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Cafeteria Blake Honaker Photojournalism- 3A Mrs. Mitchell January 25, 2016

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  • CafeteriaBlake Honaker

    Photojournalism- 3A Mrs. Mitchell

    January 25, 2016

  • Junior Jennifer Rodriguez is sitting with her friend outside for lunch. She felt the weather was perfect that day. Eating lunch outside helps us reconnect

    with nature during school hours, said Jennifer.

  • A group of students are eating their lunches in the cafeteria. These students enjoyed their break away from the classroom. Maggie Hall, senior, said Lunch is the

    best time to get away from the stress of school. !

  • A group of students are having a pleasant time at their lunch tables. They conversed amongst each other for the entire duration of the lunch period. Abby Hughes,

    junior, said lunch is a great time to talk with my friends and forget about school.

  • A group of students are having a friendly conversation at their lunch table. These guys were debating over a football game. When we debate at lunch, it gets intense, said junior Eric Radko.

  • A group of students are laughing amongst each other. The jokes and stories they told brought amusement to them. Lunch is the best time to talk with your friends

    during the day, said Benjamin Bauldree.

  • !Juniors (left to right) Ragan Roth, Elizabeth Johnson, and Jacob Garrity are talking with their friends at the

    lunch table. They were busy talking to each other and cracking jokes. Lunch is my favorite time of the day,

    said Jacob Garrity.

  • !Conner Chewning, senior, is laughing with his fellow

    peers. Conner heard a great joke and enjoyed his lunch. Lunch is the perfect time to laugh and chill with my


  • !Conner Glicer, junior, is zoning out at lunch. Conner felt tired due to all of his school work. I work very hard day

    in and day out and lunch is the perfect opportunity to take a break, said Conner.

  • Gage Howard, senior, is ordering food from the cafeteria line. He was ready for some food

    during his long school day. It was time for lunch, he said, I was getting really hungry.

  • David Dong, junior, is having at lunch with his fellow classmates. David was eating with all of his percussion friends as he is part of the Frisco High School Drumline.

    Eating with all of my percussions friends is great because they are my true friends, said David.

  • Senior Ye Chan Kim is waiting in line for his lunch. Ye loved the sandwich line in the cafeteria. The sandwich line lets us build our own custom sandwiches and be an

    individual. !

  • Savannah Damin, senior, is enjoying her oranges at lunch. Savannah loved playing with her food. She said lunch is the one time during the day

    that I can be creative and bubbly.

  • Juniors (left to right) Jacob Mattler and Matt Duval are eating their lunches peacefully outside the band hall. They enjoyed being able to eat outside the band hall with their peers. My favorite food to eat for lunch is

    apples, said Jacob.

  • Senior Taylor Webb is working on a story during her lunch period. Taylor prepared a new short story for her friends to read. I love writing, she said, lunch

    is the perfect opportunity to work on my stories.

  • Juniors (left to right) Aman Siddiqui and Maximillian Smith are enjoying their lunch in the outdoors courtyard.

    The weather was perfectly warm and comfortable. I love eating outside because its a great stress reliever ,

    said Aman.