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  • Creative Problems

  • Do not Succumb to Logic

  • Have no one right answer

  • And have too many wrong answers

  • They are a bit like jokes you often do not find out how good they really are until

    after you have tried them out

  • So how do we find the

    solutions to these tricky challenges?

  • Use Creativity!

  • A Creative Solution

  • Is new - else its not creative!

  • Is useful - solves the problem

  • Is feasible - in the real world

  • But where is Creativity in an organization?

  • Is it in its People?

  • Is it in the Innovation Processes?

  • Is it in the Products / Services / Business Models?

  • Better have in all of them!

  • Why?

  • Because, in a Flat World

  • Innovation will keep you on the map!

  • Because, Hard work

  • & Low Cost

    Are no longer enough ...

  • Remember:

    Intellectual Arbitrage is here to stay!

  • Creativity by individuals and teams is a starting point for innovation;

  • Creativity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Innovation.

  • Also, Invention is required for Innovation to take place.

  • Invention is a new idea that is turned into a tangible outcome.

  • OTOH, Innovation is the conversion of a new idea into revenues & profits.

  • Collate



    Collect & collate Ideas Engage complete business ecosystem Filter the collated ideas

    Sponsor Prototyping / PoC SLDC / Project Management

    Implementation Go To Market Social Marketing

    C3 Innovation Methodology

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  • Are you ready to Innovate?

  • Start firing!

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