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    The Daily Tar Heel


    Monday, October 29, 2012

    3McDonald and

    Strickland are back

    16UNC women want

    back in the dance

    8Who are the five

    new Tar Heels?

    4N.C. State leads the

    pack in the ACC

  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Basketball 2012-13Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel2

    table of contents

    back from injury

    Dexter Strickland and LeslieMcDonald are healthy and ready.


    big game james

    James Michael McAdoo ispoised to lead the f rontcourt.


    Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairstonwill be the top perimeter threats.

    4nc state

    The Wolfpack is the preseasonfavorite in the ACC for 2012-13.

    georgia techThe Yellow Jackets are ready to

    open their new home arena.


    florida state

    For Leonard HamiltonsSeminoles, its all about defense.

    8fresh faces

    Learn all about the impact of thenew players on the UNC roster.

    10wake forest

    Youth is a blessing and a cursefor the Demon Deacons.


    The Tar Heels are headed toHawaii. Check out who they play.


    Without last years leaders, newBlue Devils must step up for Duke.


    Joe Harris will have to be readyearly for a banged-up UVa. squad.


    Mark Turgeon hopes a refocuseddefense will make a big difference.

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    boston college

    The Eagles are a year older andready to improve on last year.

    virginia tech

    The Hokies have a brand newhead coach in James Johnson.


    Veterans look to lead over-whelmingly young roster in ACC.

    16redeem team

    The Tar Heel women are ready toget back to the NCAA Tournament.

    top class

    The womens team is looking toits freshman class for contribution.


    The Hurricanes look to the back-court for leadership in resurgence.

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    McAdoo prepares tolead youthful frontcourt

    dth file photo

    Sophomore James Michael McAdoo spurned the NBA to return to UNC for a chance to lead the Tar Heels young frontcourt attack.

    By Michael Lananna

    Senior Writer

    James Michael McAdoohad it all.

    He had recruiting analystsbuzzing about his ability. Hehad four future NBA draftpicks playing at his side. Hehad time to develop. He hadthe luxury to fail.

    But there was a point lastseason when the freshman hadsimply had enough whenthe expectations weighed himdown and the game he loved

    began to lose its luster.It was rough, McAdoo

    said. Im not gonna say itwasnt hard. Im not gonnasay there wasnt nights where

    I wanted to pack my bag andgo back to Norfolk, Va., and

    be a regular kid.Then McAdoo had an

    awakening. After strugglingearly in the season, the for-

    ward recommitted himself

    and upped his focus in prac-

    tice in January and February.In UNCs ACC Tournament

    opener against Maryland,he scored 14 points whilean injured John Hensonlooked on. When UNC was

    without Kendall Marshall inits final game of the NCAATournament, McAdoo led theteam with 15.

    Without Henson, TylerZeller and Harrison Barnesthis season, the UNC front-court will be much thinner.The Tar Heels will needMcAdoo to be the player he

    was last March.The transformation was

    the result of an overall changein approach.

    It came just finally get-ting my life together and

    just focusing on what I knowIm capable of doing on andoff the court, McAdoo said.Showing up every day readyto work and not looking at it

    as a burden, looking at it as

    an opportunity given to me byGod, and it really just helpedmy confidence.

    As McAdoo enters thisseason, he has a new set ofchallenges to face. He andfellow sophomore DesmondHubert are the only return-ing forwards with significantplaying time.

    Theyll be joined by fresh-men Brice Johnson, JoelJames, J.P. Tokoto andsophomore Jackson Simmons.Though they lack experience,theyve shown enough in prac-tice for McAdoo and Hubert to

    be optimistic.Joels a big bruiser down

    low. Hes got great post

    moves. He gets better everytime we see him, Hubertsaid. Brice has really startedto work hard. Hes got a niceoffensive game. Hes a goodrebounder. Hes athletic.

    Though just a sophomore,

    McAdoo said he relishes the

    opportunity to be a leader forhis younger teammates and tosteer them away from the pit-falls he faced last season.

    I pray to God that noneof what happened to me hap-pens to them, McAdoo said.Thats why I try to really

    bring them along.But McAdoos not done

    bringing himself along, either.I feel like I couldve played

    so much better, McAdoosaid. And thats what has meso excited about this year that Im gonna be able to goout there with the minutesand with the opportunity, andhopefully the time that I putin and the work that Ive been

    doing will pay off.James Michael McAdoo

    never really did have it all.And now, he knows it.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    By Kelly ParsonsSenior Writer

    One by one, the names ofeach member of the 2012 NorthCarolina mens basketball team wereannounced over the PA system at theDean Smith Center. The Late Night

    With Roy crowd rose to its feet aseach Tar Heel walked out of thesmoky tunnel to join his teammatesat midcourt.

    With the arenas completeattention on them for those briefmoments, each UNC player soaked

    up his 10 solo seconds in the spot-light.

    For senior guards LeslieMcDonald and Dexter Strickland who will make their returns frominjuries this season after spendingmuch of last years campaign on

    the bench theirs was a time to beshared.

    So, when their names werecalled to round out the NorthCarolina squad, not just one, buttwo silhouettes emerged throughthe Carolina blue-tinted haze togreet their adoring fans beforethem.

    It was just something wethought about, McDonald said,a smile stretched across his face.Were both coming out having thesame situations, ACLs. Why not

    come out together?

    Brotherly love

    The 2011-12 season got off toa fast start for the preseason top-ranked Tar Heels. McDonald,

    though, watched it all unfold fromthe bench.

    A few months prior, he tore hisACL playing in Durhams annual N.C.Pro-Am tournament. Some initialreports stated McDonald could have

    been ready in time for the second halfof the season. But as McDonald con-tinued to struggle through the recov-ery process, coach Roy Williams had atough choice to make.

    The team announced Jan. 13 thatMcDonald would take a redshirt

    year and return in 2012. For a team

    returning all five starters from its2011 Elite Eight run, it was a blow,

    but one from which the Tar Heelscould reluctantly recover.

    One month later, though, it wasdouble trouble for North Carolina.

    In a game against Virginia Tech

    on Jan. 19, Strickland went downat the baseline, clutching his knee.

    After the game, it was determinedthat he, too, had torn his ACL.

    McDonald and Strickland, whohail from Memphis, Tenn., andRahway, N.J., respectively, grew upseeing each other at NBA camps and

    basketball tournaments. When thetwo both committed to UNC, there

    was an immediate bond.In a time of trouble, Strickland

    knew just who to lean on.The two, who were often seen

    sharply dressed in bowties andsweater vests on the bench duringgames, swapped injury-related sto-ries during their downtime and gaveeach other tips on recovery.

    When I was coming back and Istarted playing pick up again, the

    main thing I was doing was I waslimping, Strickland said.

    (Leslie) just talked to me abouttrusting it more, and we wentover different exercises I can do tostrengthen my knee and stuff likethat. He was a big help.

    As he recovered throughout theseason, McDonald was tempted

    with the possibility of burning hisredshirt and coming back to helpthe Tar Heels in the postseason.

    By Brooke PryorAssistant Sports Editor

    When Tyler Zeller and JohnHenson departed from theNorth Carolina mens basket-

    ball team last year, they tookwith them UNCs dominanceand experience in the paint.

    This season, the makeup ofthe team has shifted.

    Instead of looking to veter-an leaders on the blocks, mostof UNCs returning talent setsup at the three-point arc.

    This year its going to beup to the wings to be ableto step up and knock downshots because we dont havethat block to go to that we

    had last year, junior guardReggie Bullock said.

    Instead, the Tar Heels willlook to Bullock and sopho-more guard P.J. Hairston tostep up and make up for theloss of the post players.

    Bullock, Hairston and therest of the guards have hada summer of preparationfor their new role, and haveused light-hearted tactics toimprove their shooting.

    Between me, P.J. and

    Leslie (McDonald), andMarcus (Paige), after practice

    yesterday, we were trying tosee who could make a half-court shot first, Bullock said.

    If we can make it easyfrom half-court, we think wecan make it easy from thethree-point line. We want to

    be able to shoot from any-where on the court.

    Last season, UNC led theACC in field goal percentage,shooting nearly 46 percentper contest. But the Tar Heels

    were eighth in three-pointfield goal percentage, makingonly 33.5 percent.

    Highly touted as a guardwith the ability to shoot from

    deep, Hairston didnt makequite the splash he envisionedin his first season.

    He attempted 139 three-pointers but only made 38 lastseason, good for 27 percent.

    It wasnt technically myshot, Hairston said. It wasmore me than anything itsa confidence thing with me

    because I feel like if I missmore than three shots duringa game, I self-destruct.

