab

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    This is the tracking software that I am using. For anyone who likes to

    split test, they will like this software because the program is designed for

    supporting it. In the past, I had to write code in Prosper202 in order to rotate

    offers or split test landing pages. But now I do not have to, as CPVLab has a

    part to fill in the URL of the landing page that you want to split test and link of

    offer that you want to rotate. After that you just copy the code and put it in

    the landing page, and you can perform a split test easily. If you have the funds,

    I recommend this one.

    Above is a report from CPVLab. It provides a lot of detail. If you want to

    track something else, you can add more columns. For example, in the image

    above, I added Token Country in order to track the conversions from specific


    When we track and get some information, we use this information to

    optimize our campaign. For instance, if we know which keyword is profitable,

    we will then split more from that keyword or find a deep URL of that keyword

    in order to increase our traffic. On the other hand, with a keyword that is

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    unprofitable e.g. we pay a lot of advertising cost for but it provides no

    conversions - we will cut it off in order to cut our losses. Also, when we rotate

    an offer and know which offer is unprofitable, we can cut it off to cut losses


    Optimizing your landing pages can increase profit, and I always do it. Can

    you believe that just changing some words in the headline or adjusting the Call

    to Action button a little bit can increase conversion by a huge amount? Try to

    do tracking & optimization. It is very necessary in paid traffic.

  • A Newbies Guide to PPV Marketing | PPVKiller.com


    Closing Thought

    Now you have completed basics of PPV Marketing that you should know.

    It took a lot of effort to write this eBook. I used my 1 year experience in PPV for

    writing this eBook. I tried many different styles and paid more than thousand

    dollars to LeadImpact until I became familiar with it. At first I did not know how

    to choose an offer, keyword, or how to creating landing page. It is quite

    different from what I have known from doing SEO and PPC. Therefore, I had to

    pay and take time to learn it.

    Now Im helping you save time. Ive provide the necessary things that

    you should know before doing PPV and also included techniques that I always

    use in this eBook. I hope you understand and can follow it. Wish you all rich!