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2013-2015 Comenius & eTwinning Project Lycée Giraux Sannier Marie-Hélène Fasquel December 1, 2014 – LPM. GAMES Let’s learn/teach with games

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Cration de livres lectroniques sur lenvironnement et utilisation doutils du Web 2.0 en anglais dans un contexte de partage et de collaboration avec des partenaires europens.

2013-2015 Comenius & eTwinning Project Lyce Giraux SannierMarie-Hlne FasquelDecember 1, 2014 LPM.

GAMES Lets learn/teach with games

Language and Literature teacher, Lyce International Ile de Nantes, American OIB,Formerly ESL teacher at Lyce Giraux Sannier,ICT trainer,eTwinning ambassador,Microsoft Expert Educator (2014 and 2015, International Innovation Prize in 2014, UNESCO National Innovation Prize, 2013),Writer (Ellipses & Hatier, author & co-author)2 Biography

3Meeting students needsHaving their work and efforts recognized,Studying in an innovative and creative wayHaving fun and enjoying the course.

Meeting the teachers needsEngaging students (weak/shy/disengaged),Promoting self confidence, creativity, imagination, resilience (disengaged st.),Bringing out the students various talents (whatever they are: music, dancing, drawing, writing, )

Birth of the projectCombining 4 major motivation factors ICT collaboration, content creation, online publishing sharing ones work fun and engaging activities not being aware of the efforts made Opening onto the international authentic communication / engagement Draws/competitions, excellence certificates and prizes4Main objectives

Numrique entrer dans le monde des lves mais aussi dpasser leurs usages du numrique leur faire dcouvrir des outils nouveaux, leur permettre dapprofondir ce sujet.

4Motivation nurturing creativity (games and engaging activities), sharing online,Task-based approach,Improving ones command of English,Communicating.5The projects objectives

Dcrite par Vallerand et Thill en 1993 comme compose de 4 phases le dclenchement (crer la curiosit) lorientation (guider les lves dans une voie) lintensit (favoriser un certain degr dimplication) la persvrance (permettre llve de continuer en dehors de la prsence en classe).5Online curation on!2 ongoing experimentations (2013-15)Gamification: learning while producing games for ones partners (Comenius Project)Gamification curationflipped classroom curation62 ongoing projects

Project-based approachTo make games, you need to master the topic Students want to do well everything is published online pride in their work/in the outcomesThey share and help others learnThe constant goal = engaging students, helping them improve their command of English, learn about different cultures, new technologies 21st century skillsPlaying the partners games to learnCommunicating directly in English, only common language of the 7 different partner countries-- authenticity

7An engaging approach




Games are very useful to teach asThey are interactive,fun,The student has a problem to solve,He/she can win and actually plays/works without realizing it! (Perfect for disengaged students )

A few examples:Who am I?e-bookNew technologies LinkPadlet



Online tools & websites


creating gamesSpelling cityClasstools Quizlet


Spelling City


Spelling cityExample: whodunnit?Example: the environmentTutorial




Classtools Example




Quizletenvironment quiz

14 Any questions? Have you tried to gamify your classes?Lets share other ideas to help our students improve and engage!Our padWhat about you?

diploma generatorBest works CertificateGiftHanded out by the schools headmaster15


For instance: the fight for the environment, a real issue and a real goal (changing the world, first step)16 Engaging & meaningful topics

For the students:Pleasure to study, More personal workMOTIVATION For the teachers:Students tended to improveMore ambition on their part (published works)Student-created content (new role)Difficulties:A lot of energy and work is needed to set up a Comenius projectDifferences in availability (international project, different holiday dates, different types of lessons, different school systems) Destabilization of some students at the beginning of the project



coute /collaboration / partage crire pour tre lu / pour engager la communication pas seulement avec partenaires trangers mais aussi au sein de la classe. 17Any questions? Any feedback?Any other useful websites to gamify our classrooms? Our pad

18 What about you?

The program Partners in Learning (PiL) allows educators toJoin a worldwide community of dedicated and innovative teachers &Get free training (tutorials,webinars, resources).

19International community

My latest learning activityDocumentsFeel free to contact me, to join the community (I will invite you), to work together or to ask further questions!Write your information (name/email address) on our Pad please?

20International community

Feel free to contact me!

[email protected] Twitter: @mariehel2 Slideshare My files on Slideshare.blogOn Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+, eTwinning: Marie-Hlne Fasquel

21Contact -- References

Anglais, Entranement et auto-valuation, Comprhension Ecrite, Expression Ecrite, Ellipses, Paris, 2010.ExtractContents


Bac en Vue, Anglais, Spcial Vocabulaire, Ellipses, 2011.ExtractContents.


Contrle continu terminale, Anglais, Ellipses, September 2014,Coordonn par JolCascade.ExtractContents.



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