    Now I just feel like my con-

    fidence is through the roof andI feel like I can do anything if I

    just put my mind to it.Hairston and the other

    guards have benefitted bythe addition of former UNCguard and NBA sharp-shoot-er Hubert Davis to the staff.

    He was always one of thebest shooters in the NBA, andhaving advice from him is justlike advice from coach (Roy

    Williams), Hairston said. Heknows what hes talking aboutand you have to listen to him.

    With the absence of vet-eran leadership in the post,its now up to the veterans inthe wing to take over the voidleadership roles.

    Kendall (Marshall),Harrison (Barnes), John and(Zeller) leaving, thats themajority of the points, so its upto us, the upperclassman, andthe freshmen that just came into step up, Hairston said.

    And if we do everythingwere supposed to do, itll bea good season and we can doanything we want to do.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    Injured Tar Heels complete joint journey

    Bullock, Hairston looking to lead from the outside

    dth file photodth file/Spencer herlong

    Junior Reggie Bullock (left) and sophomore P.J. Hairston (right) will be key to the North Carolina

    perimeter threat this season. Hairston spent his summer focusing on how to improve his stroke.

    2012-2013 Mens BasketBall


    2012-2013 Mens BasketBall

    scheduleDate tiMe OppOnent tv

    Fri. Oct. 26 7:30 p.m. vs. Shaw (exhibition) GoHeels

    Fri. Nov. 9 7 p.m. vs. Gardner-Webb TBA

    Sun. Nov. 11 2:30 p.m. vs. Florida Atlantic ESPNU

    Fri., Nov. 16 11 p.m. at Long Beach State ESPNU

    Mon. Nov. 19 6 p.m. vs. Mississippi State ESPN2

    Tues. Nov. 20 TBA vs. Butler or Marquette TBA

    Wed. Nov. 21 TBA vs. TBA TBA

    Tues. Nov. 27 9:30 p.m. at Indiana ESPN

    Sat. Dec. 1 6 p.m. vs. UAB ESPNU

    Sat. Dec. 8 7:30 p.m. vs. East Tennessee State ESPN3

    Sat. Dec. 15 12 p.m. vs. East Carolina ESPNUWed. Dec. 19 9 p.m. at Texas ESPN2

    Sat. Dec. 22 12 p.m. vs. McNeese State ESPNU

    Sat. Dec. 29 2 p.m. vs. UNLV ESPN2

    Sun. Jan. 6 8 p.m. at Virginia ESPNU

    Thurs. Jan. 10 7 p.m. vs. Miami ESPN/ESPN2

    Sat. Jan. 12 2 pm. at Florida State ESPN

    Sat. Jan. 19 12 p.m. vs. Maryland ESPN

    Wed. Jan. 23 9 p.m. vs. Georgia Tech ESPN

    Sat. Jan. 26 7 p.m. at N.C. State ESPN

    Tues. Jan. 29 9 p.m. at Boston College ESPNU

    Sat. Feb. 2 12 p.m. vs. Virginia Tech ACC

    Tues. Feb. 5 7 p.m. vs. Wake Forest ESPNU

    Sat. Feb. 9 2 p.m. at Miami ESPN/ESP N2

    Wed. Feb. 13 9 p.m. at Duke ESPN/ACC

    Sat. Feb. 16 12 p.m. vs. Virginia ACC

    Tues. Feb. 19 9 p.m. at Georgia Tech ACCSat. Feb. 23 4 p.m. vs. N.C. State ESPN/ESP N2

    Thurs. Feb. 28 7 p.m. at Clemson ESPN/ESP N2

    Sun. Mar. 3 2 p.m. vs. Florida State CBS

    Wed. Mar. 6 7 p.m. at Maryland ESPN/ESPN2

    Sat. Mar. 9 9 p.m. vs. Duke ESPN

    No. Player Year Pos. Height

    0 J Jams fr f 6 101 dx Ska Sr g 6 32 ls Mda Jr (rS) g 6 53 Wa My Jr g 6 0

    4 luk davs So g 6 05 Maus pa fr g 6 0.511 B Js fr f 6 914 dsm hub So f 6 9.515 p. J. has So g 6 5.521 Jaks Smms So f 6 722 fak ta Sr f 6 425 J.p. tk fr f 6 530 Jams Ma Jr f 6 534 dz rbs Jr f 6 435 r Buk Jr g 6 743 Jams Ma MA S o f 6 9

    ha ca: ry Wamsd Baskba oas: J


    Asssa cas: Sv rbsAsssa ca: hub davsAsssa ca: c.B. Mga

    See return, pAge 5

    McDod d srcdbodd durg rcory,bcomg brohr.

    Monday, October 29, 2012The Daily Tar Heel 3Basketball 2012-13

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    dth file photo

    Junior guard Lorenzo Brown guards sophomore P.J. Hairston.

    Brown was selected to the 2012-13 All-ACC preseason team.

    At A glAnceCoach: Mark Gottfried

    Last season: 24-13 (9-7

    ACC), fifth in ACC

    Preseason ACC rank: 1stACC preseason accolades:

    Player of the Year C.J. Leslie

    Rookie of the Year Rodney

    Purvis, All-ACC C.J. Leslie,

    Lorenzo Brown

    Notable returners:

    Lorenzo Brown, C.J. Leslie,

    Scott Wood, Richard Howell

    Notable losses: C.J.


    New faces: Tyler Lewis,

    Rodney Purvis, T.J. Warren

    By Jonathan LaMantiaStaff Writer

    After playing little brotherto nearby rivals Duke andNorth Carolina, No. 6 NorthCarolina State is ready to com-pete both in North Carolinaand at the national level.

    Members of the ACCmedia selectedthe Wolfpackas the pre-season favoriteto win theconference

    which it has not done since1989 with coach Jim Valvano.

    It marks the first time N.C.State has been projected totop the ACC since the 1974-75

    season.Second-year N.C. State

    coach Mark Gottfried saidwhile the Wolfpack will haveto prepare for added attentionfrom opponents, the team isnot shying away from its new-found prominence.

    Its new territory for ourteam, Gottfried said. This

    is uncharted waters. We haveto learn how to accept thatresponsibility.

    In addition, junior forwardC.J. Leslie was selected as thepreseason ACC Player of the


    But Gottfried is quick tokeep expectations grounded.

    My message is, Id muchrather you be the Player ofthe Year at the end of the yearthan at the beginning of the

    year, Gottfried said. I thinkhe gets it.

    While the team is new toplaying the role of ACC favor-ite, its four returning start-ers Lorenzo Brown, Scott

    Wood, Leslie and RichardHowell are familiar withthe rigors of an ACC schedule.

    Theyve been through thewars, the things around theprogram, Gottfried said. Theexpectations, where youreranked, whos preseason this

    and that I dont think thosefour guys, I dont think itaffects them that much.

    Brown, a preseason All-ACC selection, averaged 12.7points and 6.3 assists at pointguard last season with his 234assists trailing only UNCsKendall Marshall.

    Though the teams core

    remains intact, Gottfried saidit lost its veteran consis-tency with the departure ofstarting guard C.J. Williamsand sixth man DeShawnPainter.

    But former McDonalds

    All-American Rodney Purvis,who Howell said might bethe most explosive freshmanin the nation, is ready to con-tribute significant scoring atshooting guard.

    Purvis, who Rivals rankedthe No. 6 recruit in the coun-try, was cleared to play afterthe NCAA settled questionsabout his eligibility. Purvis

    was selected as the ACC pre-season rookie of the year.

    Hes going to be a greatplayer, Leslie said. We wantto get out and run, and he fitsright in with that.

    The Wolfpack will needHowell to continue to crashthe glass he ranked third in

    the ACC with 9.2 rebounds agame while staying out offoul trouble, which plagued the6-foot-8 forward last season.

    The teams frontcourt ofHowell and Leslie has workedon its conditioning to makean impact late into games.

    N.C. State will need thatextra energy to fulfill the

    teams goal of getting back tothe Sweet 16, where it lost to

    second-seeded Kansas 60-57as an 11 seed.

    We have the talent, andwe have enough determina-tion to get back where we

    were and maybe even further,Howell said.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    NC State opens 2012 as leader of the packc.J. lsi was appd

    as Acc prsasopayr of h yar.

    Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel4 Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Ultimately, his fear of comingback too soon and reinjuringhis knee overcame his desireto return to the court. He hada journey to patiently com-plete. And he didnt have todo it alone.

    Sometimes people call meDexter and sometimes they

    call him Leslie, McDonaldsaid about he and Stricklandsclose-knit relationship. Were

    just like brothers.

