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  • 8/14/2019 Harris Etter


    IaDr. Andy Harris for LI.S.CongresTo: Dr . Andy Harr is (R)c/o Andy Harris for Cong'ressPO Box L527Annapol is , MD 21404Fr :

    ' Dear Andy,art icl-e proving what a total l iberal Democrat FrankKratov i l c lear ly is ! !races left in the country, you really do need my helpf ight back against the mi l l ions of dol lars in negat ive lat tackads the liberal Democrats wil l hurl against you again.

    To demonstrate that I wil l continue to stand withto help you meet your 1$ Quarter fundraising goal of $f 'm sending you today my most generous donation of:





    u and0 ,000 ,

    t_ l 92,000t_ l $1,ooo

    Sincere ly :a

    ** Et-gg make vour check payable to:

    Nameas tSignature:

    $1 ,500Other : $

    PO Box 1527Annapolis, MD 2140

    t_ lt_1

    NOTE:You maymakeyourcredit cardcontribrrtiono fuidy llarris' campaignyin the nformation elowor goingonlindo www.andyharris.com:Pr^EAsEHEcKARD ypE: (_) Vrsa (-) lvlasiuncARD l)AtvmrucaxEtcnsss

    CardNumber: ExpirationDate:Amountof Gift:Date:

    Appears n Card:


    I+- I( i__.r----II

    Ip o*o**

    Federal law requires t s to teport the nane, address, utd name ol employer and ocaryation for anycontributions exceed5200per election cycle. Corporate contributions od gifts rom foreign nationalsCard gifts only. Ocatpation:Congress. Contribrtions tte not tu.4eductible for inconte t6 purposes. Limit of 52,400per person per eprimty otd general eleeliott combincd. Limit o/ $9,600 per couple if signed by both pafiies qtd drmn on a

  • 8/14/2019 Harris Etter


    Sr.lrr Smuronlvlnnnarp

    RPPUSLICANIoR U.S. CONGRESSThursday, Eebruary 26, 2009

    I f"'*** Ii I st'nderd I, I U.S.PoetrgcAIDi | l,lcnificl4 VA Ii I rcnitlo.ezso Il -USPS IOOOAPPROVED POLYIII 2oo8GoPNor'mmri trrDtrr*"tl'rDI

    DearEnclosed wi th th is let ter you wi t l.'GOP TO HOUNDPRO-STIMULUSBLUE DOGS.As you '11 qu i ck l y be ab leI /ve under l ined, my Democrat iche's not the conservat ive "b1ueclaimed on the campaign trail ,leadership and radical Specia l

    to tel l from the paragraphsopponent is already pdog" independent Democ

    if ind an ar t ic le i t i t ledIIIi

    thea1In Iess than two monthsKratov i l has voted for a $39budget -bust ing $787 Bi l l ionthe growth of government but

    but a lapdog of the fi -Interests in Congress.in of f ice, Democrat FrankBi l l ion tax increase andspending bil l that st imulanot the economy.

    Af ter Kratov i l f l ip- f lopped on th is spending biL l ,I ' ve received.encouragement f rom every corner of theDis t r i c t t o cha l l enge h im aga in in 2010 .That ' s why I ,m wr i t ing you today .I ' ve a l ready been ca l led to Wash ing ton , D.C. to mwith the top leaders of the Nat ional Republ icanCongressional Committee and have been asked by them to

    o rruna g a i n .g a l n . | |IAfter ta lk inq wi th my wi fe, my fami ly , and my clo$estsupporters , f 've dec ided that I wi l l in fact run for t4"

    U.S. Congress once more and am ask ing you for your hel$ tomake this campaign a success iILas t cyc le jus t abou t eve ry d is t r i c t tha t wasn ' t i l pe ldby a Republ ican incumbent running for re-efect ion brokf forthe Democrats due to the overwhelming Obamawave. . . Ii- - .But wi th Pres ident Obamapushing for reck less Ispending, ta lk ing about ra is ing taxes, and c los ing dowf i theI

  • 8/14/2019 Harris Etter


    Imuch-needed. mil- i tary prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Ith ink the Republ ican Party is wel l -pos i t ioned to makel atleast a par t ia l comeback in 201,0 |Ifn my last campaign for Congressr my opponent ibenef i t ted immenseJ-y rom the fact that he had absoluLelyno vot ing record to be held accountable to. i

    This t ime around, his vot ing record wit l be fa i -Cl bareII. . .Tax inc reases ga lo re . . .m ind-b lowin g de f i c i t Ispend ing . . . s i d i ng wi th T r i a l Lawyers over smal - l bus inpss 'L !owners, . .voting against Republican tax cut amendmenarl. .IDemocrat Frank Kratovil, s record 1s already shapli-ng upto be the exac t l i be ra l reco rd I p red i c t ed in 2008 . IlThat 's why when i t comes to cast ing thei r bal lot r th ist ime around, I wi l t be sure to remind the voters of theexpress ion "Fool - me once, shame on you.. . Fool_me twibe,shame on me " . IIin my meet ing with the Nat ional Republ icaf iCongTress ional Commit tee (NRCC)we discussed set t ing alf undra i s i -ng goa l o f $100 ,000 by the end o f March. I

    That leaves me less than f ive weeks to show that l t ,^t ru ly commj" t ted to winnlng this seat . i| -I 'm wr i t ing you today because you've been a f r ief rd andsupporter of mine for some t ime now. I

    obeh i s

    in .ive

    Your g i f t o f $1 ,000 he lped me come wi th in tZ ofv i c t o ry las t t ime .Now that Democrat Kratov i l has revealed himsel - fthe par t isan l iberal he pract ical ly denounced on thecampaign t ra i1, I 'm conf ident we can achieve v ic toryt ime .The NRCC

    away, as haveI 'm i n i t to win and I need you on board once agAlready, Democrat . Kratov i l is receiv ing the negapress he deserves for bet ray i -ng his campaign promises

    has asked me to.s tar t running hard r ighhundreds of f r iends iust l ike vou.

