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1. Executive Summary Corporate social responsibility is a link between social, environmental, and organizational goal. All through my internship at !"ideas # came across huge amount o$ literature and di$$erent aspects o$ CS%. his pro&ect report describes CS%' "e$inition, importance o$ CS%, history o$ CS% in #ndia, and how CS% can be used as an employee engagement tool. CS% activities can be considered as the important attempt, by any organization to engage and conduct a signi$icant dialogue with various stakeholders. CS% activities give various competitive advantages such as greater access to capital and markets, operational cost savings, increased sales and pro$its, enriched productivity and (uality, improved brand image and reputation. Additionally , organizations with e$$ective CS% have most e$$icient human resource. #n #ndian history, social philanthropy has existed since the late 1)**s. +ecause o$ #ndian visionaries, like %" ata -arayan urthy, many org anizations today consider CS% a s one o$ the key organizational $unction. his report highlights some o$ the examples o$ success$ul organizations, who have used CS% as an employee engagement tool. /iterature has given three di$$erent models connecting employee engagement and CS% 0 ransactional, %elational, and "evelopmental. /egal aspect o$ CS% is extremely important. nder new companies act, government has laid down certain rules about eligibility, compo sition o$ CS% committee, CS% activities and other compliances. his report describes the work done at !"ideas during two months internship period. !"ideas is a strategic 2% $irm, which helps corporate clients in 2% related $unctions. "uring my internship, # developed a CS% model with 3arrior 3o men 4rogram 5!"idea6s initiative7, which could be used in various organizations as an employee engagement activity. 1

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1. Executive Summary

Corporate social responsibility is a link between social, environmental, and organizational

goal. All through my internship at !"ideas # came across huge amount o$ literature and

di$$erent aspects o$ CS%.

his pro&ect report describes CS%' "e$inition, importance o$ CS%, history o$ CS% in #ndia,

and how CS% can be used as an employee engagement tool.

CS% activities can be considered as the important attempt, by any organization to engage and

conduct a signi$icant dialogue with various stakeholders. CS% activities give various

competitive advantages such as greater access to capital and markets, operational cost

savings, increased sales and pro$its, enriched productivity and (uality, improved brand imageand reputation. Additionally, organizations with e$$ective CS% have most e$$icient human


#n #ndian history, social philanthropy has existed since the late 1)**s. +ecause o$ #ndian

visionaries, like %" ata -arayan urthy, many organizations today consider CS% as one o$ 

the key organizational $unction.

his report highlights some o$ the examples o$ success$ul organizations, who have used CS%

as an employee engagement tool.

/iterature has given three di$$erent models connecting employee engagement and CS% 0

ransactional, %elational, and "evelopmental.

/egal aspect o$ CS% is extremely important. nder new companies act, government has laid

down certain rules about eligibility, composition o$ CS% committee, CS% activities and other


his report describes the work done at !"ideas during two months internship period.

!"ideas is a strategic 2% $irm, which helps corporate clients in 2% related $unctions.

"uring my internship, # developed a CS% model with 3arrior 3omen 4rogram 5!"idea6s

initiative7, which could be used in various organizations as an employee engagement activity.


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8. #ntroduction

8.1 "e$inition ' Corporate social responsibility

Commonly, CSR  is known as the way through which a company achieves a balance o$

economic, environmental, and social obligations while at the same time $ul$illing the

expectations o$ shareholders and stakeholders.

#t is important to understand the di$$erence between CS%, which can be a strategic business

management concept, and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy.

Even though the concept o$ CS% also makes a valuable contribution to poverty reduction, it

will also directly enhance the reputation o$ a company and strengthen its brand.

here$ore, we can say that the concept o$ CS% clearly goes beyond philanthropy or doing

charity services $or the community.

CS% activities can be considered as an important attempt by any organization to engage and

conduct a signi$icant dialogue with various stakeholders.

he stakeholders are any individual or group, which might a$$ect or be a$$ected by the

organization9s activities.1

:igure 1; Company6s ma&or stakeholders


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< A $irm that is committed to employee development and empowerment is, in $act

already practicing some components o$ CS%.

< A $irm that openly shares in$ormation with employees about a move toward

downsizing, and then helps displaced employees $ind new &obs, is actively practicing


< oreover, a $irm that is committed to the production o$ sa$e, reliable, and innovative

 products or services in line with customer needs is strategically involved in CS%.

here$ore, corporate social responsibility 5CS%7 is a management perception by which

corporate companies can integrate social and environmental responsibilities along with

their business objectives.

:igure 8; CS% concept

8.8 #mportance o$ CS% 

A properly implemented CS% concept can bring along a variety o$ competitive advantages;


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< =reater access to capital and markets

Corporate Social responsibility can play a signi$icant role to get better market position

through potential customers. A responsible organization ensures better customer

satis$action by minimizing cost o$ production, which allow customer to get better

 product $or cheaper price. A study in 1>>? at 3right State niversity in "ayton, @hio,

$ound that managers believe corporate social actions have an e$$ect on perceived

market share. Corporate social responsibility ensures better market position through

global market access.

< @perational cost savings

Eco'$riendly business process may cost more in the short run business, but it is

extremely important $or long'run business. Eco'$riendly processes also inspire

employees to work e$$iciently and reduce the total cost in a long run.

ex Cycle Sdn +hd reduces their total cost through eco'$riendly business process.

hey are currently using solar system to $ul$ill their electricity re(uirement and reduce

their water bill through recycling. @ther study also shows bene$its o$ CS% include

cost saving and risk reduction.

< E$$icient human resources

@ne o$ most important advantage o$ CS% practice is potential recruitment. 3hen a

corporation improves its workplace management, show respects towards all level o$

employees, and responsibility towards the society than the next thing comes

automatically e.g., better company culture. +etter company culture led the

organizations toward increasing attractiveness to potential recruits. #$ organization

recruits potential candidates, it will generate more revenue $or them because they will

have the most e$$icient work$orce available.

< #ncreased sales and pro$its

CS% helps to improve the $inancial per$ormance through cost reduction, e$$icient

employees, and more sales. %esearch shows that organizations with CS% have better

reputation, which led to the better $inancial per$ormance than the irresponsible

organization. #n 1>> at :lorida #nternational niversity, a study that tried to link

social per$ormance with $inancial per$ormance $ound a signi$icant positive relation

 between CS% and growth in sales return on assets and so on. hus, the concept o$


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CS% is becoming more popular todayB more than )* o$ the :ortune D** companies

address CS% issues in their webpage.