    Finding a voice

    Every now and then,McDonald and Strickland

    would steal the show beforegame time, dancing on thesideline while their team-mates warmed up.

    But once the ball wastipped, even though theycouldnt play, it was back to

    business.McDonald and Strickland

    both said they struggledwatching the season unfold

    without being able to do any-thing about it. Theyd cheer.Theyd yell. Sometimes, theirheads would be in their hands.

    They did not realize it atthe time, but, McDonald said,those moments of frustrationand observation helped themgrow as leaders. Taking a step

    back made them realize whatWilliams expected from themas players.

    When the light bulb wentoff in McDonalds head, hegave his dad a phone call.

    I said, OK. This is howhe really wants us to do it,McDonald said.

    It was hard to see it atfirst because we were fresh-

    men, naive, not really seeing

    Me and Dex look at each and were like, Ah,were the last ones standing.Leslie McDonald,

    North Carolina guard

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    BAsKETBALL 2012-13 is publish by h dtH mi corp., oprof norh croli orporio.avrisrs shoul ll 962-1163 bw8:30 .. 5 p.., moy o Friyeioril qusios shoul b ir o 962-0245.

    Office and Mail: 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514

    David Adler, Matthew Cox, Jonathan LaMantia, Matthew Laurino, Marilyn Payne, James Pike, An-

    drew Romaine, Grace Raynor, Emily Fedewa, Brandon Chase, Dylan Howlett, Carlos Collazo, Kelly

    Parsons, Lindsay Masi, Kate Eastman, Madison Way, Andrew Tie, Max Miceli, Michael Lananna,

    Aaron Dodson, Wesley Lima, Logan Martinez, Ben Salkeld, Daniel Wilco


    Cover design: Kevin Uhrmacher and Katie Sweeney

    Brandon MoreeDTH SPORTS EDITOR

    Brooke PryorRobbie HarmsHenry Gargan



    Katie SweeneyDTH PHOTO EDITOR


    it from the perspective of acoach.

    Now, McDonald andStrickland are using that

    valuable information not only

    to their advantage, but to theteams.

    Healthier and preparedto lead the UNC squad,McDonald and Stricklandhave taken it upon themselvesto motivate their youngerteammates. Theyre the firstones to offer advice.

    Even if he doesnt ask for it,sophomore forward DesmondHubert appreciates it none-theless.

    When you hear it fromcoach, sometimes youre like,Well, thats coach. Thats

    what hes supposed to say,Hubert said. You can relateto your teammates more, so

    when they say something,

    youre like, OK, I guess itstime to step it up.

    Last ones standing

    When the team convenedon Oct. 11 for media day, anupbeat Strickland told report-ers he was almost back to fullhealth 96 percent, to beexact.

    McDonald, on the otherhand, is proud to say he feels

    just fine. In fact, he returned tothe N.C. Pro-Am this July.

    Strickland, who was theTar Heels best perimeterdefender when he went downlast season, will likely fit right

    back in at shooting guard

    when the Tar Heels suit up

    for their first game on Nov.9. McDonalds role, Williamssaid, is a little less defined.

    Hopefully he has even morehunger, Williams said. Leslie

    can really shoot it. Now whatwe have to do is make it a moreconsistent thing as opposed toa streak shooter. And what Imgoing to tell him, hes got togive me another reason to keephim in the game.

    Regardless of McDonaldsrole, however, Stricklandcant wait to finally take thecourt with his teammate onceagain.

    Thats my brother,Strickland said. I haventplayed with him in a while, soits going to be something tolook forward to.

    On a team that has seenmany come and go during thepast few years, Strickland and

    McDonald have been main-stays.

    Their recruiting class con-sisted of five players whenMcDonald and Stricklandcame in as freshmen. Now,

    just the two of them remain.Me and Dex look at each

    other, McDonald said, andwere like, Ah, were the lastones standing.

    This spring McDonald andStrickland hope that with thehelp of their newfound healthand leadership, the entire TarHeel team will also be ableto experience that feeling of

    being alone at the top.

    Contact the desk editor at

    [email protected].

    returnfrom page 3

    dth file photo

    dth file photodth file photo

    Dexter Strickland and Leslie McDonald, who came to North Carolina in the same recruiting class, are

    making their return to the floor in the 2012-13 season after spending much of last season on the

    bench with injuries. The two represent the most experience UNC will have in the backcourt.

    Monday, October 29, 2012The Daily Tar Heel 5Basketball 2012-13

  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Yellow Jackets ready to excel in new hive

    Seminoles ready to defend ACC championship

    By Logan MartinezStaff Writer

    Last season was a rebuild-ing year for Georgia Tech

    in more waysthan one.

    Coach BrianGregory washired to replacelong-time

    Yellow Jacketcoach Paul Hewitt. Gregoryshiring was part of an effort torevitalize the stagnant pro-gram and re-energize a rest-less fan base.

    Coinciding with thecoaching change, AlexanderMemorial Coliseum, nowMcCamish Pavilion, under-

    went a massive renovation,

    forcing the Yellow Jackets toplay their home games awayfrom campus. For the 2011-12season, they hosted oppo-nents at Philips Arena andGwinnett Arena.

    But now that Georgia Techhas its coaching situationstabilized and a newly reno-

    vated arena to ca ll home, theYellow Jackets can shift theirfocus to playing basketball.

    Senior Mfon Udofia,Georgia Techs leading return-ing scorer from last season logging 9.9 points per game,and 9.4 in games against ACCopponents will lead the

    Yellow Jackets from the pointguard position.

    He says the team isexcited to get the seasonunderway.

    The buzz around campusis unbelievable right now,Udofia said. Students areready to come to the games.

    They keep asking us when

    At A glAnceCoach: Leonard Hamilton

    Last season: 25-10 (12-4

    ACC), third in ACC

    Preseason ACC: 4th

    Preseason ACC accolades:

    All-ACC Michael Snaer

    Notable returners:

    Michael Snaer, Ian Miller,

    Okaro White

    Notable losses: Bernard

    James, Luke Loucks, Deividas

    Dulkys, Xavier Gibson

    Fresh faces: Boris

    Bojanovsky, Devon Bookart,

    Montay Brandon, Robert

    Gilchrist, Michael Ojo, Aaron


    By Aaron DodsonStaff Writer

    Predicted at the begin-ning of last season to fin-

    ish behindonly NorthCarolina andDuke in the

    Atlantic CoastConference,the Florida

    State mens basketball team

    not only lived up to, but

    exceeded expectations.Despite suffering disap-

    pointing losses early in theyear, the Seminoles caughtfire as the season progressed,finishing third in the ACC

    with a conference record of12-4 en route to capturing itsfirst ACC tournament titlelast year.

    The Seminoles defeatedthe regular season championTar Heels in the title game


    We lost to Harvard, toPrinceton and to Clemson by20. After that we were justembarrassed, junior guardIan Miller said. We had aman-to-man meeting and

    we just c hanged our wholementality we were all in.

    But this year, were start-ing that from the beginning.

    Although Florida Stateonly has one returning starter senior guard Michael

    Snaer coach LeonardHamilton said a core groupof players who all saw majoraction last season will leadthe team.

    The Seminoles also addfive freshmen and one junior

    college transfer to theirroster.

    We have four playerswho played significant min-utes that are returning inIan Miller, Michael Snaer,Okaro White, and TerranceShannon. They are the coreof our team, Hamilton said.We have six newcomers.Now, how long is it going totake for these guys to learnthe system to where theyre

    reacting and not thinking?Thats the process we have togo through.

    But I like where we are.We know where were basi-cally supposed to go.

    For Miller, who will likely

    be the Seminole s startingpoint guard after thrivingas a sixth man last year,the freshmen have showedpromise thus far, especiallyin terms of learning theoffense.

    All of them (haveimpressed me). I dont knowif its because the coachesmake them practice plays ontheir own, but when Okaroand I came in, we didnt pick

    up the plays that easy, Millersaid. So it gives you confi-dence in those guys that theyknow where theyre supposedto be and how to be efficienton those plays.

    It just makes them easierto play with.

    While the Seminoles havebeen picked to finis h fourth,behind the three Triangleschools, in the conferencethis season, Snaer has set hissights higher, as he antici-pates Florida State to defendits first ACC tournamenttitle.

    The expectation I have forus is to win the ACC tourna-ment. I want to be there in

    that championship game andwin that title, Snaer said.

    I dont want to stop shortbecause we lost to a team thatwe should have beat. Wevejust got to cross our Ts anddot our Is.

    I have high expectationsfor this team.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    they can they come see it,when is it going to be open.

