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#pubcon Content Creation Strategy Presented by: Phillip Thune CEO, Textbroker

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This presentation was given at Pubcon 2014 by Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune. It contains exclusive information that many top online SEO agencies, retailers and bloggers use in their content creation process. Content marketing is becoming a huge factor in modern business. Learn these strategies and scale up your content by using Textbroker:


Page 1: Content Creation Strategy


Content Creation Strategy

Presented by:Phillip Thune

CEO, Textbroker

Page 2: Content Creation Strategy

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The Content That “Works” Is Changing

“Our advice for webmasters is to focus on creating high quality sites. ”

“The clarity of what you write matters a lot. Make things as natural sounding as possible.”

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team

“Forget SEO. Build your content as if there was no Google. ”

“Focus on content quality.”

Andrew Weyher, formerly on Matt Cutts’s team

Page 3: Content Creation Strategy

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The Content That “Works” Is Changing

Requirement to publish increasing amounts of content in order to stay relevant on the web prevails

Content needs to be of high quality and unique

Traditional link-building and SEO tactics do not work anymore

...from SEO to Content Marketing

Results in Content Assets that drive likes, engagement, traffic, conversions and sales

Page 4: Content Creation Strategy

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SEO Content vs. Content Marketing

Page 5: Content Creation Strategy

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Companies are willing to pay higher prices for content

The Market for Content is Changing

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Page 10: Content Creation Strategy

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Results In Content “Assets”

Summaries of articles can be posted on Facebook, with a link back to the website /Readers (customers) Like and Follow

Many opportunities to drive sales, memberships, couponing, etc. above/below/beside the content

Headlines of articles can be tweeted / Readers (customers) re-tweet

Elevation of the brand in the readers‘ (customers‘) minds

Articles rank well in search engines / Readers (customers) share them with friends

Page 11: Content Creation Strategy

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More Case Studies: Top 10 Retailers

Content for Category Pages

Quality content can raise a site’s ranking even without other optimization steps. A major online retailer introduced category descriptions on their site and fairly quickly saw their traffic from organic search listings rise by 5% without any other actions (link-building, social media posts, etc.). That led to many millions of dollars in increased sales for a fairly low investment in content.

Content for Buying Guides

eBay launched Buying Guides ( in 2012 Quintessential Content Marketing

Page 12: Content Creation Strategy

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Page 13: Content Creation Strategy

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Page 14: Content Creation Strategy

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What Does This Mean for You?

There are no easy, long-lasting ways to “trick” Google and maintain high ranking in the search engines

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of consistently creating high quality content for their customers and prospective customers – on their own sites, on social media, on other sites that are highly relevant

If you believe in Content Marketing, you need a plan. Your best friend is an Editorial Calendar.

If you don’t have time to create the content yourself, there are companies that can help (I know one that I recommend highly)