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Email Marketing Best Practices


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Maciej OssowskiDirector of EducationImplix / GetResponseLondon, 21 Nov. 2012

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Measure your Measure your success!success!

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Open rate (OR)Open rate (OR)

Indicates how many opens the emails

Open rate is important, but not precise

Average open rate in the UK: 18.35%

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Subject lineSubject line

• the shorter, the better (45-51 characters)• questions can boos results• should URGE to action• shouldn’t reveal the entire offer• subject line = trailer• can’t be tricky or misleading!• repeat the sender’s name for better results

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FROM fieldFROM field

• brief, recognizable, customer-friendly

• shouldn’t be changed frequently

• B2C: use the company name in the FROM field

• B2B: add the sender’s name

• avoid vague names like „newsletter”, „admin”, „notification”

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Snippet – your extra Snippet – your extra spacespace

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Email doesn’t have to be opened to sell!

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Think about the REACH of newsletters!

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Email marketing has „a long tail”

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Click-thru rate Click-thru rate (CTR)(CTR)

Indicates how many clicks an email averaged

Click-thru rate is important and 100% precise

Average CTR in the UK: 2.95%

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Click-to-open rate

(CTOR)• Measures the effectiveness of a call to

action• Number of unique clicks divided by

unique opens and multiplied by 100• Tells you about the relevancy of content• Average CTOR in the UK: 15.32%

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List Churn Rate (CR)

• 60%: sales content• 40%: „pure content” (education)• Average opt-out rate: 0.15%• List churn: irrelevant content, too

high a frequency, list fatigue, lack of trust

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Bounce rate(BR)

• Soft bounces (mailbox full, temporary issues with receiving server)

• Hard bounces (blocked, other)• User-unknown bounces• Soft bounce rate: 1-2%• Hard bounce rate: 2-3%

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Complaint rate

• Can hurt your deliverability!• Might be reported via a Feedback

Loop• Decreases your reputation• Is always evaluated• Mustn’t exceed 0.2%

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Page 31: Email metrics

Reporting: opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, conversions, spam complaints

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Open rates & click-thrus: performance comparison, hourly data

Page 33: Email metrics

Social Sharing Stats: check how many people share Social Sharing Stats: check how many people share your newsletters in social networksyour newsletters in social networks

Page 34: Email metrics

test 5 variables of the same email creative

analysis of the most effective subject line, banner and call to action

automatic selection of the best performing creative and deployment to the remaining part of the list

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Thank you!Thank you!

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