    The pride factor of pro-tecting our home thatllgive us a little more motiva-tion to win at home.

    Junior Daniel Miller knowsthat for the Yellow Jackets toultimately improve, they mustrely on their star performersto get the job done in crunchtime. He points to Udofia asthat player.

    Mfon, hes definitely ourteam leader and hes goingto take us a long way. Hesa tough, physical, smartplayer. He was playingreally well at the end of lastseason, and hes just gottenreally better.

    Miller will also play a keyrole in Georgia Techs perfor-mance this season.

    The 6-foot-11 center isknown for his towering pres-ence in the post and adept

    shot blocking, averaging 2.4

    Its going to be revamped, a new era ofGeorgia Tech basketball.Mfon Udofia,

    Georgia Tech senior point guard

    goria th hopso buid o is d-of-

    saso prorss.

    blocks last year.Miller said he worked to

    improve his offensive gamethis summer as well to goalong with his stout defensiveabilities.

    Gregory emphasizes thevalue of developing goodpractice habits and thinks hisplayers are buying in to whathe and his coaching staff arepreaching.

    Very rarely is it a talentissue that teams dont meettheir full potential itsusually a payment issue,Gregory said. Not willingto pay the price. That pricenever decreases, it alwaysincreases.

    And I think our guys are

    starting to understand that.Gregory has taken advan-

    tage of the new NCAArule that allows coaches toinstruct their players for alimited amount of hours dur-ing the summer and thinksthe extra tutelage is alreadypaying off.

    Our first five prac-tices would be in the top sixpractices we had last year,Gregory said. Us beingable to work out with theguys this summer was big,especially with the freshmenthere.

    From a players perspec-tive, Udofia is ready to seetheir hard work pay off. Hes

    positive this season will have

    At A glAnceCoach: Brian Gregory

    Last season: 11-20 (4-12

    ACC), tied for last

    Preseason ACC rank: 9th

    Notable returners: Mfon

    Udofia, Daniel Miller,

    Kammeon Holsey

    Notable losses: Glen Rice Jr.

    Fresh faces: Chris Bolden,

    Robert Carter, Corey

    Heyward, Marcus Georges-


    a different feel for the YellowJackets.

    Its going to be revamped,he said, a new era of GeorgiaTech basketball.

    Contact the desk editor at

    [email protected].

    Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel6 Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    By Dylan HowlettStaff Writer

    Jim Larranaga knows howto exceed expectations.

    The Miami coach helped toauthor one of the most fabledCinderella stories in NCAAhistory in 2006, guiding theunheralded and largely

    unknown George MasonPatriots to theFinal Four.

    Perhaps more dauntingthan leading a small con-ference bracket-buster tothe pinnacle of the sport isthe challenge confrontingLarranaga at Miami.

    The Hurricanes bowed outquietly in the second round ofthe 2012 National InvitationalTournament and have failed

    to qualify for the NCAATournament since 2008.

    If Miami has any designson ending its tourna-ment drought and defy-ing preseason expecta-

    tions, Larranaga says theHurricanes backcourt anchored by 2011-12 lead-ing scorer Durand Scott and

    buoyed by sophomore guardand 2011-12 All-Freshmenrecipient Shane Larkin must pace the squad.

    What you have in ShaneLarkin and Durand Scottare two guys who are triplethreat, Larranaga said. Theycan drive, they can draw thehelp and dish, but they alsocan stretch the defense withtheir three-point shootingability.

    Scott envisions synergybetween the Hurricanesbackcourt and frontcourt,

    bolstered by the full-timepresence of senior centerReggie Johnson.

    Johnson missed the first

    nine games of the 2011-12campaign with a torn menis-cus in his right knee.

    You can expect exactlywhat my coach expects,Scott said when asked about

    Miamis backcourt. Weregoing to work together withour front court to get the

    job done.I dont want to put the

    focus on us or put the focuson them, but we have to goout there collectively and beable to win games for ourcoach.

    Johnson, Larranaga claims,will serve as the focal point ofthe Canes collective effort.

    Having a healthy ReggieJohnson is very important

    because he impacts the gameat both ends of the floor,Larranaga said. He gives usan inside presence offensively,not only when has the ball

    in his hands, but hes also atremendous threat on theoffensive boards. At the otherend of the floor, hes a ter-

    Miami is rady to ndits four-yar NCAA

    Tournamnt drouht.

    Hurricanes backcourt to anchor team

    dth file photo

    Dexter Strickland moves

    the ball up the court in ACC

    Tournament action against

    Miami in his sophomore year.

    rific team defender takingcharges, defensive reboundsand starting our fast break.

    But Johnson was quick toinvoke his equally capableteammates when discussing

    the Hurricanes prospects forthe upcoming season.The teams imposing depth,

    according to Johnson, hasfueled spirited competitionin practice and hardenedthe Hurricanes for eventualclashes with ACC titans.

    And despite the prowessof conference foes, Johnson

    believes wholeheartedly inthe ability of his Hurricanes,evoking memories of an unas-suming, Larranaga-led teamthat defied expectations andupended the NCAA hierarchysix years ago.

    Im getting chills rightnow thinking about it. Weregoing to be scary good as long

    as we come to work, Johnsonsaid. Yall can think N.C.State, Carolina, thats fine.

    Im definitely fine with

    AT A glANCeCoach: Jim Larranaga

    Last season: 20-13 (9-7

    ACC), sixth place in the ACC

    Preseason ACC: 5th

    Notable returners: Reggie

    Johnson, Kenny Kadji,

    Shane Larkin, Durand Scott

    Notable losses: Malcolm

    Grant, DeQuan Jones

    Fresh faces: Bishop

    Daniels, Tonye Jekiri

    Miami opens the season

    with seven of its first eight

    games in the state of Florida

    before heading to Hawaii to

    play in the Diamond Head


    that, but at the end of the day,

    theyve got to see us, too.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    Monday, October 29, 2012The Daily Tar Heel 7Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Monday,October 29,2012The Daily Tar Heel 9Basketball 2012-13Monday,October 29,2012 The Daily Tar Heel8

    Height: 60.5

    Weight: 157 lbs

    Hometown: Marion, Iowa

    High School: Linn-Mar

    Position: Guard

    Fun Fact: Te ligtest player for UNCin te Roy Williams era




    J. P.Tokoto


    Height: 60Weight: 172 lbs

    Hometown: Raleig

    High School: Ravenscroft

    Position: Guard

    Fun Fact: Teammate of Dukes Ryan

    Kelly at Ravenscroft

    Height: 610

    Weight: 260 lbsHometown: West Palm Beac, Fla.

    High School: Dwyer

    Position: Forward

    Fun Fact: Didnt begin playing

    organized basketball until issopomore year of ig scool

    Height: 65

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Hometown: Menomonee Falls, Wisc.

    High School: Menomonee Falls

    Position: Forward

    Fun Fact: Winner of te 2012

    American Family Insurance Slam Dunkcontest in New Orleans

    Height and Weight: 69

    Weight: 187 lbsHometown: Orangeburg, S.C.

    High School: Edisto

    Position: Forward

    Fun Fact: Two-time state campion inte ig jump in Sout Carolina

    Meet the new guysEach of the new scholarship players on the 2012-13 roster brings something different to the table. Marcus Paige willrun the show from the point guard position and big Joel James will be a threat for UNC on the block. Brice Johnsonhas been compared to John Henson by his teammates, and J.P. Tokoto is wowing people with his athleticism.Sophomore transfer Luke Davis will help out in the backcourt and Roy Williams said hell surprise some people.


    By Brandon MoreeSports Editor

    The fate of last years team restedin the hands of point guard KendallMarshall, and when he injured the wriston his right hand the North Carolinamens basketball team took on a wholenew identity.

    For this season, Marshall has beenreplaced by another left-handed floorgeneral Marcus Paige.

    Paige is one of five scholarship play-ers new to the Tar Heels roster this year,each of which will have an importantrole to fill as UNCs copes with the loss ofmost of the key components of the team.

    But how different will the Tar Heelsbe? Junior guard Reggie Bullock doesntthink too much will change.

    I dont think its going to feel like adifferent team, Bullock said. Definitely,

    well be missing people like Kendall andHarrison (Barnes). Its good to be withplayers that I love and playing for one ofthe best coaches in the nations.

    But it means a lot for me to be ableto put that Carolina jersey back on, to goout and represent my state.

    Coach Roy Williams said that Paigewill be the Tar Heels point guard asDexter Strickland is not very experiencedin that role and is still recovering from aknee injury.

    While hes no Marshall, Williamsbelieves himself to be more than capable

    of running the offense.

