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End of Internship Report AJ Marino-Marketing Communications Intern 8/11/2014

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End of Internship ReportAJ Marino-Marketing Communications Intern


Liberty Mutual Insurance 2

My team

Direct Manager: Jill Silver Also worked on projects for:

–Amy Stoll–Thom Wilk–Yvette Yegumians

Liberty Mutual Insurance 3

In my first days, I spent time learning about Liberty, the insurance world, and our Commercial Insurance unit. Activities included:

Viewing latest CI Town Halls Participating in Intern Orientation Meeting with experts on each CI line Viewing presentations on the MarComm and Strategy Decks

Insurance 101

Liberty Mutual Insurance 4

My Project List

I had the pleasure of working on the following projects:

Coffee Break Webinars Portal Audits Regional Fact Sheets Agency Prospecting Letter Sales Success Graduate Graphic Industry Specific Risk Control Slides Contact Sheets Update Risktrac Demo Analytics Regional OFTs and Word Docs FrontierMEDEX Registration Guide

Liberty Mutual Insurance 5

Project 1: Coffee Break Webinars

Assignment: Revamp Coffee Break program for nationwide use.

Responsibilities: Work with design on refreshed template Work with Distribution on strategy for countrywide launch Enhance current materials and draft new materials Create Slogan Update Marketing for Success presentation

Liberty Mutual Insurance 6

Project 1: Coffee Break Webinars

Results: Refreshed, branded program with one unified look for

nationwide use New platform for sending communications to Agents and

Brokers Enhanced tool to help TM’s in the field educate A/Bs on Liberty

Mutual value add services for their business

Liberty Mutual Insurance 7

Slogan: Recharge your Knowledge, Refresh your Business

Coffee Break Materials: Example

Liberty Mutual Insurance 8

Project 2: Portal Audits

Assignment: Audit Agent Portal and Marketing Tools for accurate, up to date documents to keep agent resources organized

Responsibilities: Review documents in “Agent Playbook” and “Guides and

References” Note necessary changes and take downs in spreadsheet Make usability recommendations for reorganization of portal,

working with Customer Experience team

Liberty Mutual Insurance 9

Project 2: Portal Audits

Results: Meetings with regional communications specialists to inform

them of document updates and removal Enhanced portal data to assist consolidation process as we

move from 8 regional portals to one main portal

Liberty Mutual Insurance 10

Project 3: Regional Fact Sheets

Assignment: Create one “About Liberty” Fact Sheet to replace 8 regional versions

Responsibilities: Review old regional documents and new materials to create

story to tell Write white copy based on research, leaving room for regional

nuances Collaborate with team/regions on what to include and highlight

Liberty Mutual Insurance 11

Project 3: Regional Fact Sheets

Results: Completed white copy of fact sheet that told the

new realigned Liberty story Once completed in design, the fact sheets will:

– Aid agents and brokers in their client discussions about the value of working with Liberty Mutual

– Help transition Regions from legacy brand to Liberty brand awareness

Liberty Mutual Insurance 12

Project 8: Risktrac Demo Analytics

Assignment: Create website tracking metrics for new Risktrac demo site to measure success of the project

Responsibilities: Research website analytics and Liberty tool capabilities Select analytics based on web content and need Highlight KPI’s to designate goals for the project Research competitor models and decide to keep site public or


Liberty Mutual Insurance 13

Project 8: Risktrac Demo


Worked with Dan Nadelberg to create dashboard of website analytics and metrics to track

Recommended usability changes to Risktrac Site

Gained insight on competitor models and how we can differentiate

Liberty Mutual Insurance 14

Project 10: FrontierMEDEX Sell Sheet

Assignment: Create sell sheet for Multinational client highlighting travel services for policyholders

Responsibilities: Collaborate with client on messaging and strategy for

document Research service and needs to communicate creative brief with

design Create rough draft of white copy based on client’s goals Gain department approvals and create final product with design

Liberty Mutual Insurance 15

Project 10: FrontierMEDEX Sell Sheet

Results: Met all client deadlines and

expedited process Created strategic copy that

highlighted features, differentiated our product, and provided a clear call to action

