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  • 1. Display AdvertisingFrom branding to direct response Click To Learn More

2. Visually DynamicCapture a3en4on Engage your audience Inuence decisions 3. Display adver4sing gives marketers the opportunity to reach prospects at every stage Image source: Bizo 4. BrandingAudience Connec4on Build trust and rela4onships 5. In the US market the Online Publishers Associa7on found an increase of nearly 30% in site visita7on and 55% more 7me spent on the brands website due to online branding campaigns on average. Online Publishers Associa4on: The Silent Click: Building Brands Online, 2009 6. Direct ResponseDrive conversions Generate leads 7. US research conducted by Nielsen analyzed 400 digital campaigns and found a 32% average increase in oine sales, while also showing that online display adver7sing was able to create a 157% average ROI. Nielsen: Net Eect US, 2009 8. Build an Effective Campaign1. Iden4fy goals and an4cipated outcomes 2. Establish target audience 3. Establish budget suggested 15% of total adver4sing budget 4. Design custom ad 5. Measure, adjust and op4mize 9. Best Practices1. Include a clear message 2. Create a prominent next ac4on visual 3. Include promo4ons/oers if available 4. Experiment with colors 5. Balance ad content clean and easy to read 6. Visible brand name and URL 7. Measure performance and op4mize 10. FlexibilityTest dierent colors Try dierent templates Play with sizes Adjust Call-to-Ac4on 11. Considerations Demographic reach Geographic reach Behavior targe4ng Ad scheduling Remarke4ng Mobile reach 12. Cross MediaCombining display with other forms of adver4sing results in a more powerful campaign. Enhance the impact of other forms of marke4ng Expand marke4ng reach Reinforce message Cecilie Burleson, Sept. 2012