    Also new to the backcourt this yearis sophomore transfer Luke Davis, who

    comes to North Carolina from Gardner-Webb.Marcus Paige has a chance to be

    really good, Williams said. This littlerascal, hes little, but he does know howto play and he has savvy and toughness.Im really counting on him to be goodand Ill tell you Luke Davis is going tosurprise some people.

    Paige, a 6-foot ballhandler, will bespreading the ball around to some otherfreshmen expected to contribute rightaway namely, center Joel James.

    James, who tips the scale at 260pounds, is the tallest player on the ros-ter at 6-foot-10 and will need to be aphysical presence for the Tar Heels in thepaint.

    The Tar Heels dont think that will bean issue.

    When the big fella gets there, youknow hes there, Williams said of James.

    Though he only started playing bas-ketball as a sophomore in high school,his teammates have been impressed withhis skill and work ethic this summer.

    And Davis knows firsthand what kindof impact that big body of his can haveon a game.

    This summer, I got hit with a screenand I dont think I walked for a coupledays. Hes physical and skilled, and hesgetting better everyday, Davis said.

    Hell be really crucial for us this year.While the Tar Heels lost Tyler Zeller,

    Barnes and John Henson as post threats,theres another pair of newcomers that

    will help James Michael McAdoo shoul-der the load underneath.

    J.P. Tokoto and Brice Johnson bring

    a thin but athletic element to the Tar

    Heel lineup. Bullock said that Tokoto hasthe highest vertical leap of anyone hes

    ever played with, estimating it to be 44inches.P.J. Hairston joked that Tokoto could

    probably do three front flips in the airbecause hes so far off the ground.

    Tokoto has also been showcasingsome effective defense in preseasonpractices, using his length to swat balls both high and low away from ball-handlers.

    Johnson, a 6-foot-9, 187 poundforward, is drawing comparisons toHenson, a player who came to UNC witha similar lanky build.

    Theyve been adapting very well,McAdoo said about his new teammatesin the front court. Its a process thatstarted this summer, with the new NCAArules. They got all that freshman garbageout of their system, so now theyre really

    working hard in practice now and com-ing into their own.

    Theyre fitting into the team great.With so many new faces, the instal-

    lation of Williams gameplan has been aslow process. Williams said that some-times with the freshman he has to takethings a little slower to make sure theyget where they need to be.

    Considering how vital the newest TarHeels will be to completing the NorthCarolina lineup, its especially importantthat they get up to speed quickly.

    We won games last year whenwe didnt play great. We played OK,Williams said. This year, were goingto have to play closer to our potential or

    were not going to be as successful.

    Contact the desk editor at

    [email protected].

    The five new Tar Heels have

    important roles to fill incoach Roy Williamssystem.



    The freshmen were introduced to the UNC fans at Late Night with Roy dancing in white tutus.

    Luke Davis is a sophomore

    transfer from Gardner-Webb.

    Marcus Paige takes one to the rack on fellow newcomer LukeDavis in the Late Night with Roy season-opening scrimmage.


    Basketball 2012-13


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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Demon Deacons ready for a fresh start

    Sophomore leaders will be key for Boston College

    By Emily FedewaStaff Writer

    The Boston College mensbasketball team is young.

    Last year,that youth was

    both a blessingand a curse.

    It meantthat they couldlearn together

    and grow together. And that,sophomore forward Ryan

    Anderson said, brought themcloser as a team.

    We were doing it alltogether, so we had trust ineach other. We didnt know

    what we were going to hit,but we knew the guys next tous were going to go at it withus, Anderson recalled.

    But although the Eaglesyouth allowed them to bondas a team, it made winninggames a little tougher.

    The lack of guidance on thecourt was one of the main rea-sons for the teams season-longshortcomings, which includedgoing just 4-12 in the ACC and9-22 overall records that

    would only be good enough for

    a last place finish in the ACC.We had nothing to fall

    back on. We had no upper-class leadership to tell us,

    This game is going to belike this. Or we had no oneto turn to who knows whatsgoing on, Anderson said.

    This year, things are a littledifferent.

    Anderson and sophomorecenter Dennis Clifford will stepinto the leadership roles thisseason that were so glaringlyempty on the 2011-12 squad.

    I think were definitelyolder than sophomores at thispoint, Anderson said of him-self and Clifford. Coach hasreally pushed us to not only

    be examples on the court butto be much more vocal lead-

    ers out there.But balance is key and the

    sophomores are not the onlyones who will be expected to

    By Grace RaynorStaff Writer

    For the first time, seniorguard C.J. Harris feels like histeam is complete.

    Harris, Wake Forests

    leading scorer in the 2011-12season, averaging 16.7 points

    per game, isjoined by TravisMcKie as theonly safe betin coach JeffBzdeliks start-ing lineup.

    After that, you know, wellsee, Bzdelik said.

    But I tell you what, I knowfreshmen are freshmen, but

    weve got at least three fresh-men with atypical freshmen

    bodies. Weve got at least four

    that are really, really strongand not like your typical fresh-men in terms of physicality.

    With so many freshmenon board, Bzdelik said theDemon Deacons have addeddepth, which has made his

    team more disciplined and hispractices more competitive.

    Guys are competing andearning spots and when theydont get the job done, theycan come sit on the benchnext to me, and I actuallyhave someone I can put intheir place, he said.

    But with such a youngteam, the Demon Deacons

    will rely on Harris and McKieto set the tone.

    C.J. is someone who isgoing to do the right thingand C.J. is going to say, Hey,

    follow me, guys. Hes goingto say things effectively toinspire people and draw peo-ple together, Bzdelik said.

    McKie, who was last sea-sons leading rebounder bya large margin with an aver-

    age of 7 rebounds per game,ended the season with 216 totalrebounds. But he still said theteam is looking to crash the

    boards more aggressively.Its just a mindset just

    wanting to get the ball everytime you can, he said.

    You cant depend on yourbig men to get it, you have togo get it yourself.

    He added that the teamsdefense was weak last year,and they are now refining itin practice.

    But with Daniel Greens

    season-ending ACL tear Oct.19 in the fourth quarter ofan exhibition matchup withBrock University, the DemonDeacons are losing a quick,energetic defender.

    To their advantage though,

    the Demon Deacons will haveplayed three exhibition games

    before the start of the regularseason.

    Wake Forest defeatedBrock Oct. 19 84-79.Freshmen Tyler Cavanaugh,

    Arnaud William Adala Motoand Madison Jones all haddouble-digit scoring perfor-mances. Harris and McKieadded 16 and 10 points,respectively.

    The next day, the DemonDeacons came back to defeatRyerson University.

    at a glanceCoach: Steve Donahue

    Last season: 9-22 (4-12

    ACC), tied for last

    Preseason ACC: last

    Notable returners: Jordan

    Daniels, Lonnie Jackson,

    Ryan Anderson, Dennis


    Notable losses: Matt


    Fresh faces: Olivier

    Hanlan, Joe Rahon,

    Andrew Van Nest, StevePerpiglia, Drew Jacobs, Alex


    McKie led the team with26 points. Freshman CodiMiller-McIntyre had 16, fol-lowed by 14 from Cavanaughand 10 from sophomoreChase Fischer.

    Bzdelik said though

    Fischer struggled toward theend of last season, he is still astrong shooter.

    Coming off of a 13-18 (4-12)record, Bzdelik said he is excit-ed about this seasons team.

    Every day that you havethe opportunity to take thecourt, he said, it is impor-tant to get better individuallyand collectively, and to learnsomething to prepare for theseason.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    perform.Clifford said the freshman

    will have to make an impres-sion early on as well if theEagles hope to compete in the

    ACC.Ive really got big hopes for

    our incoming freshmen. JoeRahon and Olivier Hanlanare definitely very solid play-ers. They can make an impact

    right away, Clifford said.Coach Steve Donahue said

    that Rahon and Hanlan aremuch more prepared to play

    at this level than last yearsfreshmen.

    That preparation, whichincluded a 10-day trip to Spainin the weeks before classesstarted, will help a team thatDonahue said had troublestaying competitive for anentire game last season.

    Were just going to be ableto play faster ball for longer

    periods of time and be ableto compete for 40 minutes,Donahue said. Weve got toget back to the mentality ofpushing it and playing.

    Though the infusion ofyouth might make this yearsteam appear eerily similarto last years, there is a newmentality that may help thissquad gain some traction inthe ACC.

    Im looking forward to theattitude change that weve

    worked on throughout the off

    th es, whi siyou, r rdy ov h acc r.

    season. Every day, working todo better individually and as ateam, Clifford said.

