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Session 2 Mohamed Elsherif Social Media Research Analyst MSc Social Informatics and Interactive Technologies Basics Facebook Marketing

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This is the second session in 5 sessions about Basics of Social Media Marketing. We discuss how to you Facebook in marketing your content starting from building the page to creating Facebook paid aids. Some parts are practical. هذا العرض هو الثاني من سلسلة مباديء التسويق عبر الاعلام الاجتماعي. يتم مناقشة التسويق عبر الفاسبوك بداية من انشاء الصفحة حتى انشاء اعلان خاص بها. بعض الشرائح تم تطبيقها عمليا


  • 1.Session 2 Mohamed Elsherif Social Media Research Analyst MSc Social Informatics and Interactive Technologies

2. Mohamed Elsherif @mhmd_fekry10/01/2013 3. What is Online Marketing? Different Prospective. Paid and Unpaid Facebook Marketing. Secret Techniques to Manage Facebook Pages. Paid and Unpaid Twitter Marketing. How to Manage Your Twitter Account? Video, Blogs, Google+, and Instagram Marketing. Examples! Only the Amazing Examples. PROJECT. Mohamed Elsherif @mhmd_fekry10/01/2013 4. Remember Social Media Marketing is a Direct Marketingtechnique. Why Social Media? Greater reach. Easy to use. inexpensive? Why it is critical? EWOM. Personally. Publicly. COBRAs. Quick! 5. B M3 model:MeasureBuild Performance Future Strategy DesignManageMarket Content People Paid Unpaid 6. You should fully understand the following: Objectives. Mission and Vision. Audience. Market. Budget. If these are not known to you, then you need to STOP! Build your Strategy(ies) and Tactic(s). Spend some time in designing your page. 7. You do not have more than one first time to impressvisitors. Remember to set the following appropriately: Cover photo (851 x 315 pixels), logo (160 x 160 pixels),description, and applications. Facebook Cover Photo Rules: Unique and Creative. Calls to Action. Promotions. Contact information. Arrows and references. 20% Rule. 8. According to Facebook, a successful post is: Short. 100250. Visual. Photos and Videos. Optimized. Time and content. Post elite and limited content to be shared or liked. Foran example: special offers, codes, or deals. Less than 5000 likes? Use emails. Friends. Paid ads. 9. Setting up the Ad! Reaching the right customers! Check your budget and ROI. Try different Ads. Measure how successful it was.Lets get Practical 10. Provide free materials and ask people to download using emails. Do not make it too long neither too short. Make it exclusive. Design Facebook Application Tab. Promote a single post. More? 11. Social Media Manager VS. Community Manager. As a Social Media Manager you need to _________ As a Community Manager you need to _________ Quality content leads to Content Marketing. What makes quality content? Relevant. Friendly. Visual. Short. Encourage to participate. Use time! Use Pin Star Hide on contents. Make a posting plan! 12.