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  1. 1. Automobile industry 1. Daniel Chow 2. DanielTiew 3. Clement Chen 4. Carlson Ko 5. Harwinder Singh 6. Weng Chuan 7. Chong Jin Feng SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) English 1 [ENGL0105]
  2. 2. History of the Automobile Invented for the use of transportation Replaced carriages and carts
  3. 3. The Company:Toyota History Founded in 1933 by KiichiroToyoda First Car-Toyota Model AA
  4. 4. UMWToyota Motors Located in Subang Jaya 3S Service Centre Big showroom & service center Open daily 9:30am-6pm
  5. 5. The Interview Mr Abraham Sales Executive Toyota Subang Jaya
  6. 6. Main Products Toyota Altis Toyota Cambry ToyotaVios Toyota Hilux
  7. 7. Customers Mostly Malaysians Some expatrade Few foriegners
  8. 8. The Business Was founded about fifty years ago, but I dont really know the exact date Under the UMW motor corporation Net assets exceed RM2.3 billion Workforce numbers more than 11,000 employees serving customers through a nation-wide distribution network Competitors: Honda, Nissan ,Mazda
  9. 9. Developments Toyota cars are petrol & diesel. For our future developments, we are going for petrol saving cars which are hybrid cars that is coming out around March & May this year
  10. 10. The Company: Lamborghini History Founded in 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini First Car: 350 GTV
  11. 11. Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur Located in Glenmarie, ShahAlam 3S Centre Open daily 9:30am-6pm Luxurious Showroom
  12. 12. The Interview Mr Ron Sales Manager Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur
  13. 13. Main Products Aventador Huracan
  14. 14. Flagship: Aventador RM 3.1 million Only 4000 units will be made in the world
  15. 15. Customers Our customers are the ones who can afford it and the desire to own a Lamborghini car. In Malaysia, mostly Datos and bosses
  16. 16. The Business A few business man start up this market because each of their passion to do this line. Audi bought over Lamborghini S.p.a in 1998 Lamborghinis Annual revenue 469 million (2012) Competitors: Ferrari, Porsche and Specialized cars
  17. 17. Developments We decided to shift to KL, because it had a better chance of selling here.The market is going upwards. New concept cars, one off exclusive cars
  18. 18. Comparison
  19. 19. Categories of automobile companies Lamborghini(Kuala Lumpur) Toyota(Subang Jaya) Businesses offer Car dealer and services Car dealer and services Original founder Italian industrialist (Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini) Japanese entrepreneur (Kiichiro Toyota) Key founder(local) Malaysia and Singapore Lamborghini partnerships associated Japanese and local Malaysian partnerships Establishment of this company This company is originally establish at overseas This company is originally establish at overseas Types of vehicle sell Typical expensive sports car and several models are produce only, but they are mainly specialize on it The cars are ranging from luxury car, SUV, family cars, hybrid cars and they have less impact on selling sports car Type of customers encounter A few are able to afford from investor, head of business enterprise to high states ranking people, example: DATO Family, moderate income worker and business man Outlet or branches form this business Currently only one branch is available in Malaysia Peninsular Malaysia and more than thirty branches are total Annual revenue figures More than five million annual per year Hundred million annual per year Pricing of vehicles RM 2million to 3million Above RM 60,000 to RM 300,000 more
  20. 20. Marketing Strategy Monopolistic competitive Makes independent decisions about price and output, based on its product, its market, and its production This businesses there is low form of barriers to entry
  21. 21. OurVideo