Product will be used to launch new mobile service access and promote our value add services in the multinational space

Liberty Mutual Insurance 16

Learning Opportunities

When I was not working on projects, I had the chance to sit in on meetings that taught me about how strategy is created here at Liberty. I learned about: New Telematics commercial campaign Awareness campaign for Service Center Closed Loop Feedback JD Power Survey Results

Liberty Mutual Insurance 17

#InternPerks: Executive Speaker Series

As part of the LMI Intern Program, I had the opportunity to attend a weekly webinar series featuring topics from varying executives. Sessions included:

Innovation and Technology in Insurance – Chris Capone, SVP, Personal Insurance Partner Distribution

Refining your Online Presence– Caroline Slomski, Manager, Employment Branding

Inside LMS– Clemia Brittenum, AVP, LMS Practice Management and Communications

Behavioral Interviewing Workshop– Brian Prozeller, Manager, Campus Recruiting

Diversity Dialogue– Dawn Frazier-Bohnert, VP, Diversity and Inclusion

Liberty Mutual Insurance 18

#InternPerks: Networking

When not working, The LMI Intern Program also gave me the chance to network with my peers, and see the fun side of Liberty!

Liberty Mutual Insurance 19


Overall, I had a very well rounded internship experience. I had ownership over several projects, and was made to feel like a real member of the team.

The exposure to multiple lines and departments was a great learning experience, and I feel that I have gained much from my peers, superiors, and through my work.

Thank You for Listening

Any questions?


Liberty Mutual Insurance 22

Project 4: Agency Prospecting Letter

Assignment: Revise copy of letter sent to prospective target agencies as part of agency onboarding effort

Responsibilities: Review and edit copy for audience clarity and tone Incorporate Commercial Insurance messaging into document

Liberty Mutual Insurance 23

Project 4: Agency Prospecting Letter

Results: Improved white copy with topics that better aligned with CI

initiatives Maintained consistent messaging for first impression with new

agents Created tool for TM’s to help onboard new agencies

Liberty Mutual Insurance 24

Project 5: Sales Success Graduate Graphic

Assignment: Create graphic concept/brand for advanced version of our Sales Success Academy program

Responsibilities: Study old brand and new program strategy Create concept sketches to meet client needs Communicate client and program goals with design

Liberty Mutual Insurance 25

Project 5: Sales Success Graduate Graphic

Results: Generated new “arrow” concept that appealed to

the client Worked with design to bring concept on brand Mediated discussions between client and design

to come up with ideal concept (still in process) Will be changing Academy logo to make more

sense conceptually and align the programs

Liberty Mutual Insurance 26

Project 6: Industry Risk Control Slides

Assignment: Condense industry specific risk control slides from 2 slides to one

Responsibilities: Work with design on new layout for content Condense content and case studies for clarity Research internal data to create visual element

Liberty Mutual Insurance 27

Results: Created new, organized

template Found new data source

revealing growth of our industry accounts

Provided Risk Control with necessary industry resource to use internally and with clients

Project 6: Industry Risk Control Slides

Liberty Mutual Insurance 28

Project 7: Contact Sheets

Assignment: Design more efficient process for updating Business Unit Contact Sheets on Marketing Tools

Responsibilities: Meet with design team and work with Standard Register to

brainstorm solutions Collaborate with CI Marketing teams on possible improvements

and problem solving

Liberty Mutual Insurance 29

Project 7: Contact Sheets

Results: Created two versions of the

documents, one static and one fillable

Designated content owners within the Business Units to eliminate Marketing from the process

Created consistent look and feel for documents

Liberty Mutual Insurance 30

Project 9: Regional OFTs and Word Docs

Assignment: Own project and work with design on creating “a message from” materials for regional presidents

Responsibilities: Meet with design on concept, serve as their point of contact for

the project Edit and review final versions Send out resources to regional communication specialists

Liberty Mutual Insurance 31

Project 9: Regional OFTs and Word Docs

Results: Created updated resources for regional use Maintained consistent look and feel throughout

upper management messaging