< Enriched productivity and (uality

3hen employees and management $eel they are working $or a company that has a true

conscience, all company employees will likely to be more enthusiastic and engaged in

their &obs. his can build a sense o$ community and teamwork, which brings everyone

together and leads to happier, more productive employees.

< #mproved brand image and reputation

4racticing Corporate Social %esponsibility 5CS%7 brings many bene$its to an

organization including improvement o$ image, reputation, good'will, employee

motivation, and positive approach $rom stakeholders. CS% may work as a global

 brand insurance. Additionally, CS% can be seen as a part o$ a continuing process o$

 building long'term value system within the organization. Everything done by the

organization should help to improve its reputation, encourage customers and other

stakeholders to stay as a part o$ this organization.

< +etter customer loyalty

CS% improves business trust and understanding within its customers because

responsible businesses are always care$ul about their sales service, which is the best

tool to achieve customer satis$action. he customer service is a series o$ activities

designed to enhance the level o$ customer satis$action that is, the $eeling that a

 product or service has met the customer expectation. Customer service may be

 provided by a person 5e.g., sales and service representative7, or by automated means

called sel$'service. +etter customer service has lead organizations to access the =lobal

market through improving trust and understanding within stakeholders.

< %isk management processes

he research $inding proves that the investors are increasingly $ocusing Corporate

Social %esponsibility 5CS%7 as similar to long'term risk management and ethical

governance practices. he study also indicates that corporate reputation is as

important as $inancial per$ormance. At the same time, corporate social responsibility

 brings new business network, which assist organization to mitigate $inancial as well

as non'$inancial risk.

CS% is important because businesses are based on trust and foresight. o be success$ul in

the long'term, companies need to think about $uture challenges. #t is not only about


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considering changes towards technology or the needs o$ customers, but also taking into

account alterations in social, environmental and governance issues.8

4yramid o$ responsibility

:igure ?; 4yramid o$ responsibilities

he idea behind corporate social responsibility is that companies have multiple

responsibilities to maintain. hese responsibilities can be arranged in a pyramid, with basic

responsibilities closer to the bottom. As a business meets lower'level responsibilities that

obligate it to shareholders and the law, it can move towards achieving higher'level

responsibilities that bene$it society.

Economic %esponsibilities

An organization6s $irst responsibility is its economic responsibility '' a company needs to be

 primarily concerned with maximizing pro$it. his is $or the simple $act that i$ a company

does not make pro$its, it will not survive in the competition, employees will lose &obs and the

company will not be able to consider about taking care o$ its social responsibilities. +e$ore a

company thinks about being a good corporate citizen, it $irst needs to be pro$itable.

/egal %esponsibilities


4hilanthro ic


/e al


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An organization9s legal responsibilities are the re(uirements, which are laid down by the law.

@nce the $inancial position o$ the company is pro$itable, ensuring that it obeys all laws is the

most important responsibility, according to the theory o$ corporate social responsibility. /egal

responsibilities can range $rom securities regulations to labor law, environmental law, and

even criminal law.

Ethical %esponsibilities

Economic and legal responsibilities are the two big duties o$ an organization. A$ter a

company has met these basic re(uirements, it can concern itsel$ with ethical responsibilities.

Ethical responsibilities are responsibilities that an organization puts on itsel$ because its

owners believe it is the right thing to do '' not because they have an obligation to do so.

Ethical responsibilities could include being environmentally $riendly, paying $air wages or

re$using to do business by un$air means.

4hilanthropic %esponsibilities

#$ an organization is able to meet all o$ its other responsibilities, it can begin meeting

 philanthropic responsibilities. 4hilanthropic responsibilities are responsibilities that go above

and beyond what is simply re(uired or what the company believes is right.?

Organization accomplishing all these responsibilities; has successfully established their

CSR policy.

8.? CS% 2istory in #ndia

#n #ndia, CS% is known $rom ancient time as social duty or charity, which is changing its

nature in broader aspect, now generally known as CS%. Social and environmental issues have

deep roots in the history o$ business. #ndia has had a long tradition o$ corporate philanthropy

and industrial wel$are came in to existence since late 1)**s. 2istorically, the philanthropy o$

 business people in #ndia has rooted in religious belie$.

+usiness practices in the 1>**s that could be termed as socially responsible activities;

 philanthropic donations to charity, service to the community, enhancing employee wel$are


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and promoting religious conduct. Corporations may give $unds to charitable or educational

institutions and may claim $or them as great humanitarian actions, when in $act they are

simply trying to buy community good will. he ideology o$ CS% in the 1>D*s was primarily

 based on an assumption o$ the responsibility o$ business towards society.

#n the initial years, there was little documentation o$ social responsibility initiatives in #ndia.

Since then there is a growing realization towards contribution to social activities globally

with a desire to improve the immediate environment. #t has also been $ound that companies

that pay genuine attention to the principles o$ socially responsible behavior are $avored by the

 public and pre$erred $or their goods and services. This has given rise to the concept of CSR.

A$ter #ndependence, JRD Tata who always laid a great deal o$ emphasis to go beyond

conducting themselves as honest citizens pointed out that there were many ways in which

industrial and business enterprises can contribute to public wel$are beyond the scope o$ their

normal activities. 2e advised that apart $rom the obvious one o$ donating $unds to good

causes, which has been their normal practice $or yearsB they could have used their own

$inancial, managerial, and human resources to provide task $orces $or undertaking direct relie$ 

and reconstruction measures.

Slowly, it began to be accepted, at least in theory that business had to share a part o$ the

social overhead costs. raditionally, it had discharged its responsibility to society through

sponsorships $or education, medical $acilities, and scienti$ic research among other ob&ects.

he important change at that time was that industry accepted social responsibility as part o$

the management o$ the enterprise itsel$. he community development and social wel$are

 program o$ the premier ata Company, ata #ron and Steel Company was started the concepts

o$ Social %esponsibility.F

he term corporate social per$ormance was $irst coined by Sethi 51>GD7, expanded by Carroll

51>G>7, and then re$ined by 3artick and Cochran 51>)D7. #n Sethi6s 1>GD three'level model,

the concept o$ corporate social per$ormance was discussed, and distinctions made between

various corporate behaviors. Sethi6s three tiers were Hsocial obligation 5a response to legal

and market constraints7B social responsibility 5congruent with societal norms7B and social

responsiveness 5adaptive, anticipatory and preventive7.

he last decade o$ the twentieth century witnessed a swing away $rom charity and traditional

 philanthropy towards more direct engagement o$ business in mainstream development and

concern $or disadvantaged groups in the society.


