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The Low Budget Filmmaker Story FilmFundr + E SD Can a $100K film have a stronger impact than a $100M film?

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The Low Budget Filmmaker Story

FilmFundr + ESD

Can a $100K film have a stronger impact than a $100M film?

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Paranormal activity Budget


Paranormal Activity Gross $107,918,810

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Jupiter Ascending Budget $176M

Jupiter Ascending Gross $183M

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Why?❖ Social Sentiment❖ Cord Cutting❖ Youtube❖ Digital Distribution❖ User Generated Content❖ Over The Top Distribution❖ Content Localization❖ Finance Vertical


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Filmfundr + ESD❖ Examined the last 5 years of the ESD NY in Film Program and cross referenced it

with 126 data sources and 100 years of Film data. We then produced a rough forecast of how the program will perform over the next 5 years.

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Film Students❖ The program has been a

great boost to the city, added focus on film students and low budget filmmakers would make the program a even better initiative

❖ Our existing data in this area and expertise are at the ESD’s disposal to create a boost that will last decades.

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Where we are❖ 36% Film Student Dropout

Rate❖ 52% Unemployment among

film majors one year after graduating

❖ 13K median salary of an average film student in NYC

❖ 70% of Film student respondents unaware of program

❖ 64% Graduation Rate

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Where we could be❖ 10% Film Student dropout

rate❖ 20% Unemployment Among

Film Majors❖ 25K Median Salary❖ 100% Engagement with

Film student community❖ 84% graduation rate❖ >$10bn of connected

economic activity in addition to the $9bn generated already

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❖ Filmfundr + ESD Public Private Partnership Model

❖ Filmfundr Distribution Bidding Model❖ Filmfundr Tax Education and Funding facilitation❖ Content Based Valuation and Exchange ❖ Film Employment Focused events and workshops

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The Ask.

❖ ESD Introduces Filmfundr to schools or other entities who can benefit from its data services and distribution facilitation

❖ The ESD advises Filmfundr on which initiatives to apply to for funding.

❖ We move the low budget film community forward - together.

❖ FF + ESD Diversify film and entertainment.

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