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1st Meeting (5th April 2013)5 attendants: Lee Jo Yee(Leader), Nicolas Wong, Ker Neng, Chua, GohSongs Chosen:

1. Stand By Me by Ben E. King2. Rasa Sayang3. Nobody by Wonder Girls4. Harlem Shake5. 对你爱不完 (Chinese song)6. Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen7. Rolling In the deep by Adele8. Forget you by Cee Lo Green

Think of an effect: Phone effectCostume: Boys wearing in whole black or white whereas girls wear in striking color dress.

2nd Meeting (8th April 2013)Practice and Perform

3rd Meeting (9th April 2013) from 10am to 12pm8 attendants: Lee Jo Yee(Leader), Nicolas Wong, Ker Neng, Chua, Goh, Wee Min, Voon Yin, Vincent

Style: OperaBrainstorming for music instruments:

1. DIY Guitar2. Keys3. Newspaper4. Garments washing board5. Shakers (Water bottles filled with beans)6. Drum ( Big Bucket)7. Xylophone(Forks + Spoons + Wooden Sticks + String)8. Balloons

Creative Thinking Skills Project 1:"Sound of Daily Objects"Meeting Journal

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4th Meeting (11th April 2013) from 1pm to 3pm7 attendants: Lee Jo Yee(Leader), Nicolas Wong, Ker Neng, Chua, Goh, Wee Min, Voon Yin

Songs Chosen: 1. Stand By Me2. Marry you by Bruno Mars3. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars4. OMG by Usher5. I knew you were trouble by Taylor

Swift6. Doremon theme song7. Harlem Shake8. Gentleman9. Oppa Gangnam style

Story Line developed and decided: Mickey met and fell in love immediately with Minnie when he first saw him. He sang a medley of Stand By Me, Marry you and Just the way you are to win Minnie's heart and he did it. They got married after then. One day, when Mickey is ready to spend a good evening with Minnie, he found out that Minnie was actually a cat, a Hello Kitty! He ran for his lives but his fate has been decided, as Hello Kitty hunted him down and feast herself. When everyone thought that Mickey has died, it turned out that Hello Kitty only ate his ears, so Mickey is still alive! He has became a mouse without ears, that is Doremon! Everybody cheers for the happy ending and Doremon was too excited until he throws all of his tools from the pocket located in the middle of his stomach. Everyone was so happy and delight so they dance Harlem Shake and Oppa Gangnam Style to celebrate this memorable event.

Characters:Mickey: Peh Ker NengMinnie: Lee Jo YeeHello Kitty: Voon YinDoremon: ChuaDoremi: Hui SimDaisy: Wee MinDonald Duck: Nicolas WongGoofy: Goh The Story line that I have suggested:Part 1 - Mickey and Minnie met and fell for each other.Part 2 - Minnie later found out that she has ear cancer, and it's in stage 4.Part3 - The story plot later twisted when the audience found out that Mickey is actually a gay.

Photo 1.1: I am trying to explain my ideas to my teammate .

Photo 1.2: I as a leader trying to explain the objectives of this performance.

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Part4 - Minnie found out the truth and kills Mickey out of anger because she could not accept the fact and suicides later, just like the plot of Romeo and Juliet. Then One member of our group will jump up and dance Harlem Shake and everybody turns back alive. THE END.

*the reason my story line was not accepted:: it was because the end of the story is too harsh and we afraid that the topic of gay might be accused as profanity or offensive.

Title of the show: The Black Disney/ Minnie's message/Message of Minnie/The End of Mickey/Demonic Minnie and The Kingdom/ Secret of Minnie(This is chosen)

5th Meeting (17th April 2013) from 9am to 10am7 attendants: Lee Jo Yee(Leader), Nicolas Wong, Ker Neng, Chua, Goh, Wee Min, Voon Yin

Band name and Voting:Nicolas Wong: Banana Archi band- teamwork- banana (1- ker neng)Ker neng: A team- from a movie- teamwork- heroes (1- Chua)Chua: Tri - The Real Identity- minnie mouse to kitty- mickey to doremon (6- everyone except chua)Goh: Loco Minnie- Loco in another crazy( 1- chua)Wee Min: Crazytoon- crazy cartoon(2- joyee and goh)Voon Yin: Archi Century inspired by 20th century (0)Jo Yee: The Imagineers (3- voon yin, wee min, nicolas)Descriptions: mysterious, mask to cover the real identity like the show

Band Poster:Chua: The other side of MinnieKer neng: To the mirror is a shadow of a catNicolas: A happy bandVoon Yin: Movie poster, behind is a hello kittyWee Min: Minnie wiping her face reviling her true identityGoh: Minnie is killing the shadows

Photo 1.3: Showing our ideas of band posters.

