do's & don'ts of developing corporate hispanic websites in the age of social media

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Best practices for developing a corporate Hispanic website presentation from Hispanicize 2011.


  • Hispanicize 2011The Dos and Donts of Developing CorporateHispanic Web Sites in the Age of Social Media 2011 Stone Crossing Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • About Stone Crossing Solutions Who We Are A digital marketing agency and technology consulting firm focused on you 30 year history - re-launched in 2010 to take advantage of the companys deep expertise and results-driven approach to helping clients grow their business and meet the demands of their changing marketplaces Focus on our clients business needs first, and then we choose the right technology solution to meet your current and future needs All of our service offerings are managed and staffed by experts with vast experience in their disciplines Deliver strategic and technology solutions to clients in B2B, eCommerce and the travel and hospitality industries Develop on scalable platforms like .NET, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Community Stack a new platform and content management system for the development of websites and social communities We are your trusted partner for effective, affordable technology and digital marketing solutions. We look forward to growing and evolving with you! 2
  • About Stone Crossing Solutions Interactive Marketing Holistic marketing experts determine the best strategy to increase your business growth and revenue Expert customer acquisition services in all areas of strategic internet marketing including SEO, Social Marketing, PPC and Online Display Combine traditional marketing with technologies to increase online conversions, visibility and overall performance of a website Team has extensive experience in all aspects of interactive marketing, usability & analytics
  • Hispanicize 2011Optimize Your Website to insure that the Search Engines drive you to the Hispanic Community John Vojtush 2011 Stone Crossing Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • SEM / SEO DefinedPaid Search Engine Marketing (SEM):The act of marketing a Web site viasearch engines by purchasing paidlistings and other search engine-relatedactivities.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):The process of using specifictechniques to enhance a Web site toimprove rank and visibility within thesearch engines.
  • Importance of Organic OptimizationAs countless studies indicate, organic searchengine optimization is one of the most importantmarketing activities a company can undertake. 60%-70% of searchers prefer to click on organic listings instead of paid search listings 62% of searchers dont look past the first page of search results 36% of searchers correlate top search placement to company prominence or importance
  • Organic Optimization Process Optimization Analysis & Implementation Promotion ManagementStrategy Implementation Promotion Maintenance
  • Organic Optimization Process Review business goals and market opportunities Analysis & Optimization Implementation Promotion Management Research keyword and key phrase opportunities Define success metrics and establish performance benchmarksStrategy Develop strategic roadmap for search engine Implementation Promotion Maintenance optimization enhancements (often part of a redesign effort)
  • Organic Optimization Process Leverage Stone Crossings technical expertise to ensure timely implementation of search engine Optimization optimization enhancements; including: & Analysis Implementation Promotion Management Page titles Meta tags Alt tags Page contentStrategy Implementation Promotion Maintenance Page layout Site Infrastructure
  • Organic Optimization Process Optimization Once changes are completed and validated, begin Analysis & Implementation Promotion Managementpromotion process; including: Engine & directory submissions - where necessary Dynamic site maps RSS developmentStrategy and syndication Implementation Promotion Maintenance Link acquisition Optimized press releases & articles
  • Organic Optimization Process Optimization Provide monthly search engine visibility reporting Analysis & Implementation Promotion Management Adjust / Expand organic optimization as needed Leverage analytics to track and identify improvementsbased on key performance indicators Strategy Implementation Promotion Maintenance
  • Understanding Search MotivationsUnderstanding and managing the keyword-drivenconsumer buying lifecycle: Broad keywords often signify the start of the buying lifecycle and are the most frequently used queries. Source: comScore Search and the Consumer Buying Cycle (2009) Niche keyword phrases experience fewer searches but often lead to far greater conversion rates. The key is finding the right keyword balance to ensure strong presence in the early buying lifecycle and the strong conversions rates associated with the long tail.
  • Importance of Keyword Research & Site Architecture Traffic vs ConversionExample: High/Low hispanic latino widgets BalancedExample: hispanic social media latino social media blue widgets Low/HighExample: hispanic social media agency in miami florida blue polka dot widgets for sale in los angeles
  • Keyword ResearchKeyword research tools provide deep insightinto: Consumer demand Top categories and products Market trends Geographic interest Seasonality of demand Search engine market share
  • Tools for Keyword Research and DiscoveryGoogle AdWords ( (free) keyword suggestion tool has a number of features that will help you learn moreabout keywords. If you type in a keyword, you will get multiple keywords that are related. This toolgives you a general sense of search volume but will not show you actual number of searches. Youcan also get an idea of how competitive the keywords are. Also gives rudimentary average searchvolume and search volume trends.Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool ( former industry staple, but longer updated with current search data. However, it remains a goodgeneral tool (free!) for discovering and evaluating keywords. This tool helps you discover additionalkeywords similar to a keyword you are searching on. You can type in general keywords like dogand get many variations like dog breeders, dog training and dog house. This is especially goodwhen you are just brainstorming new words as it gives you ideas that you hadnt thought of.Keyword Discovery ( based tool which provides features to help you with both finding new keywords andanalyzing them. Compiles search statistics from over 180 search engines worldwide. Featuresinclude keyword research, industry keywords, seasonal search trends, related keywords, and more.Wordze ( based tool that provides tools for discovering keywords and phrases. In addition, thistool provides some excellent optimization features, including competitive insight on top performingsites.
  • Optimization OpportunitiesOn the site In the code On other sitesPage Structure Title tag Header TagsNavigation Meta tags Body CopyBody Copy Anchor TextHeader TagsALT TagsAnchor Text
  • On the Site - Body CopyBecause the search engines are only able to index HTML text, it is important to provide enoughcontent to help the search engines fully understand the theme and focus o