    Were trying to focus onthe things we can controland the statistical things willcome in later.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    I think were definitely older thansophomores at this point.Ryn anderson,Boston College sophomore forward

    at a glanceCoach: Jeff Bzdelik

    Last season: 13-18 (4-12

    ACC), tied for last in ACC

    Preseason ACC: 11th

    Notable returners: C.J.

    Harris, Travis McKie

    Notable losses: Tony

    Chennault, Nikita

    Mescheriakov, Carson


    Fresh faces: Codi Miller-

    McIntyre, Madison Jones,

    Devin Thomas, Andre

    Washington, Aaron Rountree

    III, Tyler Cavanaugh, Arnaud

    William Adala Moto

    Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel10 Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Maui Invitational bracket


    GAME 1, 3:30 P.M.

    GAME 2, 6 P.M.

    GAME 3, 9:30 P.M.

    GAME 4, Midnight

    GAME 1, 3:30 P.M.

    GAME 5, 2:30 P.M. GAME 7, 8 P.M.

    GAME 6, 5 P.M. GAME 8, 10:30 P.M.

    GAME 12, 10 P.M.GAME 10, 5 P.M.









    GAME 9, 2:30 P.M. GAME 11, 7:30 P.M.


    2nd Place

    7th Place

    8th Place

    3rd Place

    4rd Place

    5th Place

    6th Place



    Monday, October 29, 2012The Daily Tar Heel

    11Basketball 2012-13

    All times Eastern Standard Time

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel12 Basketball 2012-13

  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    At A GlAnce

    Coach: Mike Krzyzewski

    Last season: 27-7, (13-3

    ACC), second place

    Preseason ACC rank:


    Preseason accolades:

    Mason Plumlee, first team


    Notable returners: Mason

    Plumlee, Seth Curry, Ryan

    KellyNotable losses: Austin

    Rivers, Miles Plumlee

    Fresh faces: Rasheed

    Sulaimon, Amile Jefferson,

    Rodney Hood

    Virginia Tech beginsseason with uncertainty

    By Matthew CoxSenior Writer

    Duke and North Carolinahave combined to win 36of the 59 ACC TournamentChampionships and 47 ACCregular season titles.

    But neither Duke nor UNCis the preseason ACC favorite.Both ACC coaches and mediaselected N.C. State to win the

    conference.Ive been

    on teamswhere in pastyears wevebeen pickedNo. 1, and then

    we werent able to have theseason we wanted to or makethe run in the tournament,senior guard Seth Curry said.

    Preseason rankings dontreally mean anything.

    The Tar Heels will visitCameron Indoor Stadium,

    where they won the regularseason finale 88-70 last year,on Feb. 13, and host the BlueDevils March 9. UNC leadsthe overall series 132-102.

    The Duke Blue Devilsended last season in disgrace,losing three of their last fourgames. Duke lost the regularseason finale to UNC, the

    ACC Tournament semifinalto Florida State and their firstNCAA tournament game toLehigh.

    We cant dwell on thepast, you have to look for-

    ward, senior forward MasonPlumlee said. Guys are moti-

    vated by it, but I dont wakeup and think about it.

    The Blue Devils returnthree senior starters in Curry,Plumlee and Ryan Kelly.Plumlee was selected to the

    ACC preseason all-conferenceteam.

    We have a pretty goodrelationship between thethree of us to play togetherand have big roles on theteam, Curry said. Our lead-ership has gotten a lot betterfrom last year thats some-thing weve seen early on inthe preseason.

    The trio of seniors will be

    complemented by freshmenRasheed Sulaimon and Amile

    By David AdlerStaff Writer

    If new Virginia Tech headcoach James Johnson wantsto know whether his team

    will get out of the ACC cel-lar, he might as well shake aMagic 8-Ball some signspoint to Yes, some signspoint to No.

    The Hokies finished the2011-12 season with a 4-12record in the conference, and

    tied for lastwith WakeForest, GeorgiaTech andBoston College.

    But they had the best over-all record of the four teams at16-17 the only one close toa .500 winning percentage and beat Virginia when the

    Cavaliers were ranked 15th inthe country.

    Virginia Tech also returnsits leading scorer, point guardErick Green, who averaged15.6 points per game last sea-son and was named second-team All-ACC.

    (Green) has the leadershipqualities that hes made mytransition easier, Johnsonsaid. Hes been a coach outthere on the floor Weregoing to lean on him heavilythis year for a lot of things.

    While this is Johnsonsfirst year as a head coach, heisnt new to coaching. He has

    been on the Virginia Techstaff since 2007 and was an

    assistant with the GeorgeMason team that made the2006 Final Four as a No. 11seed.

    The Hokies were also com-petitive in almost every ACCgame last season.

    Of Virginia Techs 12regular-season conferencelosses, eight were by fivepoints or fewer includingthree to ranked teams. Andthe Hokies ACC Tournamentloss to then-No. 6 Duke was

    by just four points.

    Duke seeks to movepast Lehigh low point

    dth file/spencer herlong

    P.J. Hairston makes a pass during a game against Virginia Tech

    last year. UNC beat the Hokies 82-68 in the teams only meeting.

    At A GlAnce

    Coach: James Johnson

    Last season: 16-17 (4-12),

    tied for last

    Preseason ACC rank: tied

    for last

    Preseason accolades:


    Notable returners: Erick

    Green, Robert Brown

    Notable losses: Dorenzo

    Hudson, Dorian Finney-


    Fresh faces: Marshall

    Wood, Marcus Patrick, Joey

    van Zegeren

    Because close gamescan swing either way, los-ing so many suggests that

    the Hokies might have beenunusually unlucky last year.

    But other factors arent soencouraging.

    Virginia Tech has verylittle depth. The Hokieshave only eight scholarshipathletes this year NorthCarolina, by contrast, has 12 so their reserves will haveto step up for the team tocompete.

    We dont have a lot ofscholarship players, we donthave a lot of guys that aregoing to be playing, forwardJarell Eddie said. Weregoing to need everyone tocontribute for even the

    walk-ons to give us good min-

    utes.And the Hokies are also

    transitioning to a new system,one that Johnson said willpush the tempo on offenseand press and trap more ondefense.

    But its hard to run a fastoffense with a thin roster thatcould tire during the course ofa game. And frequent defen-sive pressing and trapping is ahigh-risk, high-reward tactic.

    The Hokies, though, arebuying into the system.

    Everything we do iscompetitive, Green said.Everything we do is up anddown. (Johnson) wants toestablish the pace, how we

    want to play.Were going to play fast,

    were going to put up a lotof shots, were going to playdefense. Its a whole differenttempo, a whole different styleof play. I love it.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    dth file photo

    James Michael McAdoo puts up a shot over Dukes Miles Plumlee

    in the rivalrys Feb. 8 matchup in the Smith Center.

    Jefferson, both McDonaldsAll-Americans. Dukealso returns guards TylerThornton and Quinn Cook.

    Duke lost freshman pointguard and leading scorer

    Austin Rivers to the NBA.Rivers made the buzzer-

    beating three-pointer thatclinched an 85-84 win in theSmith Center in February.

    Duke will also be with-out streaky shooter AndreDawkins, who is taking a

    year off for personal reasons.He was one of my best

    friends on the team last year,so I talk to him all the time,Curry said about Dawkins.Its tough not being aroundthe gym and around theteam like he has been his

    whole life.Dawkins scored 8.4 points

    per game last season andshot 40 percent from behindthe arc.

    Coach Mike Krzyzewskiwill lead a team focused onredemption for last yearsearly NCAA tournamentexit.

    I would want my team,even if they won a nationalchampionship, to put last

    year behind and lets start

    fresh, Krzyzewski said.Lets play good defense, so

    that when March rolls alongthis time, were much betterprepared for it.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    Monday, October 29, 2012The Daily Tar Heel 13Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    dth file/katie sweeney

    Reggie Bullock gets a first step on Virginias Sammy Zeglinski.

    UNC defeated Virginia twice last season, 70-52 and 54-51.

    At A GlAnceCoach: Tony Bennett

    Last season: 22-10 (9-7

    ACC), tied for fourth

    Preseason ACC rank:7th

    Preseason accolades:


    Notable returners: Jontel

    Evans, Akil Mitchell, Joe


    Notable losses: Mike

    Scott, Sammy Zeglinski

    Fresh faces: Mike Tobey,

    Evan Nolte, Taylor Barnette,

    Caid Kirven, Justin Miller,

    Justin Anderson

    By Andrew TieStaff Writer

    Virginia Cavaliers juniorguard Joe Harris shouldexpect to see an increased

    role this sea-son due toinjuries and aninflux of fresh-men.

