• Copyright 2014 CALSTART 2014 HTUF Monthly Webinar Series Third Tuesday of every month @ 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern) 30-minute overview of a different HTUF activity each month commercial & military trucks Upcoming topics: TARDEC overview, high- efficiency batteries, comml/military lifecycle cost analysis comparisons, regional voucher incentive programs, national meeting preview Do you have questions about HTUF activities or participation? Contact Steve Sokolsky (510) 307-8772 or [email protected]
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Webinar Schedule March 18: Onboard Diagnostics issues for hybrid, electric and alt fuel trucks (CTAG) April 15: Review of U.S> Army TARDEC Industry Days (MTAG) May 20: Status of the HTUF battery jumpstart project and the 6T battery demonstration in commercial trucks (CTAG) June 17: The development of a technology roadmap for military trucks (MTAG) July 15: Fleet deployment best practices (CTAG) August 19: Preview of the 2014 HTUF National Meeting No webinar will be held in September join us September 23-24 for the 2014 HTUF National Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. Contact Susan Romeo at [email protected] for participation opportunities. October 21: HTUF National Meeting wrap-up and review November 18: Vehicle automation activities (MTAG) December 16: Voucher incentive programs for commercial trucks (CTAG) Note: All topics subject to change
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Queens, NY April 16, 2014 NY-VIP & regional issues overview Fleet Best Practices panel Ride-and-drive
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART 2014 HTUF Annual Meeting Argonne National Lab, Sep 23-24, 2014 Mark Your Calendars! 2-Day Event with WGs and Ride & Drive
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Onboard Diagnostics Issues for Hybrid, Electric and Alt Fuel Trucks 18 March 2014 Tom Brotherton, CALSTART
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART OBD - Alternative Fuels ARB OBD requirements begin 2018 Fully compliant by 2021 Low-volume manufacturer exemption for < 1,500 vehicles/yr in CA
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART OBD - Hybrids Hino has ARB OBD compliance Allison, BAE, Eaton all working on solutions US EPA not requiring OBD yet
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART EO - Hybrids ARB Executive Order required for MD, HD engines in CA EO is for emissions certification, warranty ARB considering requiring hybrid mfgs to sign EO In past only engine mfgs have signed EOs
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART EO - Hybrids Cummins engine EOs for conventional trucks OK Cummins engine EOs for hybrid trucks on hold Issue is only with diesel hybrids
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Hybrid Buses in CA Suppliers allowed to pre-buy engines for 2014 Hybrid buses good for 2014
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Other States Buses: 47 states do not use CA HD regs Trucks: 45 states do not use CA HD regs
  • Copyright 2014 CALSTART Contact Tom Brotherton CALSTART [email protected]g 303-825-7550 x1

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