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his has been driven both internally by corporate will and externally by increased

governmental and public expectations.

his was evident $rom a sample survey conducted in 1>) reporting that o$ the amount

companies spent on social development, the largest sum G percent was spent through

company programs, ?> percent was given to outside organizations as aid, and 1 percent was

spent through company trusts. #n #ndia as in the rest o$ the world, there is a growing

realization that business cannot succeed in a society which $ails. An ideal CS% has both

ethical and philosophical dimensions, particularly in #ndia where there exists a wide gap

 between sections o$ people in terms o$ income and standards as well as socio'economic


According to #n$osys $ounder, -arayan urthy, Hsocial responsibility is to create maximum

shareholders value working under the circumstances, where it is $air to all its stakeholders,

workers, consumers, the community, government and the environment6. Commission o$ the

European Communities 8**1 stated that being socially responsible means not only $ul$illing

legal expectations, but also going beyond compliance and investing Hmore6 into human

capital, the environment and the relation with stakeholders. @ver the time $our di$$erent

models have emerged all o$ which can be $ound in #ndia regarding corporate responsibility.

8. CS% and Employee Engagement

Several studies have shown that linkage between CS% and employee engagement has a

strong correlation between employee6s commitments to their organization. :or example, a

survey by Sirota Survey #ntelligence, o$ 1.I million employees in seventy companies, $ound

that employees who approved o$ their company6s commitments to social responsibility

compared to those who did not approve, were $ar more engaged in their &obs and believed

that employers were interested in their well'being. hey also had more $avorable perceptions

o$ their management6s integrity and rated their companies as more competitive.


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sing CSR to !ngage !mployees

 A 8**G owers 4errin survey o$ >*,*** employees in 1) countries $ound that only 81 percent

reported being $ully engaged on the &ob. he rest were either simply enrolled 517,

disenchanted 5?*7, or disconnected 5)7.#n turn, the =allup Employee Engagement #ndex

reported that, on average as o$ 8*1*, ?? percent o$ employees were engaged by their

companies, > percent were not engaged, and 1) percent were actively disengaged.

:igure ; CS%'Employee engagement

Can CSR help to reduce this gap"

@rganizations link CS% to employee engagement in three ways.

:irst, many strive to be a responsible employer. #n =olin 2arris surveys $or example, the

values and treatment given to the employees has been the number one $actor in ratings o$ a

company6s social responsibility, less importance is been given to its philanthropy, community

involvement, environmental per$ormance, and other CS% $actors. @ne report phrased the

message brie$ly;

CSR minus #R $ %R.

Second, companies create a port$olio o$ programs and develop a reputation to demonstrate

their commitment to CS%. 2ere the %eputation #nstitute $inds that, on average, GD to )*

 percent o$ those polled in over twenty'$ive countries would pre$er to work $or a company that

is known $or its social responsibility.

hird, companies engage employees directly in voluntary and on'the'&ob CS%'related

activities. he polling $irm =lobe Scan reports that nine out o$ ten employees worldwide are

interested in participating in the CS% initiatives o$ their companies. #ncreasing numbers o$

organizations are using CS% to enable employees to actually do something moreF on their

 &obs and, in selected cases, to produce value $or both the business and society.


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#n a survey given below, by the nonpro$it -et #mpact, D? percent o$ workers said that a &ob

where # can make an impactF was important to their happiness, and G8 percent o$ students

about to enter the work$orce agreed. ost would even take a pay cut to achieve that goal.

:igure D; %esearch "ata

his phenomenon, which is particularly observed in younger generations, was a key $inding

in the book he 8*8* 3orkplace, where the $ocus on people, planet, and pro$its known as the

new &triple bottom line' is increasingly becoming the main way organizations to attract and

retain new hires.

%esearch conducted by Cone illennial Cause group, detailed in he 8*8* 3orkplace $ound

that )* o$ a sample o$ 1,)** 1?'8D year olds wanted to work $or a company that cares about

how it impacts and contributes to society. ore than hal$ said they would re$use to work $or

an irresponsible corporation. According to research conducted in he 8*8* 3orkplace, by the

year 8*8*, illennials will be D* o$ the work$orce.D


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/uckily, today the social media boom has brought about more and more ways $or companies

to communicate their CS% e$$orts. any companies are aware o$ the competitive advantage

CS% provides.


8.D CS% ' A ool $or Employee Engagement

 -ot only is CS% crucial to recruiting talented employees, it is also a great way to maintain the

engagement o$ your existing work $orce.

 That has certainly proven true for AMD A!vance! Micro Devices"#s $%reen

tea&s' ( %roups of eco)&in!e! e&ployees *ho *or+ to%ether on thin%s

li+e re!ucin% *aste in the cafeteria, savin% ener%y, savin% *ater- $.e

as+e! our %reen tea& &e&/ers,' Ti& Mohin sai!, $!oes /ein% a/le to


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contri/ute to a cause *hile you#re at *or+ i&prove your co&&it&ent an!

level of en%a%e&ent to your core o/ function an! to the co&pany 96


2owever, employee engagement 0 in the $orm o$ $eedback 0 can also help companies

improve their CS% practices. A" seeks $or input $rom their employees regarding what they

can do to enhance their CS% e$$orts. +y increasing accessibility to corporate sustainability,

A"6s aim is to crowd'sourceF the ideas that will take us to the next level o$ per$ormance,F

ohin said in a recent blog post.

A$ter all, who has a better perspective on the company6s progress on their CS% agenda than

the employees themselvesJ

87 /everage CS% as a tool to develop global talent

Engaged employees are happier and more productive, but CS% has bene$its even beyond the

trickle'down productivity o$ high employee engagement. %esearch suggests that involvement

in the company6s corporate responsibility practices teaches workers valuable new skills that

they bring back to their regular roles $or the company.

