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<p>SET 1 Complete the following sentences using appropriate phrasal verbs. 1. James .. On the final lap. a) Pulled ahead b) pulled on c) Pulled out d) Pulled in</p> <p>2. The boys fought until their mother . them .. a) Pulled apart b) pulled on c) Pulled ahead d) Pulled in</p> <p>3. It me to see him treat his wife like that. a) Pulls apart b) Pulls on c) Pulls ahead d) pulls in 4. The boy kept .. his mothers sleeve, wanting to leave. a) Pulling at b) Pulling on c) Pulling ahead d) Pulling in 5. I couldnt get into the bus before it .. a) Pulled out b) Pulled away c) Pulled in d) Pulled at 6. Most of the old buildings were to make room for the new shopping mall. a) Pulled off b) Pulled down c) Pulled ahead d) Pulled at 7. Slowly, the train . on platform 4. a) Pulled in b) Pulled on c) Pulled off d) Pulled ahead 8. Lets stop at a .. on the way and grab a bite. a) Pull on b) Pull off c) Pull out d) Pull for</p> <p>SET 2 Fill in the blanks with appropriate grammatical structures. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one. 1. He is - family man. a) Very much of a b) Very much c) Much a d) A very 2. I couldnt recognize him because he was a dark suit. a) Dressed in b) Dressed with c) Dressing in d) Dressing with 3. He while trying to swim across the river. a) Drowned b) Was drowned c) Has drowned d) Had drowned</p> <p>4. My parents encouraged me to study medicine, but I didnt a) Want to b) Want c) Wanted to d) Wanted 5. Are you interested in going to university? I would -. a) Like b) Like to c) Have liked to d) Have liked 6. I saw the book on the table. a) Lie b) Lying c) To lie d) Lain</p> <p>7. I could see John on the bus. a) Get b) Getting c) To get d) Got</p> <p>8. If I - her name, I would tell you. a) Know b) Knew c) Would know d) Had known</p> <p>9. It would be nice if you - me a pound. a) Lend b) Would lend c) Lent d) Had lent 10. If you had invited them, they . a) Would come b) Would have come c) Came d) Had come</p> <p>SET 3 Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb. 1. I could not meet him because he - out before I arrived. a) had gone b) went c) goes has gone 2. This - on for a long time. a) had been going b) has gone c) was going d) is going 3. When I to London, I will see him. a) go b) went c) goes d) have gone 4. If I this, I would have done wrong. a) had done b) would have done c) would do d) have done 5. I for a walk yesterday. a) go b) went c) had been d) would go 6. The rebels - the monarchs head. a) cut b) cut off c) cut down d) cut into 7. I him to go. a) said to b) told c) say to d) told to 8. He to swim. a) knows b) know c) knows how d) know how 9. He his bicycle. a) got down b) got off c) got down from d) got of 10. He took his shoes. a) out b) off c) of d) from</p> <p>SET 4 Complete the following sentences 1. that book to me at my desk. a) Bring b) Take 2. I dont know what to when I leave for Mexico. a) Bring b) Take 3. Shall I her a cup of coffee in bed? a) Take b) Bring 4. There were children in the class than expected. a) Fewer b) Less 5. Although the use of seat belts doesnt prevent car accidents, it has led to . fatalities. a) Less b) Fewer 6. Dad has . on the sofa all morning. a) Laid 7. We cannot go out .. he gives us permission. a) Unless 8. She writes .. I do. a) Like 9. Jane says she has already . the table. a) Laid b) As b) Lain b) Lain</p> <p>b) Without</p> <p>10. Would you like to with us? a) Come b) Go SET 5 Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the verb given in the brackets. 1. I waited for her until she .. (to come) 2. As he not there, I spoke to her mother. (be) 3. They sold the house because it . old. (be) 4. I asked him what his name (be) 5. He .. hard that he is certain to succeed. (to work) 6. Wherever he the people gathered to listen. (preach) 7. He ran because he . in a hurry. (be) 8. His health has improved since he from the hills. (return) 9. As soon as he . the news, he wrote to me. (hear) 10. Whenever we . we talk of old times. (to meet)</p> <p>SET 6Say whether the italicized nouns are common, proper, collective or abstract. 1. Honesty is the best policy. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract 2. Solomon was famous for his wisdom. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>3. A committee of five was appointed. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>4. James is a bright student. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>5. Wisdom is better than riches. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>6. I didnt believe the girls story. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>7. A teacher must have patience. