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Galgotias University has come up with its new edition of The G-Post


  • YEAR 2 | ISSUE 3 | DECEMBER, 2013

  • 2 YEAR 2 | ISSUE 3 | DECEMBER, 2013

    MSP program journey.............................................................................4

    English - The Ruling Queen5

    The Orientation Program: Mark of Another milestone............6

    Club Auditions @ Galgotias ...7

    Bitcoins Currency Of Tomorrow.9

    THE CASUAL VACANCY : A Book Review ......................................10

    Avalanche 1.0 & SAE launch .11

    Google Development Group Event...12

    National Racing Championship..13

    Vasant Vihar Foundation Club...........14

    SUNBURN: Live, Love, Dance..............18

    Flash Mob....................................................20

    My Experience as a Formula 1 marshal...............21

    Fresher's Party...............................................................22

    English Proficiency Orientation..............................23


    Diwali Celebration....25

    Galgotias Participation in IIT Rorkee....26

    List of events at G Quasar 201427

    Featured Story

    Featured Story

    Featured Story

  • YEAR 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2013

    Dr. Ashok Saxena

    Dr. Renu Luthra

    Mrs. Vinnie Mathur

    Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy

    "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." Vince Lombardi

    The G-Post Student Editorial Team comprises of some of the most affluent and dedi-

    cated lot of students who work round the calendar to make every issue of the news-

    letter a success. Desk or no desk, the students have always managed to put their best

    foot forward and have matured with every edition of the G-Post.

    The University newsletters student editorial team comprises students from nearly

    all disciplines, which are a part of the University curriculum. The team believes in

    the saying Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise. Under the able guid-

    ance of Dr. Ashok Saxena, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Renu Luthra, Pro-Vice Chancellor &

    Mrs. Vinnie Mathur, Dean Club & Cultural and with the designers touch of Mr. Ni-

    har Ranjan Roy the student editorial team has worked with full dedication.

    The team comprises of Ankit Srivastava, Sumit Singh, Rajat Durgapal who are

    Mechanical Engineers , Vanya Tripathi from the field of Forensics, Anamika from the

    department of Law, and the Computer Science undergraduates, Rahul Kapoor,

    Naman Agrawal, Vindhya Singh, Katyaini Pandey, Tanushree Parida, Ayushi Tripathi,

    Abhishek Agarwal, Amit Vikram, Raman Thukral, Aanchal Gogna, Archit Shorey and

    Kriti Doneria.

    It has been the motto of the team to bring to its readers the news and events of

    Galgotias University. However, we have ensured that not only the news but the

    thoughts of the college students also find a voice in the form of articles, poems or

    prose. We have, over the years believed that the Universitys Newsletter is the best

    platform to bring the talent of the students to the fore. While the sketches by many

    artists of the University have found a place in G-Post, well-woven thoughts and the

    opinion of students over some serious agendas have also been regularly featured in

    the G-Post. They say, Next to excellence is the appreciation of it. In order to appreci-

    ate those students who have excelled in any field, we had introduced the Shining

    Stars of Galgotias University column in our last issue. It is you, our readers-the

    students and the faculty members who motivate us to write. We have tried to ensure

    that the achievements are well lauded in this issue and the news of every event

    which the University has witnessed in the past few months reaches to you.

    We have tried to inculcate the changes and improvements suggested by our readers.

    We hope that you enjoy reading the newsletter. Our ideas come from our readers;

    our endeavor is to make the newsletter an enthralling experience for you. We wel-

    come your suggestions and feedbacks in order to make the upcoming issues better

    than the previous ones, as no matter how perfect it may seem, there is always a

    room for improvement.

    We would like to specially thank the magnanimous team of trainers from the School

    Of Life Long Learning for their invaluable help and support, Inderjeet Singh (Btech

    Mechanical) for his creative input, and the readers for their constant support and


    Vindya Singh

    Rahul Kapoor

    Naman Agrawal

    Ankit Srivastava

    Mr. Raman Thukral, B.Tech (CSE)

    Mr. Sumit Kumar Singh, B.Tech (ME)

    Mr. Archit Shorey, B.Tech (CSE)

    Mr. Rajat Durgapal, B.Tech (Mech.)