#+ $ound this to be true with the launch and growth o$ its Corporate Service Corps

 program, which is explained in detail in he 8*8* 3orkplace. Essentially this program

operates like a corporate version o$ the 4eace Corps where #+ers bring their core

competencies and skills in such areas as pro&ect management, strategic planning, marketing

or engineering to an entrepreneurial company based in one o$ the countries designated by#+ as emerging market $or growth such as, +razil, China, =hana, #ndia, alaysia,

%omania, South A$rica, to name a $ew. hese #+ers build their global mindset by working

and living in one o$ these developing countries. 3hat is important here is that #+ launched

Corporate Service Corps as an integral part o$ a larger e$$ort to $acilitate the development o$

#+ employees into global leaders and global citizens. 3hat better way to build global

leaders than by having them be part o$ a global team to build a new business in an emerging

market. C"C "evelopment Solutions estimates 8G o$ :ortune D** companies have

 programs such as this one at #+.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 14/37

?7 aximize your investment in CS% by leveraging all $orms o$ social media;

CS% has moved $rom a type o$ corporate philanthropy to a strategic investment $or the

organization. Additionally, this investment and its bene$its need to be communicated to all the

key stakeholders.

hese stakeholders include not only investors, current employees and consumers, but also

 prospective new hires to your company.

=iven the growing value placed on a company6s CS% practices by illennials and the

impending explosion o$ illennial in the workplace, CS% must become part o$ company6s

recruitment strategy to attract top talent.

#n a 8*11 report by :orbes #nsights, I* percent o$ companies surveyed either strongly agreed

or agreed with the statement, 4hilanthropy and volunteerism are critical $or recruiting

younger (uali$ied employees 5i.e., illennialsK=en !7.F

Since illenials are the most socially conscious consumers to date, according to the 8**I

Cone study on the illennial =eneration 0 companies would be remiss to not emphasize their 

achievements when recruiting $or the $uture workplace. hese strategies will only become

more important as we approach the 8*8* workplace.D

8.I odels o$ Employee Engagement

any organizations are taking di$$erent approaches to engage their employees through CS%.

/iterature suggests that there could be three di$$erent ways that companies design and

manage their e$$orts;


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7/24/2019 Amul internship 16/37

:igure I; hree models o$ Employee engagement through CS%

#n each o$ these three models, $irms can aim to do wellF $or society and to do wellF in

terms o$ employee commitment, reputational bene$its, and long'term $inancial returns.

A ransactional, %elational, and "evelopmental Approaches limitations in delivering on these

aimsB consider, $irst, how companies in each model conceive o$ the connection between CS%

and employee engagement.

he Company 4erspective

#t is certain that companies are $acing more demands $rom the public and other stakeholders

to be socially responsible. #n turn, surveys show that CE@s understand the importance o$

these expectations and recognize a need $or their business to play a more responsible role in



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Transactional (odel $ #R (anagement

An article by C. +. +hattacharya and colleagues on sing Corporate Social %esponsibility

to 3in the 3ar $or alentF sets out the main parameters o$ the transactional model $or

engaging employees via CS%;

3e consider internal marketingF to be the most apt rubric under which CS% can be used to

ac(uire and retain employees. Such a perspective holds that &ust as companies succeed by

$ul$illing the needs o$ their customers, they can manage employees best by viewing them as

internal customers, $ul$illing their needs through $eatures include salary, bene$its packages

and &ob responsibilities. 4lanned properly, it can contribute dramatically to &ob satis$action,

employee retention, and productivity.

A key task $or managers, then, is to incorporate CS% into &ob products that are tailored to the

o$ten diverse needs o$ employees.

his seems to work; results $rom their longitudinal study o$ a consumer'goods company

$ound that employee engagement in CS% led to pride in the company, which in turn was

 positively related to employee per$ormance and negatively to intention to (uit . . . 5and7

 positively related to customer $ocus and pro'company citizenship behaviors. . . .F he

researchers went on to remark that CS% humanizes the company in ways that other $acets o$

the &ob cannot,F adding, A paycheck may keep a person on the &ob physically, but it alone

will not keep a person on the &ob emotionally.F

he advantage o$ this internal marketing approach to employee engagement is that it enables

a company to tailor and pitch its CS% initiatives to the most receptive employee segments.

his, in return, yields a good $itF between an employee6s interest and his or her &ob

satis$action, higher levels o$ commitment, and less inclination to turnover.

Relational (odel $ ) Socially Responsible Culture

o the extent that the transactional model targets CS% at meFLthe individual employeeB the

relational models shi$ts the $ocus to weFLthe collective employee community.

#n its simplest $orm, this is mani$est by engaging employees in all sta$$F volunteer days, in

company'wide recycling programs, or in on'boarding processes at companies like

sales$ where new hires are thrust into community services activities as part o$ their

orientation program. At deeper levels, it has a company articulate, and employees embrace, a

shared vision, mission, and values that stress CS%.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 18/37

he /SMCo. 3ay /evi Strauss M Co. has demonstrated a values'led business since its

$ounder $irst set up his dry goods $irm in San :rancisco in 1)D?. A business downturn in the

late 1>>*s, however, called its commitments to pro$its through principlesF into (uestion.

2aving noted that the company6s brands used value propositions to de$ine their (ualities and

character $or consumers, heresa :ay'+ustillos, then vice president o$ worldwide community

a$$airs, worked with the company6s worldwide leadership team to develop a value proposition

$or corporate citizenship 5their term o$ re$erence $or CS%7. She convened a cross'$unctional,

multilevel working group around corporate citizenship, which included some top execs, to

take account o$ the company6s 1D*'year legacy o$ corporate citizenshipB to listen to

employees, executives, and stakeholdersB and to identi$y current and potential $uture societal

issues $acing the apparel and textile industry and its work$orce.

@ut o$ their work, a corporate citizenship value proposition 5CN47 emerged.

Oey elements addressed were business practices that re$lect the diversity o$ the world we

serveB supply chain practices that respect the workers who make our productsB environmental

initiatives that support sustainabilityB societal engagement that contributes to positive social

changeB and 2#NKA#"S initiatives that protect employees, workers, and consumers.

nder each o$ these elements, the company included detailed outcomes that, over time, it

aspires to achieve. he worldwide leadership team pledged to educate employees on the new

value proposition, incorporate it into the strategic business planning process, and hold

themselves accountable $or making progress going $orward.

