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Chancellor Michael Harris: IU Kokomo. Presentation: Value Based Leadership and State of Campus Update Update. Fall Convocation, 2011. פרופסור וצ'נסלור מייקל הריס


  • 1. Fall Convocation 2011 INDIANA UNIVERSITY KOKOMO

2. IUK a Community Three Themes Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Transforming the Region Building Relationships and Making Friends 3. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Being intentional, current, and relevant 12 new baccalaureate degree programs Online courses 2 new masters degree programs More on the way 4. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Enrollment: Over 15% expected increase in FTIC 10% expected increase in total new students (including HS and transfers) All-time record in total credit hours All-time record in total number of full-time students Highest fall-to-fall retention rate: 62% 5. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Three experimental pilot degree completion initiatives Peer advisors in advising centers 27% increase in student financial aid Recruiting new faculty 6. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Received highest percentage increase in state appropriations (9.7%) New website Next generation classroom Introduced club sports Volleyball and Basketball 7. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Enhanced partnership with Ivy Tech Partnership with Sungshin University (South Korea) Campus beautification Basketball and volleyball courts 8. Enhancing Academic Excellence and Student Success Completion of Simulation Lab Renovation of 3rd floor East Building Replacing seating in Havens Auditorium Purchasing new bus 9. Building Relationships and Making Friends Enhanced relationships with the legislature and executive branch Engaged business community Community Outreach 10. Building Relationships and Making Friends Cultivated relations with donors Raised three times more than average of the previous four years Successful internal campaign 74% participation rate 11. Transforming the Region Regional Events: Great Connect May Regional Organizational Collaborative Study in process May Hosted Indiana Commission for Higher Education May Mayors Summit July 12. Additional Highlights Planning for wellness center, welcome center, coffee cart 16 retirements Begin working on a new strategic plan Completing the development of teams 13. Financial Report Budgets are about values Transparent budget hearing and process 14. Financial Strength Campus more financially sound at FY2011 closing compared to FY2010 closing (12% growth over FY2010 closing) University Budget Office (UBO) lauded our fiscal management Fiscal philosophy Values-based Accountability, efficiency, & fiscal responsibility Efficient stewardship of public and private donor funds Accomplishments: R&R, ERIP, Financial Aid (27% increase), S&E Reporting: simple, clear, & efficient weekly reporting system 15. FY2012 General Fund (GF) Operating Budget Revitalized the budgeting process Transparent, open & value-based Campus ownership of the process Larger GF operating budget (5% growth compared to FY2011) State appropriations (9.7% increase) Projected increases in revenue 16. Future Expectations Accountability Targeted deployment of resources Continue building foundation for financially sound campus Bottom line support student academic achievement & success, teaching, research & service 17. 2011-2012 Focus Empowerment/Leadership/Innovation Continued Growth 18. With immense humility, courage, and deep gratitude Optimism is true moral courage. - Ernest Shackleton 9/17/2013 19. Value-Based Leadership INDIANA UNIVERSITY KOKOMO Fall Convocation 2011 Presented by: Chancellor Michael Harris 20. Value-Based Leadership Leadership is about: A vision and a collective destiny Motivating people to work together to accomplish extraordinary things Making decisions, not being arbitrary and capricious Grounded in and guided by values and integrity This requires knowing yourself 21. Leadership: An Art and a Science ART SCIENCELEADERSHIP Creativity, Expression based Rational, Knowledge acquired by learning Value-Based Leadership 22. Value-Based Leadership Is enhancing leadership feasible? Each of us is a leader 23. Value-Based Leadership Leadership (a definition): Developing a vision and a collective destiny; making decisions, overseeing change and creating transitions through empathy and collaborative work grounded in and guided by values and integrity The Search for a Definition Leadership Approach Core Values Constraints (resources, $, time) 24. Value-Based Leadership Time and resource constraints Foundation & Constraints: Organizational Structure key to outcomes Core values Time & resource constraints Organizational structure Leadership Approach Core Values Leadership 25. Value-Based Leadership Lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton: Anglo-Irish (1874 1922) Has been called, the greatest leader that ever came on Gods earth, bar none 26. Value-Based Leadership Ad in London newspaper - 1913 Over 5000 men responded 27. Value-Based Leadership By Endurance we conquer Shackleton family motto Named vessel, Endurance First ever attempt to complete a crossing of Antarctica from sea to sea (1800 miles by foot) The Endurance Expedition to Cross Antarctica: 1914-1916 28. Value-Based Leadership August 1914: Shackleton and 27 men set out on Endurance December 1914: Endurance leaves South Georgia Island January 1915: Endurance gets trapped in ice The Endurance (1914-1916) 29. Value-Based Leadership October 1915: Ship crushed, crew live on the ice April 1916: Crew makes its way to Elephant Island April-May 1916: Shackleton and five crew members sail 800 miles to South Georgia Island August 1916: Shackleton returns to rescue men remaining on Elephant Island The Endurance (1914-1916) 30. Value-Based Leadership Leadership in times of limited resources, changing realities and uncertainty: Forward looking optimism vision Trustworthy, integrity Empower - people support what they help to build See people for what they can be, not for what they appear to be Team building and collaboration Maximize opportunities, not minimizing risk Lessons from Shackleton and beyond 31. Value-Based Leadership Innovative new solutions to old problems added value Effectiveness achieve goals Learn from mistakes Lessons from Shackleton and beyond 32. Value-Based Leadership Communication Passionate and care for people Lead by example through values Flexibility challenge status quo Lessons from Shackleton and beyond 33. 2011-2012 Focus Empowerment/Leadership/Innovation Continued Growth 34. Value-Based Leadership The best explorer, however, is the man who can both conceive and dare. - H.R. Mill, Shackleton biographer Never for me the lowered banner, never the last Endeavour. - Ernest Shackleton Crew of Endurance 35. With immense humility, courage, and deep gratitude