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>8. Cleanliness is next to godliness. a) Common b) Collective c) Proper d) Abstract</p> <p>9. My sister is a doctor. a) Collective b) Common c) Proper d) Abstract</p> <p>10. My family lives in that house. a) Common b) Proper c) Collective d) Abstract</p> <p>SET 7&amp; 8 Complete the following sentences 1 you are not going out in that old coat? a) Surely 2. She is sleeping a) Sound b) Soundly 3. Can you be there at six oclock -? a) Sharp b) Sharply 4. She looked at him a) Sharp b) Sharply 5. We have differing opinions. a) Wide b) Widely 6. I hate arriving a) Late b) Lately b) Lately b) Hardly b) Sure</p> <p>7. I havent been to the opera much a) Late</p> <p>8. I have got any clean clothes left. a) Hard 9. Isnt that girl dressed ? a) Pretty b) Prettily b) highly</p> <p>10. Throw it as as you can. a) High 1. I feel a) Unhappy</p> <p>b) Unhappily b) Readily b) Politely</p> <p>2. I will get the car a) Ready</p> <p>3. She is too a person to refuse. a) Polite 4. We will have to think a) Quick</p> <p>b) Quickly</p> <p>5. She danced into the room 6. She sang </p> <p>a) Happy b) Happily</p> <p>a) Bad b) Badly a) Good b) Well a) Dead b) Deadly</p> <p>7. I remember him very 8. Cyanide is a poison.</p> <p>9. This steak is very cooked. a) Badly b) Bad 10. He was in love with her. a) Mad b) Madly 11. They were playing - fast. a) Unusual b) Unusually 12. I believed that you wanted to help me. a) Wrong b) Wrongly</p> <p>9.Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. 1. She held the bag ., even though her arm hurt .. a) Tight; badly b) Tightly; bad c) Tight; bad d) Tightly; badly 2. .. have been to the opera. a) Neither John nor I b) Neither I nor John c) Neither John nor me d) Neither me nor John 3. The manager offered . a job. a) Susie and me b) Me and Susie c) Susie and I d) I and Susie 4. there are few secrets. a) Between you and me b) Between me and you c) Between I and you d) Between you and I 5. Both are going to the beach. a) He and I b) Him and me c) I and he d) I and him 6. Fifty years before Jesus .., the Romans landed in Britain. a) Is born b) Was born c) Is borne d) Was borne 7. David across a field one sunny morning, when he noticed a bird stumbling awkwardly. a) Was strolling b) Is strolling c) Strolled d) Has strolled 8. Steven, has been chosen for the quiz, is a clever boy. a) Who b) Whom c) That d) Which 9. The beaver . is a hard working animal, is a native of Canada. a) Which b) That c) Who d) Whom 10. The airplane .. was grounded had engine trouble. a) Which b) That c) Which / that d) Who 10. Fill in the blanks with correct pronouns. 1. Rita goes to school with .. (me / I) 2. . is my friend. (she / her) 3. Can you help ? (me / I) 4. She is taller than .. is. (he / him) 5. I earn as much as .. does. (she / her) 6. go to school by bus. (we / us) 7. She has lost .. memory. (she / her) 8. We are going for a drink. Would you like to come with ? (us / we) 9. The invitation was for Jane and (me / I)</p> <p>10. John and . are going skiing this weekend. (I / me) 11&amp;12 . Complete the following sentences using appropriate grammatical structures. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Please this photo. a) look at b) see c) watch c) listen to c) out c) sank d) see at d) listen d) with d) was sank d) is living</p> <p>He would not me. a) hear I have disposed my car. a) of The ship a) Was drowned He there for a day. a) He - no fault. a) Did</p> <p>b) hear to b) off b) drowned</p> <p>Lived b) made</p> <p>b) stayed c) caused</p> <p>c) is staying d) committed d) win</p> <p>We our opponents. a) Beat</p> <p>b) won</p> <p>c) beaten</p> <p>The council of twelve members. a) Consist d) is consisting</p> <p>b) consists</p> <p>c) is consisted</p> <p>You can this. a) Avail this b) avail yourself of c) avail yourself d) avail of</p> <p>1. I have no hope of a) passing b) pass c) to pass d) pass 2. Many are of Hinduism. a) the Gods b) Gods c) gods d) god 3. None of the boys had learnt . lessons. a) their b) his c) its d) her 4. People often spend leisure in cinemas. a) his b) her c) their d) them 5. Much effort brings . reward. a) their b) its c) our d) its 6. Much money wasted on the project. a) have been b) has been c) is been d) has 7. He asked our food. a) had we taken b) if we had taken c) had we took d) if we had took 8. He asked doing. a) what we were b) that what were you c) what are you d) that we were 9. No one him after his wife had died. a) cared for b) took care of him c) cared d) take care of 10. He does not . his money. a) take care of b) care for c) look after d) care</p> <p>13. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles or determiners. 1. I am looking forward to being grandmother. 2. I used my shoe as hammer. 3. Have you fed dogs? 4. There are children in the garden. 5. Who invented radio? 6. I am - oldest in my family. 7. I prefer mountains to the seaside. 8. We went to same school. 9. My brother is going out with Chinese girl. 10. Have you got matches? 11. We met nice Asian girls on holiday. 12. I think there is butter in the fridge. 14.Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb. 1. If I know her name, I you. a) Would tell b) Will tell c) Would have told</p> <p>2. If I became the President, I taxes. a) Would abolish b) Will abolish c) Would have abolished 3. If you harder, you would pass your exam. a) Worked b) Had worked c) Would work 4. I will phone you if I time. a) Have b) Had c) Would have 5. If my nose were a little bigger, I look much better. a) Would have b) Will c) Would b) Would help</p> <p>6. It would be nice if you me a bit with the house work. a) Helped c) Had helped 7. I will give her your love, if I her. a) Meet</p> <p>b) Met c) Will meet</p> <p>8. If the policeman had run a bit faster, he the thief. a) Could have caught b) Could catch c) Caught</p> <p>9. I - be perfectly happy if I had a house full of kids. a) Will b) Would c) Will have</p> <p>10. If you eat too much, you fall ill.</p> <p>a) Will</p> <p>b) Would</p> <p>c) Would have</p> <p>15. In each of the following sentences supply a verb in agreement with its subject. 1. The jury . divided in their opinion. 2. The Three Musketeers . written by Dumas. 3. Either John or Peter . at the top of the list of successful candidates. 4. Fire and water not agree. 5. Neither he nor I responsible for this. 6. His friends, as well as he, punished. 7. Two and two . four. 8. Neither William nor James been invited. 9. Every one of them honest. 10. The poet and thinker dead. 16 . Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Choose your answers from the options given below each question. 1. Before the game started she felt certain .. winning, but after a few minutes she realized that it wasnt going to be easy. a) of b) for c) to 2. I am not afraid .. tell the truth. a) of b) to c) for b) on c) to b) to c) of</p> <p>3. You seem very sure passing the test. a) of</p> <p>4. I am interested . finding out what she did with that money. a) in</p> <p>5. I was interested read in the paper that scientists have discovered extraterrestrial planets that could possibly support life. a) in b) to c) at 6. I am not accustomed .. giving personal information about myself to strangers. a) to b) of c) with 7. I dont drive fast because I am afraid .. crashing. a) of b) to c) for c) to</p> <p>8. I am sorry losing my temper this morning. a) about b) of 9. I am keen building a career in publishing. a) for 10. She insisted coming with me. a) to b) on</p> <p>c) at</p> <p>b) on c) at</p> <p>17. Fill in the blanks with appropriate relative pronouns. 1. He got married again two months later . surprised everybody. (which / where / what) 2. The idea she put forward didnt impress me. (which / what / who) 3. This is Jane, does my hair. (who / that / which) 4. She married an engineer . she met on a bus. (who / whom / that) 5. Have you got a book . is easy to read? (that / who / where) 6. We bought some oranges from . we extracted the juice. (which / whom / that) 7. James lent me a mattress on I slept soundly. (which / whom / who) 8. My aunt gave me her laptop for . I was very grateful. (which / what / whom) 9. Have you got anything belongs to me? (that / what / which) 10. The only thing . matters now is to find a good job. (that / which / what) 18 Fill in the blanks with appropriate auxiliary verbs. Each question has only one correct answer. Choose the most appropriate one. 1. He . writing a novel. (is / am / has) 2. He .. to retire next year. (is / am / was) 3. They .. marching forward. (are / have / will) 4. The dinner . being cooked. (is / has / will) 5. They . being questioned. (are / has / will) 6. They engaged in a heated argument. (were / will / am) 7. I . a cable from my son in New York. (am / had / was) 8. They .. violated the agreement. (have / are / were) 9. She .. never promised to do it. (had / is / were)</p> <p>10. I . forgotten to post the letter. (am / had / was) 19. Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb given in the brackets. 1. My brother (live) in Florida. 2. Why .. (he hit) that dog? 3. We . (go) to the theatre this evening. 4. I will kill anybody who (touch) my possessions. 5. My sister (live) with us for the moment. 6. Chet ford Castle (stand) on a hill outside the town. 7. I . (go) to the mountains twice a year. 8. The cake (taste) wonderful. 9. The scale broke when I (weigh) myself the other day. 10. She phoned while I (work) in the garden. 11. He (work) in Malaysia at the moment. 1 2. You look lovely when you . (smile). 20.Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Choose your answers from the options given in the brackets. 1. I hate the idea . getting old. (of / on / with)</p> <p>2. A strimmer is a machine used .. cutting grass and weeds. (for / to / with) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I need a swatter killing the mosquitoes. (for / by / with) I am proud.. have won. (of / to / for) She is very good .. solving problems. (at / in / to) I am tired . listening to this. (with / of / at) We have a good chance . make a profit. (of / to / in) Try to stop them finding out. (from / on / in) I wasnt very pleased .. my exam results. (about / for / of)</p> <p>10. Nobody knows the reason the accident. (for / to / with) 11. He tripped .. the cat and fell downstairs. (over / on / at)</p> <p>12. When did your interest philosophy begin. (in / for / with)</p> <p>21. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Choose your answers from the options given in the brackets. 1. He was dismissed for tampering the office files and reg...</p>