Developmental (odel $ Socio*Commercial +nnovation

he developmental model enlarges the scope o$ engagement through CS% $urtherL$rom me

to we to all o$ usFLengaging a company, its employees, and o$ten stakeholders in the

corporate ecosystem. nilever6s sustainable living plan, -estlP6s moves toward shared value

in its supply chain and product o$$erings, and 3al'art6s Sustainability ?I* strategyL"oing

=ood, +etter, ogether 5which has launched eco'innovations $rom $ourteen sustainability

networks o$ employees and engaged store managers and consumer groups on ethical

consumerism, $air trade, and cause marketing7Lall exempli$y a trans$ormative $orm o$

engagement hinging on employee development. his moves the CS% thrust o$ a company

$irmly into the commercial space and gets employees interacting with stakeholders to

enhance its impact on the business and society.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 19/37

eanwhile, grassroots employee green teamsF at /ockheed artin have improved energy

e$$iciency at company sitesB at Citigroup, they6ve reduced paper wasteB and at Oimberly

Clark, they6ve partnered with local hardware stores to increase employee6s use o$ compact

$luorescent bulbs in their homes. 3al'art has motivated I**,*** o$ its employees to

develop 4ersonal Sustainability 4ro&ects 54S4s7 that includes eating healthier $oods,

exercising more, and recycling. #n some cases, employee6s $amily members develop their

own 4S4s. :i$teen thousand associates have stopped smoking and 3al'art has implemented

many eco'$riendly innovations prototyped by employees in their homes to cut waste in its


he Employee 4erspective

he great ma&ority o$ employees report that they want to be engaged in the CS% activities o$

their employers. Studies have $ound social responsibility to be a signi$icant motivational

driver to employees in the .S., but it is even more important in #ndia, South A$rica, and


Transactional (odel $ Satisfying ,eeds

any o$ today6s employee engagement e$$orts are premised on the notion 5aslow6s theory7

that people operate through a hierarchy o$ needs that motivate themLstretching $rom basic

needs $or survival and security, to social needs, to higher orderF needs that when satis$ied

yield sel$'esteem and sel$'actualization.

#n the 1>G*s and 1>)*s, when baby'boomers entered the work$orce, 2% responded with &ob

enrichment and employee involvement programs. hese prescriptions seemed to $it the needs

o$ better'educated and comparatively well'o$$ new breedF workers, as they were called, $or

more interesting work and a voice in &ob'related decisions. hese proved to be strong

contributors to psychological and behavioral engagement. 2% is today positioning CS% in the

same $ashion; it $its the ego needs o$ many o$ today6s well'educated, more socially conscious


3hen it comes to employee motivation, however, it is arguable whether or not a generic

satis$action Q engagement $rame is use$ul $or thinking about how CS% in$luences employees.

%ather, the (uestion turns to how CS% can enlist, activate, and empower employees on the



7/24/2019 Amul internship 20/37

Adam =rant, $or example, makes a strong case $or relational &ob designF because it enables

 people to express their pro'social motives through work that makes a positive di$$erenceF in

other people6s li$e. Several $ield studies connect this speci$ically to CS% by documenting how

engaging employees in community service gave them an opportunity to support others,

which, in turn, strengthened their organizational commitment. #n a $elicitous turn o$ the

 phrase, =rant, "utton, and %usso make the point that linking CS% to engagement is about

employees givingF rather than receiving.F

Relational (odel $ !-pressing +dentity

o say people need something $rom their work emphasizes their individualistic and atomistic

nature. A relational perspective, by comparison, stresses their social and connected sel$.F

#n this $rame, the sel$ is a wholeF that includes and integrates people6s identities in various

rolesL as, say, employee, co'worker, parent, community member etc.

he relevance o$ this idea $or employee engagement took shape decades ago when it was

speculated that people think o$ themselves and represent identity in the workplace in the $orm

o$ gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and in their li$e roles. hese $orms o$

identity have been the sub&ect o$ debate, consciousness rising, and policymaking throughout

societies and within companies as well. #n top $irms today, $or example, employee diversity is

valued not only as an 2% driver, but as a source o$ $resh ideas, as a means o$ re$lecting and

 better serving the multicultural marketplace, and as a source o$ learning and e$$ectiveness 5as

"avid homas and %obin Ely point out in their analysis o$ the changing contours o$ diversity

management in organizations7. A next'stage in identity engagement has companies linking

2% and CS% to engage their employee as citizens.F

his naturally means recognizing and respecting employees in their many dimensions o$ sel$'

identityLrace, gender, age, and so onLand in their multiple work roles to be sure, but also

as working parents and members o$ a community. #t also means recognizing and validating

them in relation to their roles as citizens o$ a society and inhabitants o$ the planet.

Expressing #dentity at 3ork he electronics retailer +est +uy exempli$ies the relational

aspects o$ employee engagement. #ndividual employees, $or example, are engaged through

the company6s strength basedF 2% model that encourages &ob involvement and development

around their personal strengths and passions. @n the work'li$e boundary, many employees are

 part o$ a results only work environmentF that allows them to $lexibly manage their work and


7/24/2019 Amul internship 21/37

 personal time, so long as results are achieved. he company also hosts a women6s leadership

$orumF 53@/:7 that engages $emale managers, employees, and customers in 3ol$ 4acks that

 provide leadership counsel and social support. =oing $urther on identity engagement, +est

+uy also supports a$$inity groups revolving around race 5+lack Employees -etwork,

Asian Employees -etwork, /atin Employees -etwork7, age 5eenage Employees and Sa=E

 L he wisdom o$ experience7, sexual orientation 54%#"E7, $aith, military service, and

 personal abilitiesKdisabilities 5#-C/"E7.

+est +uy is today expanding its engagement program to $ocus employee energy and

entrepreneurism on society through a venture citizenshipF program.

:or example, store employees, rather than pro$essional sta$$, run the company6s community

grant program and decide which nonpro$its to support. #n turn, they work with students in the

R1D program to teach them how to run their own volunteer programs. he company6s =eek

S(uad donates its time and talents to supporting community'based groups. @n their &obs,

employees take part in the company6s program to recycle used electronics, whether purchased

at +est +uy or not, and share ideas on greening their operations through +lue Shirt -ation,

employees6 social media conversation.

