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Alexey Barabashev Civil Servants Effectiveness Evaluation: Russian Experience Moscow, June 2011

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Alexey Barabashev. Civil Servants Effectiveness Evaluation: Russian Experience Moscow, June 2011. Thesaurus. Procedural regulation of delivery of functions by a government body Instruments (forms) of codifying requirements and responsibilities of civil servants: Job regulation - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Alexey Barabashev

Civil Servants Effectiveness Evaluation: RussianExperience Moscow, June 2011

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• Procedural regulation of delivery of functions by a government body

• Instruments (forms) of codifying requirements and responsibilities of civil servants:

Job regulation - Job “reglament”

(должностная инструкция -должностной регламент)

Employment contract (служебный контракт)

Program of individualprofessional development

(программа профессионального



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History of Question (I)1997-2005

attempts to construct new generation of job

reglaments for civil servants – idea comes from experts of TASIS

(1997-2005) + from Federal Program of

Public Service Reform in Russia (2003)


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• •

• Article 50. Civil Servants Payments• • 14. Special order of renumeration on base of indicators of effectiveness

and labor performance for certain positions of civil servants• 15. List of selected labor positions approved by President of RF Decree,

and by Normative Acts of the Subjects of RF• 16. Special order of renumeration is limited by funds of Government

bodies for gross payroll plus social contribution funds• 17. Criteria of effectiveness and labor performance of civil servants

approved by Government body’s Normative Acts

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Pattern Approach:

- 4 categories of civil servants: executive officers, assistants (advisors), specialists, support specialists

- 5 groups of civil servants: highest, major, leading, senior, junior groups

Group + category = positionIdea: To elaborate the pattern job reglament for every possible combination of category and group

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Practical needs• To introduce the special order of civil servants’

renumeration of labor on the base of results and quality of their performance (for some positions)

• To divide the categories and groups of civil servants according to their participation in elaboration and implementation of managerial decisions

• To avoid corruption

To describe all situations of labor activity as complete, as possible

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State DumaApparat

Job Effectiveness Evaluation

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Experiment: interactive program for

effectiveness evaluation

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• All branches of State Duma Apparat (Political parties Fractions, Secretariat, Commettee, Apparat itself)

• All positions: from executive officers and advisors to supplementary junior staff

• Division of results and processes• Preparation of Job reglaments by civil servants

themselves in a small groups, under advice of experts

distribution of decisions-making not corresponded with the positions

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Decision-making: Apparat of State Duma

Lower groups and categories of civil servants take more

decisions than their superiors

processes results

Heads of departments – executive officers + +

Deputy heads of departments – executive officers + +

Leading advisors + + +

Advisors + + +

Leading consultants + + + +

Consultants + +

Leading specialists + + + +

Senior referents + + +

Referents + + +

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PIK – Evaluation

• Impossibility to describe situations of job activity completely. Qualitative descriptions

• Activity of civil servants goes far beyond public services delivery. Internal activity

• The impossibility of precise delineation of end results and immediate results of job activity

• Personal results of civil servants job activity is not corresponded directly with effectiveness of Government bodies as such. Self-evaluation of Gvt bodies

Positions Indicators


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Socio-Cultural Russian Constrains• Culturally rooted atmosphere of mistrust, attempts of

authorities to control everything. Control and supervision functions enormously extended

• Psychological impossibility to establish the horizontal structures of responsibility and decision-making

• Vertical-oriented system of governing, when decisions produced ONLY by high level bureaucrats, despite contribution of lover level of State Apparat or other organizations (including NGO), which elaborate it. Absence of author’s (experts) supervision of the process of decisions implementation

existing theories of governance have no

capacity to assess the effectiveness evaluation of civil servants in Russian case. It should be new kind of theory, that could evaluate the civil service (and governance in general) in case of countries with weak civil society

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Comments (1)

Good governance as the transitional theoretic stage on the way toward new Theory of Effective State:

• clear distribution of responsibilities on the base of civil servants professional competencies framework in decision-making process

• professional activity (process) and its results evaluation as two different procedures

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Comments (2)

• Such a Theory should include:• Elaboration of the analytical instruments how to

calculate the contribution of State into national economy, social and cultural progress

• Principles of Decomposition of State contribution: contributions of separate Government bodies

• Decomposition of contribution of Government body: contribution of its branches, and servants

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Calculus of Government

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“I wonder about time, when people, instead to

discussing problems could sit and simply

CALCULATE the right answer”

(Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz)

Is it ever possible, that in the future people,

instead to discussing, if Government is doing things in a right way or

doing right things, could sit and simply

CALCULATE the contribution of

Government into the development of