audience research analysis

Audience Research Analysis

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Page 1: Audience research analysis

Audience Research Analysis

Page 2: Audience research analysis

Introduction This questionnaire is important to know

the public’s opinions and therefore I constructed a questionnaire to hand out to twenty people to get some feedback for my magazine. The questionnaire consists of a mix of open and closed questions.

Page 3: Audience research analysis

1. AgeAge

16 - 2021 - 3031 - 4040 +

40 %8 people

10 % 2 people

25 %5 people

25 %5 people

From the results, I can see that majority of my respondents are 16 – 20 year olds. As that is the age that typically appeals to the alternative rock genre, it suits its purpose. As some of my respondents are of different ages, it allows me to find out if alternative rock is limited to one age group.

Page 4: Audience research analysis

2. Gender I gave my questionnaire out to ten

boys and ten girls in order to maintain a level of fairness.

This allows me to get responses from both genders and allows me to see if the tastes differ from each other.

Page 5: Audience research analysis

3. Ethnicity

White B



- chin



- Ind



- Afric



- othe



Number of people

Number of people

I handed my questionnaire out to various ethnicities and concluded that although music tastes differ as an individual person, ethnicity does not cause divergence in music. However, people may favour their own ethnicity’s music style too. Music is influenced by the people you hang around with and the media.

Page 6: Audience research analysis

4. Preferred genre of musicMusic genres

PopK - popRockR&BAlternativeIndieCountryOther








From the results, I can tell that Alternative music is not as popular as Pop or R&B. This is a positive result as Alternative rock music is not meant to be mainstream which means that it is lesser known than the other genres. Alternative music is incorporated into other genres and so it is a subtle influence.

Page 7: Audience research analysis

5. Why do you like this genre of music?

This was the first open question I asked and so it led to different answers. Many of the answers consisted of because it’s catchy and easy to sing along to. Some responses were that they like music that makes them feel good and matches their mood.

Page 8: Audience research analysis

6. Do you think my front cover image (sketch) is suitable for my magazine?

12 people said yes, 8 people said no.This shows that I need to make

improvements for the cover page of my magazine. I understand that I may not be able to appeal to everyone but there is always room for development.

Page 9: Audience research analysis

7. Why? This was another open question and

this led to responses such as ‘not unique enough’ and ‘has to be edgy’.

These results allowed me to understand that the public assume that the Alternative rock image has to be ‘edgy’ and unique.

Page 10: Audience research analysis

8. Who do you think is the target audience for my magazine?Target Audience

16 - 2526 - 3031 - 3536 - 40Over 40

75% of the people I handed my questionnaire out to said that they thought the target audience for my magazine was 16 – 25 year olds. This is positive feedback as my magazine was aimed for 16 – 25 year olds so it means that I met that criteria.However, the remaining 25% felt that it was aimed for an audience over the age of 25, this means that I could have made some improvements.

Page 11: Audience research analysis

9. What do you expect to see in a music magazine? (May choose more than one)

Celebrity in-terviews

Latest albums/Sin-glesNew artists

Case studies

Tour/Perfor-mance news and tickets

Other - please specify

18 People

18 People

15 People

19 People

16 People

6 People

Page 12: Audience research analysis

9. Continued The choices that majority of the people

voted for were case studies, celebrity interviews and the latest albums/singles. This shows that those are the most popular things that the audience look for in a magazine and therefore what they think I should include in mine.