Developmental (odel $ Realizing %urpose

#ronically, it was aslow who laid the $oundation $or a deeper level o$ psychological

engagement by employees in his depiction o$ people6s +eing Nalues,F which include, among

other themes, $undamental human pre$erences $or truth, goodness, beauty, wholeness, and

 &ustice. his marked his embrace o$ humanistic psychology with its emphasis on human

 potential and the importance to people o$ discovering their $undamental purpose in li$e.

he ideas that work organizations could serve such a liberating and generative purpose $or

employees were variously expressed in the 1>I*s and 1>G*s by "ouglas c=regor in

depictions o$ heory and ! management models, in the practices o$ group and organization

development during that era, and in employee. Employee engagement e$$orts that represented

$rom the theories o$ Erich :romm to show how companies might promote an ethic o$ beingF

as opposed to an ethic o$ havingF among their employees.

 -eedless to say, the human potential movement was downplayed in corporate practices o$

employee engagement in the 1>)*s and 1>>*s that stressed the more material aspects o$


7/24/2019 Amul internship 22/37

organizational involvement. 2owever, interest in human potential is being revived today in

many complementary ways. ihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as one example, depicts humans as

having an evolving sel$F whose growth hinges on attaining $uller consciousness o$ their

inner nature and o$ the world that surrounds them. #n developmental terms, this posits that

human potential expands as people gain a deeper sense o$ their individual uni(ueness and

connect it to the processes at work in the world. #n so doing, Csikszentmihalyi contends, one

needs to step out o$ the cocoon o$ personal goals and con$ront larger issues in the public



7/24/2019 Amul internship 23/37

8.G Corporate Social %esponsibility as per -ew #ndian Companies Act 8*1?

=overnment o$ #ndia has noti$ied the rules $or CS% spending uKs 1?D o$ the -ew

Companies Act 8*1? along with Companies 5Corporate Social %esponsibility 4olicy7 %ules,8*1 e$$ective $rom 1st April 8*1. urning the CS% $rom voluntary activities to the

mandated responsibilities, also governed by the bundle o$ regulations as $ollows;

Eligibility Criteria;

Company 5includes $oreign company with branches or pro&ect in #ndia7 having; inimum net

worth o$ rupees D** Crore. urnover up to 1*** CroreF having a net pro$it o$ at least

HDcrore6 during any $inancial year, are covered by this provision


Composition o$ CS% Committee

he Company should constitute a Corporate Social %esponsibility Committee as $ollows;

1. he Committee shall consist o$ minimum ? 5three7 including 1 5one7 #ndependent "irector,

however in case o$ 4rivate Company or the Company, which is not re(uired to appoint

#ndependent "irector on board, or :oreign Company the committee can be $ormulated with

587 two directors.

8. he CS% 4olicy shall be $ormulated in accordance with Schedule N## and the CS% 

Committee will be responsible $or $raming the policy, $inalizing the amount to be spent on

CS%, monitoring M implementation o$ the Scheme.

?. #$ Company ceases to $ul$ill the eligibility criteria $or three consecutive years, then the

company is not re(uired to comply until the company will meet the eligibility criteria once


he CS% %ules provides the manner in which CS% committee shall $ormulate, monitor the

 policy and manner o$ understanding $or CS% activities.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 24/37

nder the rules, the =overnment has also $ixed a threshold limit o$ 8 o$ the Average6 -et

4ro$its o$ the block o$ previous three years on CS% activities and i$ Company $ails to spend

such amount, disclosures are to be made $or the same. 2owever, an exemption has been given

to the Companies that do not satis$y the above threshold $or three consecutive years.

rief on CSR )ctivities as prescribed under Schedule /++ of C)0 1234

1. @b&ective to e$$ace the daily li$e segments including poverty, malnutrition, and hunger

while enhancing the standard o$ living and promoting the $acets o$ better health care and


8. #nitiative to promote the di$$erent segments o$ education including special education and

 programs to enhance the vocation skills $or all ages like children, women, elderly and

conducting other livelihood enhancement pro&ects.

?. Aim to bring the uni$ormity in respect o$ di$$erent sections o$ the society to promote

gender e(uality and other $acilities $or senior citizens and developing hostels $or women and

orphans and taking initiative $or empowering women and lowering ine(ualities $aced by

socially and economically backward groups.

. Elevate the segment o$ $lora and $auna to bring the ecological balance and environmental

sustainability in respect o$ animal wel$are, conservation o$ natural resources and ago $orestry

while maintaining the (uality o$ air, water and soil.

D. Enhancement o$ Cra$tsmanship while protecting art and culture and measures to restore

sites o$ historical importance and national heritage and promoting the works o$ art and setting

up o$ public libraries.

I. Steps to bring worthy to the part o$ war windows, armed $orce veterans and their


G. Sports programs and training sessions to enhance the level o$ rural sports, nationally

recognized sports, 4aralympic sports and @lympics sports.

). :avoring to 4rime inister6s -ational %elie$ :und and contribution to other $und set up by

the central government to promote socio'economic development and wel$are o$ the schedule

castes and Schedule ribes and $or supporting backward classes, minorities, and women.

>. o upli$t the technology o$ incubator that6s comes under academic institutions and which

are approved by the Central =overnment.

1*. #ntroducing varied pro&ects $or %ural "evelopment.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 25/37

he below activities are not included under the CS% activities o$ the Company.

1. +usiness run in the normal course.

8. @utside the territory o$ the #ndia or abroad.

?. :or the wel$are o$ the employees and their $amilies.

. 4olitical party contribution o$ any amount directly and indirectly as de$ined uKs 1)8 o$ the


he above CS% activities shall be undertaken by the Company, as per its stated CS% policy,

in consonance with the new or ongoing pro&ects excluding activities undertaken in pursuance

o$ its normal course o$ business. he +oard o$ "irectors may decide to undertake its CS%

activities approved by the CS% Committee, through a registered trust or a registered society.