    Media mem-bers picked Virginia to finishseventh in the league at ACCOperation Basketball.

    Harris, the top return-ing scorer from last season,

    will lead a Cavaliers teamthat finished 22-10 lastseason, reaching the NCAA

    Tournament for the firsttime since 2007. But withtop scorer and first-team

    All-ACC forward Mike Scottgone, Harris must step up tofill the void in leadership andscoring.

    Senior guard Jontel Evansunderwent foot surgery

    earlier this month with anexpected six-to-eight weektimetable for return.

    Sophomore guardMalcolm Brogdon is alsorecovering from foot surgerythat stemmed from a brokenfoot suffered last season.

    With Evans and Brogdonout, Harris has practicedplaying point guard to fill the

    void.Coach Tony Bennett said

    Harris represents the con-summate team player who isunselfish and will do what-ever it takes to help the team

    win.He also said Harris has

    improved his play during the

    offseason, showing that heis more confident, better offthe dribble and deceptively

    athletic.The last couple of prac-

    tices, Ive been playing thepoint quite a bit, Harris said.(Im) just trying to get accli-mated to bringing the ball up

    the floor.I have to take on a largerrole and be more assertiveand aggressive, especially onthe offensive end.

    While Ha rris s houldprove to be an adequatestopgap at point guard,Evans senior presence will

    be miss ed.It will help us in the long

    run but challenge us in theshort run, Bennett said. Wedont have a natural leadguard without Malcolm beingready yet or Jontel.

    Harris said that gettingmore playing time for thefreshman at the beginningof the season would prove

    valuable for the team as theseason progresses.The Cavaliers got a chance

    Joe Harris prepares to lead Cavaliers

    to practice with their six

    incoming freshmen recentlywhen the team travele d toEurope for five exhibitiongames.

    The NCAA allows teamsto travel overseas once everyfour years to get in extrapractice and game experi-ence.

    We didnt always playgreat, but that was one of the

    best experiences I have hadto just see a team grow, bondand get to know each other,Bennett said.

    While the Cavaliers willrely on increased roles fromprevious bench players and

    inexperienced but talentedfreshmen, Harris believes theteam could surprise somepeople.

    I dont expect any set-backs or anythi ng like that,Harris said. I expect the

    program to keep taking off,and I think (Bennett and hisstaff) have it going in theright direction.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    th op rurig

    sorr wi hav a big

    ro his saso.

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    By Brandon ChaseStaff Writer

    When looking at Clemsonsroster this season, one thing

    jumps out youth.The Tigers squad features

    12 underclassmen to comple-ment returning frontcourtstarters Milton Jennings andDevin Booker, and third-yearcoach Brad Brownell said heknows his patience is going to

    be tested.Im not a patient person,

    Brownell said.I struggle withthat, so this isgoing to be chal-lenging for me.

    Brownellhopes Booker and Jenningskeep his heart rate down bystepping into the leadershiproles left by the graduation of

    leading scorers Andre Youngand Tanner Smith. But histwo veterans have very differ-ent leadership styles.

    (Jennings) is a more vocaltype of guy, a vocal type ofleader, whereas Devin is morelikely to do things more one-on-one, Brownell said.

    Regardless of their dif-ferent ways of motivatingtheir team, both Booker andJennings will be expected toproduce on the court. Thetwo forwards combined for20.2 points per game lastseason more than theother six returning playerscombined.

    The two seniors have both

    struggled to live up to expec-tations during their timeat Clemson, but this couldfinally be their year. Jennings,the first McDonalds All-

    American to go to Clemsonsince 1991, has averaged onlyseven points throughout hiscareer.

    Ill definitely take nogames off, Jennings said.Thats one mindset person-ally as a senior.

    Booker, expected to dupli-cate the feats of brother andformer Clemson standoutTrevor Booker, is ready to

    finally get out of his brothers

    shadow.Im one of the go-to-guys,

    Booker said. Theyre goingto be throwing the ball tome a lot, and Im going to beexpecting it. Im ready for it.

    Even if Booker andJennings have breakout sea-sons, the younger players willhave to step up for the Tigersto improve on last years 16-15campaign.

    A prime candidate might besophomore Rod Hall, who will

    be expected to handle somepoint guard duties despiteaveraging only 3.8 points and1.3 rebounds last season.

    (Hall) is one of those guysthat you enjoy playing with,

    Brownell said. Hes a willingpasser. Hes trying to makeguys better, get them shots, so

    were pleased with what hesdoing.

    Brownell wants his team tofinish above its eighth place

    ACC preseason ranking, butknows the team is a work inprogress.

    Were teaching them howto play, Brownell said. Butteaching them how to playtakes a long time.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].


    Coach: Brad Brownell

    Last season: 16-15 (8-8

    ACC), seventh in ACC

    Preseason ACC: 8th

    Preseason accolades:


    Notable returners: Devin

    Booker, Milton Jennings,

    Rod Hall

    Notable losses: Andre

    Young, Tanner Smith

    Fresh faces: Adonis Filer,

    Landry Nnoko, Jordan

    Roper, Josh Smith, Jaron


    By Carlos CollazoStaff Writer

    Last year Maryland had

    the worst defense in theACC.

    That defense allowed anaverage of 70.7 points pergame, and dropped Marylandto an eighth place finish inthe ACC last year.

    The Terrapins finishedwith a conference record ofjust 6-10. But things could

    turn aroundthis season asMaryland waspicked to finishsixth in the con-ference.

    If coach Mark Turgeon hashis way, things will be quitedifferent for the Terrapinsthis season.

    Were potentially muchbetter defensively, Turgeonsaid. With the athletes wehave and the depth we haveshould be much better defen-sively.

    Junior point guardPeShon Howard returns toaction after suffering mul-tiple injuries last season, and

    will add to the Terrapinsdepth.

    Howard only played in 14games last season after a sea-son-ending ACL tear duringan early February practice.

    PeShon dropped 15pounds, and hes got a little

    bit of experience for us, some-thing we dont have a lot of,

    Turgeon said. He likes toplay point, he likes to defendand he likes to pass the ball.

    And kids today dont like todo that.

    But Howard isnt the onlyone who can help the teamout.

    Sophomore Alex Len nowhas a year of experienceunder his belt and has thepotential to become a consis-tent defender in the paint forMaryland.

    Last year the 7-foot-1 cen-ter averaged 2.2 blocks.

    But Len isnt Marylandsonly option at center.

    Four-star freshmanShaquille Cleare joins the

    Terrapins with a 6-foot-9, 270pound frame.Defense is just one dimen-

    sion of Marylands game.The Terrapins lost their top

    two scorers from last season Sean Mosley to gradua-tion, and Terrell Stoglin to theNBA draft.

    dth file photo

    UNC sophomore forward Desmond Hubert dunks over senior

    forward Milton Jennings. Jennings averaged 5.6 rebounds.

    Thats where senior JamesPadgett and sophomore NickFaust could make the biggestimpact.

    But both have to fill bigshoes this year to keepMarylands offense going.

    Faust filled in for aninjured Howard last year,and earned the teams mostimproved award.

    Faust recorded a field goalpercentage of 37.4 last year.

    Ive been working on fin-

    ishing around the rim, mid-range game just shootingin general, Faust said.

    I feel as though my jump-shot has to be more consis-tent to be a more completeplayer.

    As one of the teams twoseniors, Padgett will look to

    Forwards topace youthfulTigers team

    Maryland Terrapins ready toshow o revamped defense

    dth file/elizabeth mendoza

    Senior forward James Padgett guards UNCs James Michael McAdoo. Padgett averaged 9.4 points

    and 6.4 rebounds in the last eight games of the season. He also led the team in overall rebounding.


    Coach: Mark Turgeon

    Last season: 17-15 (6-10

    ACC), eighth in ACC

    Preseason ACC: 6th

    Notable returners: PeShon

    Howard, Nick Faust, James

    Padgett, Alex Len

    Notable losses: Terrell Stoglin

    Fresh faces: Charles

    Mitchell, Seth Allen, Jake

    Layman, Conner Lipinski,

    Shaquille Cleare

    Maryland heads to

    Brooklyn to play the

    Kentucky Wildcats in the

    Barclays Center in early


    assume a leadership role bothon and off the court.

    (Our goal is to) stayfocused, be motivated, befocused on getting betterevery day, coming together,Padgett said.

    Set high expectations

    dont let anyone set higherexpectations for us than our-selves.

    Were looking forward towinning now.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    dth file/spencer herlong

    Senior guard Tierra Ruffin-Pratt goes up for a shot. Ruffin-Pratt will

    take over at point guard. She averaged 8.5 points last season.