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6th Meeting (18th April 2013) from 10am to 3pm

8 attendants: Lee Jo Yee(Leader), Nicolas Wong, Ker Neng, Chua, Goh, Wee Min, Voon Yin, Hui Sim

New member: Hui Sim, character given is Doremi, the sister of Doremon. Poster selecting:Wee Min: 7voon yin:2joyee: 1ker neng: 6goh: 0chua: 0nicolas:0Conclusion: combining wee min's idea and ker neng's ideas, joyee and voon yin re-produce the


Musical Instruments making:1. Tri-Pringles beating box (Sim)2. Multi- Drum Kit (Nicolas)3. The Incredible Straw (Joyee)4. Shakers (Ker Neng)5. Guitar (Voon Yin)6. Wonder Gong( Chua)7.Keys (wee min)8.Serious Drum(Goh)

Stage testing: Went to the stage, tested the instruments such as 1, 2, 4 and 6. Voice testing passed.

Photo 1.4: Doing musical instruments and making performance costumes

Photo 1.5: Sticking masking tape around the edge of the plastic water bottle.

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Song: discussed and planned to have another new song: Gentleman by PSY in the ending part of the musical performance.

7th Meeting (19th April 2013) from 9am to 4pmResearch on costume:Lee Jo Yee: Red Dress with white polka dots, White/Black Belt, Red Ribbon with white polka dots, Black Shoes, White Gloves, A Black Dot for nose, two big ears, tails

Ker neng: black shirt, red pants with two yellow dots, white gloves, yellow slippers, two big ears, tails

Chua: blue shirt and blue pants, white socks, White gloves , red tail, white pocket, bell

Nicolas:yellow lipsticks yellow leggings, white pants, blue hat, red ribbon,*light blue shirt

Goh: white gloves, black strips, green hat, orange shirt, brown socks, two long ears

Sim: red ears, yellow shirt, yellow pants, flower tail, white pocket with red strips, white socks, bell

Wee Min: yellow lipsticks, purple shirt, white pants, yellow legging, purple socks, purple ribbon

Voon Yin: white hat, white shirt, pink skirt, white legging, red shoes, red ribbon Wee Min has sponsored her poster colors to the make-up character

Shopping: buy stuffs, Nicolas Wong and Goh absent due to some important errands to run.

8th Meeting (23th April 2013)

We have decided to change the character of Ker Neng (Mickey Mouse) with Nicolas Wong ( Donald duck) because Nicolas has a better stage performing experience.

-We have started practice the 1st part of the song. The play started with Goofy, Doremon and Donald standing at the back of the stage singing the background music of Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Then Mickey mouse walk up to the stage to serenade Minnie Mouse, who is sitting on the stage reading book. Minnie Mouse was moved by Mickey and danced with him until they got married. Daisy, Hello kitty and Doremi sang Bruno Mars's Just the way you are and Marry you to help Mickey to win Minnie's heart. The couple paused themselves on the stage while waiting the rest go behind the stage.

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9th Meeting (24th April 2013) from 1pm to 2pm We have once again change the character of Nicolas (Mickey Mouse) with Joyee Lee (Minnie Mouse) because the play will be more interesting with a boy screening a female character and vice versa.

- We have rehearsal once in LT20. I found that most of our members have stage fright, and get panic and extremely nervous when asked to perform in front of people. Once they get panic, their minds went blank and bodies turn into rocks. Secondly, they were not sure about the syncing of the songs. Hence, the whole performance so far was worse than ever imagine. Thirdly, we have no idea how to put in our music instruments into the whole performance.

10th Meeting (25th April 2013) from 10am to 1pm

- Once again, after several discussion, we have planned to change the character of Minnie Mouse ( Nicolas Wong) with Hui Sim (Doremi) because Nicolas has to play the drum throughout the whole performance. We have brain stormed and keep on practicing till we figured out about the stage orientation. We try our very best to overcome all the problems and trust me, it has been a tough week for me, with staying up late for practice and sore throat due to excessive amount of singing.

Photo 1.6: We try to overcome our stage fright by performing in the amphitheater

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11th meeting (1st May 2013)

We went to shopping today to buy all the required costumes and accessories.

Final Characters: Lee Jo Yee = Mickey MousePeh Ker Neng= Minnie MouseNicholas= DoremiChua= DoremonGoh = GoofyWee Min = DaisyVoon Yin=Hello KittyHui Sim=Donald duck


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