equality between women and men

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Equality between women and men. Equality. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Igualdad entre la mujer y el hombre

Equality between women and men

EqualitySocietysince ancient timesbelieved thatmenwere superior to women, butlittleby littlethisideawaschangingin favorof women.Human rightshave only beenbasedmainlyontheman andthatthis was the mostimportantin society.Atthetimewe sawinjusticethenwe became more concerned about puttinglawson women,since they are partof societyandhappiness, asthisisachievedwiththe collective good.

Equality at workNormallythere arebetterworking conditions formenthanfor women: ingovernmentandinpublicposts,sinceman has always beenthe one who has earned a living andthewomanhas been working at home.The rolesseemalreadyto have been distributedbutwe have to changethissomehow.

Equaljobs for womenand meninpublic places.


Equal righttovacationandleisure.

Menmore involvedinhouseworkandwomen at work.

Nomistreatment ofwomenby men

Human right

Menare bornand remainfree andequal in rights.

Nomancan becharged without a judgement.

No manshouldbe discriminated by his ideas.

Womens right

Maternity leaveformothersbeforeandafterchildbirthtocareof their child.

Right to havean abortionif a woman decides it.

Right toownahousewithout theneedto have a manin chargeofit.

Immediate and private attention if a woman is mistreated.

Women have always been part of the voiceless, they have been entitled to nothing. Now, that is changing slowly, but there is still no complete equality. In our new city, man will not take a step without counting on women, they will work together to achieve this task.