    Ms. Aanchal Gogna, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Kriti Doneria, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Akriti Ghosh, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Vanya Tripathi, B.Sc. Forensics

    Ms. Anamika Roy Choudhury, BBA LLB

    Mr. Amit Vikram, B.Tech (CSE)

    Mr. Abhishek Agrawal, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Tanushree Parida, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Katyaini Pandey, B.Tech (CSE)

    Ms. Ayushi Tripathi, B.Tech (CSE)

  • 4 YEAR 2 | ISSUE 3 | DECEMBER, 2013

    MSP program journey I have grown dreaming about Bill Gates, Paul Allen and people like them- idolizing the co-founder and the then CEO of Micro-

    soft, worshipping him like a living God. I was fascinated about him being a geek and being the worlds richest person, think-

    ing, how would be life for him, for geeks, for computer lovers. Even though I was always dreaming and thinking about this, I

    was never a computer genius, although I had a compelling desire for these machines but no, I was never a full time crazy

    geek. Microsoft was always not only a company but a legacy for me. I had always wanted to know how an organization which

    was formed by someone like Bill Gates functioned, why it is so different and how few good men have changed our desktops

    forever. I knew I wanted to study Computer Science. Still, I was no coder, no programmer, no geek just a normal boy fasci-

    nated about these things.

    I joined Galgotias University in B.Tech Computer Science and came to know about the MSP Program. I knew this was my one

    chance to get closer to something I had always dreamt of. For other applicants around me it was a professional decision but

    for me it has always been an emotional decision to be part of MS and this decision, Ill never regret.

    Joining MSP as a normal B.Tech student, this program has transformed me completely. I have learnt a lot through this, multi-

    ple times more than I have learnt in my B.Tech course so far. Since the very beginning, this program has been a great journey.

    From application to the controversial results to the change in national MSP leads and everything.

    It is because of this program, I got a chance to become a part of an ecosystem. It is because of this program I grew my interest

    in coding and technical evangelism. Though even today, I am not one very celebrated hotshot developer but I am happy that

    now at least I am learning something. It is because of this program, I developed interest in developing for the new app envi-

    ronment, I developed interest in new development technologies. It is because of this program, and thanks to MSDN Subscrip-

    tion it gives us, today I am using all the genuine software of MSP and enjoying it. This program has made me learnt mind

    blowing technologies and has made me an MS certified specialist for programming in HTML5.

    This program is not something that can give you a full time employment or can help you in earning some great fellowship or

    something but this program is certainly a great initiative to put at least few people like me on the right track. It will not com-

    plete my life goals but will definitely help me in setting them. MSP program has helped me a great deal. It is because of it, (at

    least I feel so) I am progressing in a right direction. I am learning something and I am doing something in the development of

    a vast ecosystem that is affecting the life of billions. At least I am doing something.

    I will forever be thankful to Microsoft for designing such program and to my childhood idol Bill Gates for creating a world

    and a legacy in which thousands like me are doing something productive.

    By: Nitish Kumar Sharma, B.Tech. CSE, 3rd year

    This year as an MSP has been pretty exciting with surprises and new experiences. I think it has completely changed my life and redefined who I am. I am getting everything that I had ever dreamt of new friends, playing with new technolo-gies, learning new things etc.

    If you are so much into technology then being an MSP gives a platform to explore the insights of new technologies, meet like-minded people and an opportunity to share and learn with IT community. And you can be within your campus equipped with the knowledge of latest technologies.

    I am really glad to be part of MSP 2013, to be meeting new people and interacting with fellow MSPs and contributing to make a difference in the students community. The most exciting thing about being an MSP is you get to explore and learn new so-lutions and technologies. And here in MIC, we got a chance to play with Windows 8, before it was globally launched. To be using Office 2013, Lync, Hyper V and other Microsoft solutions is quite a fun. As an MSP, we are provided MSDN subscription that gives us access to all the resourc