    Tar Heels seek return to NCAA TournamentBy Henry Gargan

    Assistant Sports Editor

    In March, CarmichaelArena hosted the openingrounds of the womens bas-ketball NCAA tournament.

    Denied a berth for the firsttime since 2001, the Tar Heels

    were spectators at their homecourt. But forward KristaGross wasnt in the stands.

    It was hard, she said. Icouldnt come watch any of thegames, especially when they

    were playing here. I couldnteven be a part of March mad-ness. It just hurt too bad.

    Gross, now a senior, saidthat experience is part of

    what has driven this yearsteam to improve. She, WaltieaRolle and Tierra Ruffin-Prattcomprise UNCs core ofsenior leadership, returningto a team that went 20-11 and9-7 in the ACC, finishing fifth

    in the conference.But improvement will

    require the convergence of anumber of factors, not all of

    which are within the playerscontrol.

    We had more injuries lastyear than wed probably hadin 10 years total, coach SylviaHatchell said. I look at it

    with all the injuries and stuff,

    and I wonder, How did wewin 20 games?

    At one time we were downto six healthy players, and notonly were we down in num-

    bers, but we had kids out ofposition.

    Hatchell said her team isrelatively healthy now. Butthe biggest difference fromlast year, she said, is herteams attitude.

    The slight of being left outof the NCAA tournament,along with formative summergames in Europe, brought theTar Heels together like littleelse could.

    We had spent the secondsummer (school) session

    together, so we kind of kneweach other, knew the fresh-men a little bit, Gross said.And then we go to Europe

    By Robbie HarmsAssistant Sports Editor

    Theres a youth resurgenceon the North Carolina wom-ens basketball team, and itsled by the girl they call Z.

    Xylina McDaniel, pro-nounced Za-Lina, heads afive-member freshmen class

    that will look to pair withUNCs upperclassmen toavenge the disappointmentfrom a year ago.

    Xylina McDaniel is abeast, coach Sylvia Hatchellsaid. Her dad was X-man(Xavier McDaniel), played inthe NBA. Shes a lot like him,a rebounder.

    UNC failed to qualify for theNCAA Tournament last sea-son, and Hatchell turned downa bid to the Womens NIT.

    But this year, restocked and

    refreshed by the batch of fresh-men, North Carolina hopes itspostseason chances arent leftin the hands of voters.

    The freshmen camein, and theyre all kinds ofenergy, senior forward KristaGross said. So we feed offthat a little bit.

    Hatchell said McDaniel,

    the 2010-11 South CarolinaGatorade Player of the Year,

    will start in the f rontcourtthis season and that fresh-man guard NDea Bryant willalso see significant playingtime.

    NDeas got lots of poten-tial, Hatchell said. Were still

    working with her a lot. Shesgoing to be a good player,

    but shes just got to learn thetempo of the college game.

    McDaniel, Bryant andfellow freshman Antoinette

    Bannister each have differentstrengths, sophomore BrittanyRountree said: McDaniel is aforce in the post, Bannister is alethal shooter and Bryant seesthe floor well and has great

    ball-handling.But the transition from

    high school to Division I bas-ketball hasnt been effortless.

    The freshmen have hadto learn how to balanceclasses and practice, figureout UNCs bus system, andacclimate to a new speed andstyle of play. And theyre stilllearning.

    Everybody moves a lotfaster, when were playing and

    when theyre teaching us,McDaniel said. They dontspend a lot of time on onething. They expect you, oncethey tell you, to know it andpractice it on your own.

    The upperclassmen,though, have been thereto guide them. Gross, whorecently returned from injury,has made herself available to

    the freshmen UNC players tohelp them adjust to college.

    (Ive been) just showingthem the ropes, she said. Justpulling them off to the sideexplaining things. They havequestions they get that look

    when theyre not completelysure of themselves.

    McDaniel said the supporthasnt been solely from the

    juniors and seniors.

    Everybody has (been sup-portive) even the fresh-men, she said. Say one of usgets it faster than the other,

    well help them. Were literal-ly one team. Everybody helpseach other no matter whatclass they are.

    The Tar Heels hope thefreshmen talent, coupled withthis direction and leadership,

    will get them back to wherethey want to be in March the NCAA Tournament.

    And if the girl they call Zgets her wish, they will be.

    We must, McDaniel said,pausing, get in the tourna-ment this year.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    Freshmen will be the X-factor

    I think were going to be better than peoplethink were going to. In fact, I know we will.Sylvia Hatchell,womens basketball coach

    and were all we have. Theresno cellphones, that kind ofthing. Everybodys dying forInternet. But when were outthere, its just us.

    The team will also have tocompensate for the departureof three of last years starters,including UNCs top two scor-ers, Chay Shegog and LauraBroomfield.

    But Gross and Hatchellboth said this years teamalready has its own deter-mined dynamic.

    It also has an athleticfreshman class led by XylinaMcDaniel and a number ofreturning players who madesignificant improvements in

    the off-season.This year, its more fast-

    paced, sophomore pointguard Brittany Rountree said.

    Were pressing more. Lastyear, I dont think I drove tothe basket that often, I wasntas aggressive. This year, Imgoing to be more aggressive.

    To remind herself of whereher team is coming from,Hatchell keeps a commemora-tive wooden plaque from last

    years Final Four on her desk.Written on it in permanentmarker are the words NoNCAA. Dont Forget.

    She hopes that memorywill be the glue that holds allof her teams other advan-tages together.

    I think were going to bebetter than people think weregoing to be, Hatchell said. In

    fact, I know we will.

    Contact the desk editor [email protected].

    2012-13 woMenS


    SCHEDULEDate tiMe opponent tv

    Sun. Oct. 28 2 p.m. vs. Carson-Newman (exhibition)

    Thurs. Nov. 1 7 p.m. vs. Wingate (exhibition)

    Fri. Nov. 9 5 p.m. vs. Davidson

    Sun. Nov. 11 5 p.m. vs. TBAWeds. Nov. 14 7 p.m. vs. TBA

    Sat. Nov. 24 TBA vs. LaSalle

    Sun. Nov. 25 6 p.m. vs. UNC-Asheville

    Weds. Nov. 28 7 p.m. vs. Ohio State

    Sun. Dec. 2 TBA at Tennessee

    Weds. Dec. 5 7 p.m. vs. Radford

    Weds. Dec. 12 7 p.m. vs. North Carolina Central

    Sun. Dec. 16 2 p.m. at Coastal Carolina

    Weds. Dec. 19 7 p.m. vs. East Carolina

    Fri. Dec. 28 2 p.m. vs. ETSU

    Sun. Dec. 30 2 p.m. at Clemson

    Thurs. Jan. 3 7 p.m. vs. Maryland

    Sun. Jan. 6 2 p.m. vs. Virginia Tech

    Thurs.. Jan. 10 7 p.m. at N.C. State

    Sun. Jan. 13 2 p.m. vs. Georgia Tech ESPN3Thurs. Jan. 17 6:30 p.m. vs. Virginia RSN

    Thurs. Jan. 24 8:30 p.m. at Maryland RSN

    Sun. Jan. 27 2 p.m. at Miami ESPN2

    Thurs. Jan. 31 7 p.m. vs. Florida State ESPN3

    Sun. Feb. 3 1 p.m. vs. Duke ESPNU

    Thurs. Feb. 7 7 p.m. at Boston College

    Sun. Feb. 10 11:30 a.m. at Georgia Tech ESPNU

    Thurs. Feb. 14 7 p.m. vs. Wake Forest

    Sun. Feb. 17 1 p.m. at Florida State RSN

    Fri. Feb. 22 8:30 p.m. at Virginia Tech RSN

    Sun. Feb. 24 1:30 p.m. vs. N.C. State ESPNU

    Thurs. Feb. 28 7 p.m. vs. Boston College

    Sun. Mar. 3 4 p.m. at Duke ESPN2

    Follow UNCbasketball news

    on Twitter


    Monday, October 29, 2012 The Daily Tar Heel16 Basketball 2012-13

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  • 7/31/2019 Basketball Pre


    N. Pyr Yr P. High

    2 Latifah Coleman SO G 5 93 Megan Buckland FR G 6 010 Danielle Butts SO G 5 1011 Brittany Rountree SO G 5 913 Hillary Fuller FR F 6 215 Antoinette Bannister FR G 5 10

    21 Krista Gross SR G/F 6 022 NDea Bryant FR G 6 024 Whitney Adams SO F 6 030 Hillary Summers FR F 6 231 Erika Johnson SO G 6 132 Waltiea Rolle SR C 6 634 Xylina McDaniel FR F 6 244