5early Compliances6*

1. he Annual %eport o$ the Company shall include a comprehensive %eport on CS% in the

format as prescribed in the Companies 7Corporate Social Responsibility %olicy8 Rules0

1239, containing particulars on @verview o$ CS% 4olicy, Composition o$ the Committee,

Avg. -et 4ro$it, prescribed expenditure and details o$ its spending, reason in case o$ $ailure


8. he disclosure on CS% in +oard %eport should also be available on the Company:s


?. he activities included in the CS% 4olicy and the prescribed expenditure being

undertakenKspent shall be ensured by the +oard, in the respective manner.

his means all the Companies $alling in the a$oresaid criteria needs to ensure CS%

compliance but it is debatable to say that the same is  for welfare of the society or the

companies are doing it just to avoid penalties. CS% stands to support the Company6s Nision

as well as directions to what @rganization stands $or and will sustain its clients. An #S@

8I*** is the accepted worldwide standard $or Corporate Social %esponsibility 5CS%7.

CS% term has been revaluated with an aim to embrace responsibility $or the Company9s

actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers,

conscience, corporate citizenship, social per$ormance, employees, communities, and all



7/24/2019 Amul internship 26/37

?. @verview o$ the Company

?.1 Company #ntroduction

!" #deas is a company, which specializes in people.F hey $ocus on coaching and training

$or personal development as well as setting up e$$ective, $uturistic 2% processes.

hrough their proprietary tools and practices, they enable individuals and organizations to

improve their per$ormance and productivity by working on the most power$ul resource 0 people. All this is done with measurable end results in mind.

Services o$$ered by !" #deas

< Communication; public speaking, language correction and enhancement, business

communication eti(uette

< Sel$'#mage; Assessments and 4ersonality consulting

< 4ersonal =oal setting; 4sychometric assessments, personality mapping, clutter

clearing, developing a vision, game plan charting

< Channeling #nner 4ower; Chakra alignment, harnessing the power o$ mind, meditation

and its role in success.

#n addition to o$$ering the above as group workshops $or corporates, they also assist

companies in the area o$ Hpeople processes6 that is 2uman %esource 4ractices.

his includes

< Core 2% 4rocesses.

< 4er$ormance anagement System.

< %eward 4rograms.

< nderstanding business goals.

< %eassessing and pro&ecting talent needs in light o$ the above.

< %edesigning work process and reward systems to map with business goals.

< "eveloping training solutions to build capabilities $or achieving these goals.

< %edesigning organizational culture to be conducive $or goal achievement.

?.8 Services o$$ered by the company


7/24/2019 Amul internship 27/37

#R Services

@rganizations the world over are $acing a huge challenge today. +ig decisions are being made

in real time. @rganizations are reacting with changes to keep ahead o$ each other, at a pacethat is $aster than ever be$ore. his changed atmosphere can create con$usion among the


!" #deas acts as strategic 2uman %esource anagement partners, ensures that an

organization is e(uipped to meet the needs o$ their employees and the employees are trained

and motivated to meet the needs o$ an organization.

@$$er services are in the areas o$ 

' Audits and 4rocesses

' alent Ac(uisition

' alent anagement and "evelopment

' /eadership "evelopment and Succession 4lanning

o ensure that organization has employees that are motivated, deliver well on a &ob and grow

with the organization, need to have an intelligent selection process $or the employees 0 both

within the organization as well as $or $resh talent $rom outside.

#t all starts with getting the &ob description right in terms $unctional as well as behavioral

aspects. !" ideas have developed a variety o$ tools to help organizational recruitment.

ools Such as;

< Cra$t the right &ob descriptions

< Ask the right (uestions in an interview

< #denti$y talent within the team

< 3ork out succession plans

< 4sychometric analysis o$ the candidate $or &ob $it

< 4sychometric analysis o$ the internal team to identi$y resources $or a role

< 4ersonal interview sessions o$ the candidate by !" team along with company team


7/24/2019 Amul internship 28/37

An organization is put together by its people. anaging this biggest resource is a huge

challenge, but i$ done well can yield big and long term pro$its $or an organization. !"

ideas, work closely with their clients to understand the current business goals and work

culture and then put together a system that not only helps them optimize their current

 per$ormance but also empowers them to achieve long'term business goals more e$$iciently

and e$$ectively.

As part o$ this people management,F they o$$er trainings as well as system setups in the

$ollowing areas;

Employee %etention Strategies

< %etaining e$$ective employees is important to any organization6s success. 2igh

retention ratio not only save $unds, but also exposes entire strategy M process $low to

the competition. A high employee turnover rate a$$ects an organization both internally

and externally 0 internally because o$ loss o$ opportunity, productivity, and employee

morale and externally because o$ a $ast growing reputation o$ an unstable


< hrough various interventions including a $ine tuned selection process, a detailed

employee'&ob $it execution, coaching M training, !" delivers higher employee

retention $or companies across a range o$ sectors. hey also work with high

 per$orming individuals in client6s team on a one on one basis, providing customized

employee development and talent management plans. #n addition to this, they advise

the key stakeholders on developing a culture that would, in itsel$, ensure that client

has a more dynamic workplace.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 29/37

Employee otivation

< A motivated employee is a sel$'starter, an asset $or the organization. 3hen this

multiplies $rom one employee to a larger group in an organization, one not &ust sees

 bottom line results but also a happier, more loyal work $orce, lower attrition rates and

there$ore an organization becomes stronger at its roots.

< !" #deas believe that employees can be trained to be motivated and work to create a

culture that is a winning situation $or both the employee as well as the organization.

< !" has a team o$ highly skilled trainers who are adept at building rapport with the

 people and challenging individuals to achieve their goals. Coaching sessions are

conducted with both, individuals as well as in small groups.

Training services

Corporate trainings;

< -euro'/inguistic 4rogramming; -/4 the most power$ul techni(ue in communication

used in #nterpersonal communications and persuasion including business

communication, management training, sales in$luence, used $or coaching, team

 building, motivational rainings, negotiation Skills raining.

< ind power; he 4ower o$ the subconscious mind, what the conscious mind can6t

 perceive gets stored into the subconscious, the ability to access and utilize ones


< Stress anagement; Creating work li$e balance. 3hen one $aces challenges and needs

to learn new innovative stress management processes like color therapy, and ime

+ased echni(ues.

