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GET BUZZED A quick guide to BuzzFeed

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The what, why and how to BuzzFeed for brands.


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GET BUZZEDA quick guide to BuzzFeed

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“Like a joyful scourge, Peretti is simultaneously fanning the flames that are disrupting the old media business model and promising that he has constructed a new, lucrative one.”

Andrew Rice - NYMag

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— BuzzFeed is a content producer, publisher and aggregator.

— Established in 2006, BuzzFeed provides fast moving news to more than 50 million unique users each month.

— “BuzzFeed is a place for you to discover, share, and track everything awesome that is happening on the Internet as soon as it happens.”

What is it?

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— BuzzFeed Journalists, Writers & Editors (Staff)

— BuzzFeed staff create most of the content on BuzzFeed.

— BuzzFeed Members

— All content generated by members ends up on a separate ‘community’ page.

— BuzzFeed Partners

— Advertisers content rotates through the front page of BuzzFeed and can be accessed on their brand channel.

How does BuzzFeed generate content?

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BuzzFeed Members

— Members can rate, comment, share, suggest and create content.

— ‘Cat Power’ is the member ranking system. High ranking members can vote for multiple pieces of content per day. Higher rank = more votes.

— The posts are reviewed by BuzzFeed editors, with the most interesting surfaced on the front page.

— As the number of posts a member suggests get accepted and promoted by BuzzFeed’s editors, members’ ‘Cat Power’ rank rises.

— It is free to become a member.

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BuzzFeed Badges

— Badges allow users to express their feelings toward a piece of content.

— Once enough users have clicked on one of the badges, the content is labelled with a badge.

— A ‘viral’ logo appears on the corner of the content that is quickly gaining impressions.

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INSIDE THE BUZZ“We want our advertising to be innovative, inspiring and lead the shift to social – and not just be another necessary evil that pays the bills.”

Jonah Peretti - Co-Founder of BuzzFeed

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— There are no display ads on BuzzFeed.

— BuzzFeed value consumer experience above all else. This means they only allow native advertising. To participate you will need to become a ‘Partner’.

— There are two types of partner:

— 1. Editorial Partner.

— 2. Advertising Partner.

Social Thumbnails

CTR 0.5%

Front PageBig Story UnitCTR 1.25%

Story Unit 1CTR 2.5%

Story Unit 2CTR 1.5%

Centre Story UnitCTR 1%

Image and Information from

Advertising on BuzzFeed

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1. Editorial Partner

— Editorial Partners produce their own content on their own websites.

— BuzzFeed then provide a picture link with a short heading and an introductory sentence.

— These are featured on the home page of BuzzFeed via an algorithm.

— The algorithm finds content that is most likely to go viral and places them in the designated feature spots.

2. Advertising Partner

— As an Advertising Partner, you are given a BuzzFeed channel.

— Your content is viewed in-house on the BuzzFeed domain.

— The content you produce needs to be within the BuzzFeed tone of “cool, interesting and/or fun”.

— BuzzFeed can provide editors/writers to help produce content for your brand.

Types of partner

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1. Take time to create a story. Build your brand personality over a number of posts.

2. When telling your story, think about the emotional response you desire.

3. Be willing to take risks. If people don’t like it, they won’t share it.

4. Keep it relevant. Watch what formats are working and what news/entertainment is trending.

5. BuzzFeed content has a short half-life. Regular content production is necessary to keep readers engaged.

5 key rules to advertising on BuzzFeed

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— Virgin Mobile has a channel hub that uses it’s own custom skin with links to their Facebook page, website and Twitter account.

— Virgin Mobile produce 3 pieces of content per week that aligns with who they are.

— For example, the Virgin Mobile BuzzFeed team took the news of Richard Branson getting his head cast as an ice cube mould and turned it into 12 Business Tycoons We Would Like To Suck On.

— The business personalities who are represented in this piece of content aren’t put there randomly. “All of the business icons on the list share a thematic connection to Virgin Mobile's fun, young, and sexy brand.” – Michael Estrin, iMedia Connection.

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— AMC’s TV show, “The Pitch” used BuzzFeed in the lead up to it’s first airing.

— “The Pitch” used a series of 3 posts to help generate some buzz and get people thinking and forming opinions that directly related to what the TV show was about.

— “This type of content allows the brand to start a conversation about a topic that is the perfect context for its new show.” - Michael Estrin, iMedia Connection.

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— The Toyota BuzzFeed channel is a great example of how to produce content that is relevant to your brand.

— All Toyota’s posts have something to do with cars/driving. Some are specifically in context with Toyota, such as 20 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Guess That Drive A Prius.

— Toyota use a clever mix of silly and informative content.

— “The diversity of content allows them to reach a broad audience with super-targeted messages.” - Michael Estrin, iMedia Connection.

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SUMMARY•WHAT: BuzzFeed provides fast moving news to more than 50 million unique users each month.

•WHY: With more people looking to share content, now is the time to build your engagement online with native advertising.

•HOW: Follow the 5 key rules to create the ‘right’ content at the ‘right’ time.