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  • foreword Nina Rieke

    MagentaEINS/Familie Heins | Deutsche Telekom CUP Special Edition | Volkswagen

    Monty The Penguin | John Lewis #HappyToHelp | KLM4G4Good | StarHubWi-Fi Dogs | Deutsche Telekom

    Building the culture of innovation: DDB Digital university Paulina Jusis-Alfonsi

    Online Ordering | McDonaldsRadiant Return | Radiant

    the growth maChine Yves Bollinger

    Wolkswagen | VolkswagenNeuer Fokus | SonyHolograms for freedom | No Somos DelitoI SEE FRIES | McDonalds

    Channel interplay: Campaigns at the next level of efficiency. Stefan Sindram and Fabian Roser

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    Creating for a new digital reality how this changes Creativity. Nina Rieke














  • foreworDnina rieke, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB Group

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    Creativity is our Dna. people are our inspiration. technology is our tool. Creativity is the most powerful force in business. This quote from our founder Bill Bernbach is as relevant today as it was 65 years ago. Today, the correlation between creativity and brand success has been proven sufficiently.

    Marketing buzzwords come and go. Creativity, however, is timeless. Its evolving, though. Therefore, its our primary task to continuously interpret creativity in the contemporary context. And technology equips us with a large number of tools to do so. Even more as digital is no longer just a part of individual measures, but rather an integral part of almost everything we do.

    This fourth edition of our Creativity Report shows how we are dealing with technological innovations and how they influence our ways of working and the projects we create. In the past year, we, in cooperation with our clients, have explored new and fresh creative pathways. The following contributions and case studies from colleagues from Germany and all over the global DDB network should give you an impression of how we are interpre-ting creativity today.

    Have fun reading it!

    nina riekeChief Strategy Officer, DDB Group

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    the objective Most people have different contracts for mobile, landline, TV and internet from different service providers, which is why many lose track. This is one of the reasons why the average German spends 700 a year on telecommunication. They guess that there are saving potentials, but have no interest to deal with the different tariffs and pro-duct offers. In September 2014, Deutsche Telekom brought light into the dark with their MagentaEINS offer that combined mobile, landline, internet and IP TV in a single offer for the first time ever. First off, the campaign had to overcome peoples indifference before they were willing to have a closer look at the advantages of this new offer and eventually choose it.

    the solution No matter how good a product is, plain product information hardly ever reaches consumers. Therefore, we made sure to package the advantages of the new tariffs in a way that would appeal to people: a highly entertaining comedy format that introduced the product embedded in a story. Familie Heins is a rather untypical family. With Walter Heins, the caring father and tomato grower, who loves to take family selfies, leading the way. He brings MagentaEINS to the family home and lays the foundation for the following episodes. The interesting characters and bizarre stories allow us to integrate a wide array of topics and references to recent events and trends. For example, a visit of the carnival in Cologne or accompanying Clara, the daughter of the family, to a casting for the movie Fack Ju Ghte 2. Additional to the episodes aired on TV, there are side stories and special editions that follow the content strategy and help us to add new twists to the campaign time and time again: starting with live spots, which are produced and broadcasted on a daily basis, to the integration of the family into existing formats like Telekom Street Gigs. Stars like Sami Slimani, who are part of the campaign, help Deutsche Telekom to strengthen the awareness in the young target group that is hard to reach.

    magentaeins/familie heinsDeutsche telekom DDB Germany

    14 million YouTube views view-through-rate: 66 %

    GWA Effie award silver

    average media spending per percentage point in the category unassisted ad: telekom 3.780 , Vodafone 4.485 , O2 5.470

    increase of product awareness: 40 % after five weeks and > 70 % after seven months

    Interest in MagentaEINS: > 45 % monthly (standard value 30 %)

    TV contacts in total (includes all spots in 2015): > 2.15 billion

    Increase of active product search: + 46 %

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    the objective It was our goal to reach all Germans, who are planning to buy a new car and are enthusiastic about the latest Volkswagen special edition models. But in 2014, the year of the World Cup, most of them only had one thing in mind: the fourth star. The insight: with the strongest national team in years, Germany was hoping to win the next World Cup title. The strategy: to crown Volkswagen as the official sponsor of anticipation by continuously heating up the World Cup fever and showing great football knowledge.

    the solution The campaign claim this year belongs to those that want more summed up the high expectations prior to the World Cup and, at the same time, communicated the pro-motional message of the Volkswagen CUP models: more equipment at better rates. Under the claim desire for more the motto was consequently realized: more World Cup fever, more anticipation, more entertainment. The idea: while chasing its fourth title, Germany challenged the record holders and five-time champion Brazil on their own soil. Volkswagen turned this clash of the champions into the main theme of the campaign and staged a thrilling showdown. Just in time for Christmas 2013, Volkswagen started the World Cup season with a brilliant kick off: the first official Christmas speech by the Brazilian Minister of Football, Pel, was aired on German television. Broadcasted on more than 20 channels at the same time, shown on more than a hundred screens in public space and across all relevant digital channels, Pele asked the Germans to take it easy at the World Cup in his home country Brazil. This statement stirred up the heat way before the World Cup. Before and during the World Cup, the rivalry between Germany and Brazil was enacted through entertaining TV duels of the football stars Thomas Mller and Neymar. We continuously provided new digital content to maintain a high level of awareness. The CUP models and their special features were introduced in print ads. A campaign website brought together all online and offline contents, informed about the advantages of the respective models and led to configuration and dealer websites.

    Cup speCial eDitionvolkswagen DDB Germany

    > 120,000 online configurations of CUP special edition models (within first 50 days)

    increase of volkswagens registration figures compared to the previous year: + 14,304

    Increase of aware- ness level: + 5 %

    increase of sales of special edition models compared to the previous year: + 35 %

    List of noticed World Cup sponsors: rank 7 (without a official sponsoring mandate)

    Increase of ad recall: + 6 %

    Share of CUP special edition models of overall Volkswagen orders in 2014: 48.9 %

    84 % more test drives of special edition models than previous year

    When asked about the most popular sponsors of the World Cup, 19 % responded Volkswagen.

  • nina rieke, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB Group

    Creating for a new Digital reality how this Changes Creativity.

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    there is no Digital strategy, Just strategy in a Digital worlD.1

    Within the context of a client project, we interviewed many digital experts from the DDB network and some experts working for some of our key clients. We would like to use this report to share what we found out with you. It should help you to better understand our perspective as a network agency on the topic digital is everywhere and it should inspire you to re-think digital in regard to brands.

    Change happens on many levels in society, culture, economy, and over the last years, mostly in technology. We are now seeing a genera-tion growing up that has developed a completely different relationship to brands. A generation that is more sceptical, impatient and disloyal. And all this is happening in a fragile global economic situation, in which a shift towards a more purpose driven consumption can be observed in many Western countries. The explosion of possibilities through the ever-increasing speed of technological development has changed our media usage. It has created a networked society that is connected and interactive in new ways. Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communica-tions Officer at Unilever, claims: The biggest changes are the interactions between consumers and brands as well as the path-to-purchase.

    We as agencies are responding to change. We change our output as well as our ways of working. If we are not willing to adapt to what people are interacting with, we cannot reach our goal: to create influential brands and to reach people through ideas. At DDB, we have been guided by this quote from one of our founders for more than 65 years: Creativity is the most powerful force in b