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  • + B2B Search Marketing & Web Analytics Kansas City Web Analytics & Marketing Metrics July 15, 2014 David Vogel
  • + Agenda Why Search Matters Where Search Marketing has been and where its Going Common B2B Challenges & Solutions SEO Analytics in a (not provided) World Quick Wins Appendix: Search Lingo Framework for SEO projects SEO & PPC 101 Resources Building your Digital Marketing Career @DavidVogelDotCo
  • +Why Search Matters
  • @DavidVogelDotCohttp://www.pardot.com/demand-gen/report-state-demand-generation/
  • @DavidVogelDotCohttp://chitika.com/google-positioning-value
  • @DavidVogelDotCohttp://connect.relevance.com/a-tale-of-two-studies-establishing-google-bing-click_through-rates
  • +Where Search Marketing has been
  • @DavidVogelDotCo Whats my motivation?
  • @DavidVogelDotCohttp://investor.google.com/financial/tables.html
  • + The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.We also want the good guys making great sites for users, not just algorithms, to see their effort rewarded. @DavidVogelDotCo - Matt Cutts http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html
  • + Evolution of Search @DavidVogelDotCo Search Engine Technology Search Marketing Tactics Keyword relevancy Keyword stuffing Spammy links (buy, trade or hack) More strategic keyword stuffing Less spammy- looking links Page Rank (link-based scoring) Matt Cutts Ongoing algorithm updates Better UX
  • + Evolution of Search (contd) @DavidVogelDotCo Search Engine Technology Search Marketing Tactics Localization Locally relevant content & links Invest in social media & content Admit defeat of blackhat tactics Semantic search Social signals Matt Cutts 2.0 Oh Crap! Author rank Algorithm updates named after animals Wailing & gnashing of teeth
  • +and where Search Marketing is Going
  • + Authoritative & Engaging Content The next era of search marketing will be won by content that: Is created by trusted sources Captures attention Engages visitor Is worth sharing @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Authoritative Content: Surveys @DavidVogelDotCohttp://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml
  • + Authoritative Content: Guides @DavidVogelDotCohttp://www.marketo.com/definitive-guides/marketing-automation
  • + Authoritative Content: Blog Posts @DavidVogelDotCohttp://blog.mailprint.com/index.php/1125/create-trackable-qr-codes/
  • + Blogging Example: @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Blogging Example: @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B Challenges
  • + B2B SEO Challenges: Ambiguity @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B SEO Challenges: Ambiguity @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B SEO Challenges: Ambiguity An ambiguous website leads to poor rankings and traffic. The solution: Research the keyword phrases used to search for your solution Architect site to support these keywords Make content speak the same language as your audience @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B SEO Challenges: Ambiguity @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B SEO Challenges: Ambiguity @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B PPC Challenges Compared to B2C: Longer buying cycle with lots of touch points Niche targets spread across wide geographic area Smaller search volume More expensive keyword bids, but Higher customer value @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B PPC Challenges: Reporting @DavidVogelDotCo Initial search More targeted search, clicks ad, visits site Branded search, click organic result Served retargeted ad, visits site Types in site url, completes contact form 5,428 sales and lead nurturing touches Contract signed Search Engine Technology Prospect lifecycle (web traffic analytics) Sees news about company, clicks to site Lead lifecycle (CRM)
  • + B2B PPC Challenges: Reporting Solution 1:Tech Upgrade Only way to tie data on specific visits to lead/customer data is integrating web marketing software with CRM. Track micro data on specific leads, plus tie real ROI to your PPC, SEO & Social campaigns. @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B PPC Challenges: Reporting Pinnacle: Opportunity & Revenue Reporting @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B PPC Challenges: Reporting Solution 2: Free tech for Macro view 1. Install Google Analytics 2. Create Conversion Goals for lead form completions or engagement goals 3. Link to AdWords for PPC conversion data (Cost Per Conversion, etc) @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + B2B PPC Challenges: Reporting Solution 2: Free tech for Macro view @DavidVogelDotCo
  • +SEO Analytics in a (not provided) World
  • + Oct 18, 2011: (np)-Day Google announces switch to encrypted search for signed-in users, hiding search query data from site owners Google estimates less than 10% of visits will be impacted. @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + (not provided) Domination @DavidVogelDotCo 11/11: (np) = 18% 06/12: (np) = 41% 06/13: (np) = 66% 06/13: (np) = 91%
  • + One Solution: Content Approach 1. Research keywords and map to content (for optimization) 2. Track organic search entrances and content rankings 3. Evaluate performance and opportunities @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Example: High-Level Review @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Step 1: Keyword research and mapping @DavidVogelDotCo Keyword Target Page Estimated Traffic Actual PPC Impressions blue widgets /blue-widgets 74,600 24,749 light blue widgets /blue-widgets 8,300 2,796 red widgets /red-widgets 135,200 64,810 pink widgets /pink-widgets 5,200 899 tan widgets /tan-widgets 1,300 365 AdWords
  • + Step 2: Monitor Organic Entrances and Rankings @DavidVogelDotCo Keyword Target Page Estimated Traffic Actual PPC Impressions Organic Rank Ranking Page Page Organic Entrances blue widgets /blue-widgets 24,600 16,749 5 /blue-widgets 1,204 light blue widgets /blue-widgets 3,300 796 37 /blue-widgets 1,204 red widgets /red-widgets 35,200 24,810 7 /red-widgets 746 pink widgets /pink-widgets 5,200 899 14 /pink-widgets 75 tan widgets /tan-widgets 7,300 265 2 /tan-widgets 102 AdWords Analytics
  • + Step 3: Evaluate Performance & Opportunity @DavidVogelDotCo KeywordRank Page Traffic Relevant to Anticipated -Low--High- -High- -Low-
  • + Quick Wins
  • + Quick Win: Keyword Research Identify potential demand for product/service Learn how to speak your prospects language Judge competition and ranking potential Guide website architecture @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Quick Win: Keyword Research Keyword Keyword Group Estimated Traffic Pay Per Click Impressions Competition Level Current Ranking Ranking Page Keyword 1 Group A 24,600 749 76 - Keyword 2 Group A 8,300 76 65 37 www Keyword 3 Group B 760 18 42 14 www Keyword 4 Group C 185,200 - 92 - Keyword 5 Group C 79,300 315 87 73 www Google Keyword Planner https://adwords.google.com | http://moz.com/products | http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/ AdWords @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Quick Win: Low-Hanging Links Your vendors and partners Provide testimonials for their website Offer to be featured in online case study Guest post on how you use their solution Charities you support Organizations youre a member of Executive/Board Member bios on other websites @DavidVogelDotCo
  • + Quick Win: Improve Top 10 Pages Your Top-10 webpages may acco