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Value-Based Leadership INDIANA UNIVERSITY KOKOMO Presented by: Chancellor Michael Harris

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Chancellor Michael harris chancellor Presenting Value Based Leadership, פרופסור וצ'נסלור מייקל הריס


  • 1. INDIANA UNIVERSITY KOKOMO Value-Based Leadership Presented by: Chancellor Michael Harris
  • 2. Value-Based Leadership Leadership is about: A vision and a collective destiny Motivating people to work together to accomplish extraordinary things Making decisions, not being arbitrary and capricious Grounded in and guided by values and integrity This requires knowing yourself
  • 3. Value-Based Leadership Leadership: An Art and a Science ART Creativity, Expression based LEADERSHIP SCIENCE Rational, Knowledge acquired by learning
  • 4. Value-Based Leadership Is enhancing leadership feasible? Each of us is a leader
  • 5. Value-Based Leadership The Search for a Definition Leadership (a definition): Developing a vision and a collective destiny; making decisions, overseeing change and creating transitions through empathy and collaborative work grounded in and guided by values and integrity Core Values Constraints (resources, $, time) Leadership Approach
  • 6. Value-Based Leadership Foundation & Constraints: Time & resource constraints Organizational structure Time and resource constraints Organizational Structure key to outcomes Leadership Approach Core Values Leadership Core values
  • 7. Value-Based Leadership Lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton: Anglo-Irish (1874 1922) Has been called, the greatest leader that ever came on Gods earth, bar none
  • 8. Value-Based Leadership Ad in London newspaper 1913 Over 5000 men responded
  • 9. Value-Based Leadership The Endurance Expedition to Cross Antarctica: 1914-1916 By Endurance we conquer Shackleton family motto Named vessel, Endurance First ever attempt to complete a crossing of Antarctica from sea to sea (1800 miles by foot)
  • 10. Value-Based Leadership The Endurance (1914-1916) August 1914: Shackleton and 27 men set out on Endurance December 1914: Endurance leaves South Georgia Island January 1915: Endurance gets trapped in ice
  • 11. Value-Based Leadership The Endurance (1914-1916) October 1915: Ship crushed, crew live on the ice April 1916: Crew makes its way to Elephant Island April-May 1916: Shackleton and five crew members sail 800 miles to South Georgia Island August 1916: Shackleton returns to rescue men remaining on Elephant Island
  • 12. Value-Based Leadership Lessons from Shackleton and beyond Leadership in times of limited resources, changing realities and uncertainty: Forward looking optimism vision Trustworthy, integrity Empower - people support what they help to build See people for what they can be, not for what they appear to be Team building and collaboration Maximize opportunities, not minimizing risk
  • 13. Value-Based Leadership Lessons from Shackleton and beyond Innovative new solutions to old problems added value Effectiveness achieve goals Learn from mistakes
  • 14. Value-Based Leadership Lessons from Shackleton and beyond Communication Passionate and care for people Lead by example through values Flexibility challenge status quo
  • 15. 2011-2012 Focus Empowerment/Leadership/Innovation Continued Growth
  • 16. Value-Based Leadership The best explorer, however, is the man who can both conceive and dare. - H.R. Mill, Shackleton biographer Never for me the lowered banner, never the last Endeavour. - Ernest Shackleton Crew of Endurance
  • 17. With immense humility, courage, and deep gratitude