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 ETALON Automotive & Refinishing products for professionals.


Catalogue 2014 Eng ! CAUTION NOT FOR AMATEURS MARINE AUTOMOTIVE * MOTORBIKE COMPLEMENTARY VIDEOS BLOG MATERIAL Putties, Fillers & Clearcoats / p.3 Products for real craftsman [krafts-muhn] noun, plural craftsmen. 1. a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan. 2. an artist. * Sealing & Bonding / p.13 Polishing System / p.17 Masking Products / p.27 Cleaning Products & Consumables / p.31 Personal Protection Products / p.35 Abrasive Accessories / p.39 * A QR Code is a mobile phone readable barcode, the QR code reader applications for your iphone or android can be downloaded from itunes or playstore. You will come across plenty of such codes in this catalogue, which will link you to different videos and articles. INDEX s it y tion w n solu m p a roducts n y o ve n g c our p o m p a n o v a t i y o u ping n c a o t e d n g fo r i l n deve r t o r i e l o o k i d s xpo antly bran stomer e our r cu nst e ut co bl abo to ou i flex ionate ning e s pas ys list a alw e We r a We are NOT producing physically our products (for the moment) copying ready product lines afraid of the competition the cheapest the most expensive perfect, but we try very hard to improve big, but we think it is our strength We are ETALON! on c our h s or ract t PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES ETASOFT UNIVERSAL PUTTY Provides extremely easy sanding by hand and machine, possesses good filling properties without creating pinholes. Suitable for application on steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and GRP. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300UP-200 2kg, beige 6 pcs / cart. ET5300UP-100 1kg, beige 12 pcs / cart. ET5300UP-050 0.5kg, beige 12 pcs / cart. 4 ETAFILL UNIVERSAL MULTI PUTTY Universal putty with extra filling properties for works on all metallic surfaces including galvanized steel, aluminium & fibreglass. Advanced adhesion properties. Pinhole-free surface. Easy sanding. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300PR-180 1.8kg, beige 6 pcs / cart. ETALIGHT UNIVERSAL PUTTY Universal lightweight filling & fine putty for works on all metallic surfaces,including galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass. Elastic. Easy Sanding. Suitable for applications in thick layers. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5200LP-100 1L, beige 8 pcs / cart. PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES ETAFINE POLYESTER FINE PUTTY Designed for finishing jobs, allows easy sanding by hand & machine. It is available with red & white hardener for finishing jobs in automotive & yacht refinishing respectively. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300FP-100/R 1kg, red hardener 12 pcs / cart. ET5300FP-100/W 1kg, white hardener ETAPLAST PUTTY FOR PLASTICS ETAGLASS FIBERGLASS PUTTY 12 pcs / cart. Has unique filling properties, which allow it to be applied in thick layers for repairs of deep damages and even rust-through spots. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300GP-100 1kg, green 12 pcs / cart. * Filling and spot-repair putty for the renishing jobs on plastic parts of vehicles, such as bumpers, mirrors and other. Elastic, with good adhesion on most plastics. Fast drying. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300PP-100 1kg, black 12 pcs / cart. - light putty - aluminium putty - berglass putty - plastic putty 5 PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES/FILLERS ETALU UNIVERSAL PUTTY Universal filling & finishing putty with aluminium particles with high temperature & mechanical resistance on all metallic surfaces, including galvanized steel & aluminium. Does not clog sanding paper. Fine, pinhole-free surface. Provides fine and even surface. CODE DIMENSIONS 1kg, silver Universal 2K epoxy putty for applications in marine and industrial areas, where water resistance is important. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5400EH-PA01 component , 1 kg 6 pcs / cart. ET5400EH-PB/N component B, 0.5 kg 6 pcs / cart. PACKAGING ET5300ALU-100 2K EPOXY PUTTY 12 pcs / cart. SANDER ORBIT P40-180 paint striping putty P240-1500 ller/primer clear coat 6 5mm stroke 2,5 - 3mm stroke EPOXY PRIMER 3:1 Chromate free versatile epoxy primer with anticorrosive protection for automotive, marine and industrial usage. Can be used as undercoat or as final coating. Suitable as adhesion promoter on metal, steel, aluminium, fiberglass. Can be applied on underwater surfaces. Easy application with roll, airless gun, electrostatic gun, with HVLP or conventional spraying equipment. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5400EP-A075 primer 750ml, grey 6 pcs / cart. ET5400EH-B025 hardener 250ml, grey 12 pcs / cart. PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS FILLERS ETAPRIME 5:1 HS HIGH BUILD ACRYL FILLER Excellent filling properties, easy application without runs, compatible with all painting systems, easy sanding. Furthermore can be used as sprayable putty. It is possible to reach up to 300 microns thickness in three layers. ETAPRIME 4:1HS ACRYL FILLER ETAFLEX 1K PLASTIC PRIMER High Solids, 2K acrylic filler/primer. Excellent filling properties. Easy sanding. Fast drying. Can be applied wet-on-wet, if diluted by 30% with Etalon Acrylic Thinner. Suitable for spot repairs. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5500AF-08/G set 800ml +160ml hardener, grey 12 sets / cart. ET4400AF-10/G set 1L + 250ml hardener, grey 6 sets / cart. ET5500AF-08/B set 800ml +160ml hardener, black 12 sets / cart. ET4400AF-30/G 3L, grey 4 cans / cart. ET5500AF-25/G set 2.5L + 0.5L hardener, grey set ET44001HF-100 hardener 1L 6 cans / cart. 5501-050 hardener 500ml Provides excellent adhesion for all kinds of plastics, such as bumpers, mirrors and spoilers. Transparent. Can be recoated with all existing automotive coatings. VOC compliant