< Chakra editations; o power$ully utilize ones energy and create a balance on the

emotional and spiritual $ront, this therapy along with stories $rom the Nedas Empower 

us to take on li$e. 4ower 4acked session $rom /earning6s $rom he ahabharata.)

. "evelopment o$ CS% 4roposal;


7/24/2019 Amul internship 30/37






raining $or3omen




• 4rimary ob&ective o$ the summer internship is to design a CS% proposal $or


• Secondary ob&ective is to do the research re(uired $or designing the proposal.

:igure G; he CS% 4roposal $or corporates

.1 he process o$ CS% pro&ect


7/24/2019 Amul internship 31/37

3omen Entrepreneurs $rom company database 5existing Mold7

3arrior 3omen training program

Success$ul 3omen Entrepreneurs will provide work torural women

Each 3omen Entrepreneur will adopt one rural womanwhich would lead to an exemplary case study

:igure ); he process o$ CS% pro&ect.

< sing organizational $unds 5CS% pro&ect $or corporates7 a training program $or

women entrepreneurs will be organized.

< raining program i.e. 3arrior womenF is conducted by !"ideas.

< 3omen entrepreneurs will undergo empowerment training and support connected

 -=@ to help women in need.

.8 "etailed process o$ developing CS% model;

1. "e$ining @b&ective


7/24/2019 Amul internship 32/37

3hy 3arrior womenJ

here are any challenges $aced by women entrepreneurs, !" ideas warrior women program

help these entrepreneurs to tackle issues like sel$ 'esteem, sel$ 'worth, con$idence, inner

strength, entrepreneurship skills, communication skills and more to empower women to live

the lives they truly deserve.

2ighlights o$ the workshop 5/aunched in 8*1?7

' o learn to look at li$e6s challenges with a :%ES2 perspective

' o understand Hthe reason why6 through /@=#CA/ M scienti$ic explanations

' o get introduced to the %EA/ one'sel$ 

' o set =@A/S $or yoursel$ 

' o train to be a S%@-=E% person, both mentally and physically

' o learn problem solving M decision making S%AE=#ES

' o get in touch with #--E% SE/:

' o learn to AOE /#:E 3@%O +! !@% %/ES

he 3orkshop is designed in a uni(ue way. he program will help to train entrepreneurs to

work on their mind, body, and soul in order to live the li$e they always dreamed o$. Specially

designed capsules on mental toughness, inner strength build up, de'cluttering, problem

solving, and decision making will help them design their own result orientedF strategies in

 both personal and pro$essional $ronts.

.? =limpse o$ 3arrior 3omen 4rogram


7/24/2019 Amul internship 33/37

8.  =etting an -=@ involved


7/24/2019 Amul internship 34/37

o create database o$ di$$erent -=@s who worked $or women this would be a part o$ CS%


o shortlist -=@s and create contacts.

+ene$it $or -=@; 3omen entrepreneurs adapting rural women could provide employment

opportunities $or them.

?.  #denti$ying areas o$ organizational support and bene$its to the organization involved

:inancial assistance and promotional support by the organization

 -=@ registered under section )* = give corporates tax bene$it.

@rganizational bene$it; #nvolvement o$ employees in the overall -=@ activities will lead to

Employee engagement.


.  "esigning the :inal proposal;

Company; :inancial assistance

4romotional Support

 – Communication to the present database o$ active customers

 – edia support

!" #deas; :easibility, /ogistical Support and -=@ connect

 – 3orkshops

 – Seminars

 – 3orkshop aterial

 – Certi$ication 4rograms

 – All in synergy with CS% ob&ectives


7/24/2019 Amul internship 35/37

D. #nternship Assessment 

Summer internship at !"ideas had given me an opportunity to learn various 2% processes.

# learnt how to develop and execute a concept 5how to connect the dots7.

y main pro&ect was to develop a CS% model, $or which # did literature research.

"uring my research, # came across various activities, which organizations per$orm under

CS%. Additionally, # realized that the legal aspects o$ CS% are e(ually important and that

there are various rules an organization needs to $ollow.

he 3arrior 3omen 4rogram o$ !"ideas is about empowering women. # contributed in

establishing a connecting link between CS% model $or corporates and 3arrior 3omen

4rogram. # also developed a database $or -=@s re(uired $or CS% model.

All through my internship # also worked upon various 2% $unctions; 4olicy designing,

anpower 4anning, Nalue chain, Employee +rand +uilding, =ap analysis 5Client6s site7, and


!"ideas is a strategic 2% $irmB # got an opportunity to observe execution o$ &ob description

at one o$ their client site.

# could correlate my classroom knowledge with practical experience at !"ideas.

his summer internship has given me a broad view o$ 2%':unctions and helped me

understand the &ob responsibilities o$ 2uman %esource "epartment.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 36/37

I. %ecommendations

< he model developed during the internship period has been accepted by the company,

 but now it needs to reach corporate clients, and $or this, !"ideas should $orm a

special CS% team.

< he database generated o$ di$$erent -=@s can be used to strengthen the model.

< his model also can be used as internal employee engagement tool within !"ideas.


7/24/2019 Amul internship 37/37

G. %e$erences

1. Neersalu /. he importance o$ corporate social responsibility in Estonian consumers6

 purchasing decisions. 8*11 5A +achelor6s hesis 4resented to the edia "epartment

allinn niversity6s +altic :ilm and edia School7

8. 2ossain +, Siwar C, ohd'ani : and +huiyan A+. Corporate Social %esponsibility

5CS%7 $or =lobal arket Access; A alaysian Case Study on Small and edium Enterprises.

%esearch ournal o$ Applied Sciences, Engineering and echnology 8*1?B D; I*'ID

?. Scilly . :our ypes o$ Corporate Social %esponsibility available at

. =autam % and Singh A. Corporate Social %esponsibility 4ractices in #ndia; A Study o$ op

D** Companies. =lobal +usiness and anagement %esearch; An #nternational ournal. 8*1*B

8; 1'DI.

D. Corporate Social %esponsibility; A /ever $or Employee Attraction M Engagement by

eanne eister 8*18 available at www.$

I. irvis 4. Employee Engagement and CS%; ransactional, %elational, and "evelopmental

Approaches. Cali$ornia anagement %eview 8*18B D; >?'11G

G. Corporate social responsibility as per new #ndian act 8*1?.pd$ available at