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"RHYTHM MASTR," preparatory drawing, 1999-2000Photocopy of ink drawing, and design marker on paper, 17 x 11 inchesCourtesy the Artist

The intent of Kerry James Marshall in this piece was to bring out the cultural and situational irony in America during the late 1990s using the West African super hero

The Epidemic

The epidemic Is just an articulation of what the police departments is suppose protect ,but instead destroy by serving brutality killing the youth. This relates to the false hero in "RHYTHM MASTR"

"Mistress Demanded a Swift and Dramatic Empathetic Reaction Which We Obliged Her," 2000Projection, Kara Walker Projection, cut paper and adhesive on wall, 12 x 17 feetCollection of Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

this artist decides to establish the female heroine effect by overcoming the reality of the subjects tyranny while also having a personal awakening.

Man in the Mirror

The meaning of this picture is to illustrate what happens when the subject sees himself for what he really is as opposed to what he thought he was. This correlates with "Mistress Demanded a Swift and Dramatic Empathetic Reaction Which We Obliged Her by the self awakening

"A Cabin Boy to Barbary," 2000 61 x 120 inchesPrivate collection, Brazil Courtesy Paul Kasmin Gallery, New YorkWalton Ford

In this piece, Walton Ford simply magnifies history using nature; he used the same calligraphy, and techniques as the early natural history artists did and magnified it on canvas ,rather than sketchbooks as the early natural history artist

Strength of Sampson

In the strength of Sampson this depicts the notion of man ruler of every foul of the land including nature. Unlike the lion defeating man in "A Cabin Boy to Barbary," the man (Sampson) prevails.