  • 8/14/2019 Harris Etter


    With my f i rs t f inance repor t on the hor izop in thb nextfe l t weeks and as huqe of a tarqet as th is race is for theGOP, f 'm trufy counlinq on b. - - f-IJ've sent you this ar t ic l -e to prove exact lv how mlcnst , ronqer of a message we wi l l bg able to del iver th is t imearoulr!! iwith your help tod.ay we wlII galvanize the .o.r""tf . t ivemovement and uni te the Republ j -can Party to win in 20101.II 'm confident that with the help of the new campaignteam wetve put in placer w wi l l succeed in our cal l fbr .L.spend ing res t ra in t , f i sca l d isc ip l ine , and t rad i t i ona l iva lues IIMy f r iend, please send me your most generous donaf iono f $2 r000 , $1 ,500 , o r $1 ,000 as soon a s you poss ib l y c fn .

    Over the past two years, I 've campaigned vl r tuaf f faround-the-c lock to put pocketbook issues and protect i$n ofthe t radi t ionat farcr i ly f i rs t in my race for Congr""" . III tve never waivered in my campargn agenda of br inf ingproven, no-nonsense leadership on f isca] issues l ike s$endingand taxat ion to Washington, D.C. IIThis is an agenda I p lan to del - iver on come Elect fon Day.But r ight now, I t ru ly need your cont inued support . i

    M a k e n o m i s t a k e ,a s k e d t o r a i s e i n t heI cannot thank you enough for thehelp, and f inanc ia l support to help me achieve

    I look forward to hear ing back f rom you soon.

    P .S . P lease take jus t a few moments to readhave enc losed . A f ter you 've f i n i shed ,count on you to send your most generous$2 ,000 , $1 ,500 , o r $1 ,000 r i gh t away .

    I" icne arr lc r9 r .I hope I cqndonat ion

  • 8/14/2019 Harris Etter


    @WliltuxhingtunrmtxGOP o HoundPro-Stimulus lueDogsby S.A.MILTER

    The handfulof the House'sBlue DogDemocrats wno swrtcneo melf votes

    Democrat-ledCongressoaded he billwith unnecessarypending,Mr. Kratovilwill be out every day of this week'sholiday break touring his sprawlingMaryland istrict andtoutingsuccessntrimming frivolous programsfrorn thepackage nd highlighting he jobs it'sestimatedo produce.'lllthough ttris bill is still far fromperfect, n a crisisof thismagnitudewecan't afford to let the perfect be theenemy of the necessary,"Mr. Kratovilsaidafter the vote switch Friday.Similar explanations are beingoffered by eachof the five Democragwho voted against he original $819billion Housebill in late Januarybutsupported inal passagefthe $787bil-lion versionnegotiatedwith the Senate."Congress as done its part to pro-vide desperatelyneeded funds," saidRep.Brad Ellsworthof Indiana,a BlueDog Democratwho switchedhis vote."Now it is up to stateand localofficialsthroughout ndianaand this country oensure hesedollarsare spentwisely."They also are citing the bipartisannegotiations that shapedthe final bill,although only three Republlcans nCongresssupported the legislation.

    salesmanand the product," said IGnSpain, a spokesmanor the NationalRepublicanCongressional ommittee."Democratsanogantlyproclaimed hatRepublicans ho vorcd against he stim-uluspackage id so at their ownperil,'but now it appears that ln manyDemocrat-held istricts, here could begteaterrisk in actuallyhavingvoted forPelosi's orkJaden ackage.His counterpart at the DemmaticCongressbnalCampaign Commiftee,Jennifer Crider, said the Republicanattacksabout switchingvotes ultimatelywill not matter f the stimulusplan iswell received.Vhat they havebeendoing is goingback to their districts and e4plainingwhy they votedtheway heyvoted,"shesaid, That'swhat shappeningn thesedistrictsaroundthe country."

    Te said a surveyof voting recordshom the astCongresshowedhatBlueDogs propose three-quarters lessspendingncreaseshanDemocratsNawhole,but the Blue Dogsstill vote formost of thti spending increasesproposedby others.Of the 11 Blue Doos who voted--

    MinnickspokesmanohnFoster aidthe feedback from constituentshasbeen argelypositive. Sorneolls want-edIflhlt as a Democrat o show supporfor the president,but the vast majorityof our consdruentsapproved of hisdecision o vote he district,"he said.

    - Mr. Krafovilpoints to estlmates hatthe bill will create8,200fobs in hisdistrict and to ,spendingon progfiunspopularwith his constituents, hetheit is hedth care programs that willbenefit local hospitalsor expandinbroadband Internet service to ruralcornmunities,Mr. Iftatovil and Rep, dlen BoydFlorida Democat and a leader of thefiscally consenhtive 49-memberBlueDog coal.ition,ssued nearly identicastatements explaining their finadecisions,Both cited, among otheitems, he elimination rom the bill of$200million to refurbish he NationaMall n Washingxon,ncludingsod,and$75million to fight smoking.Mr. IGatovil also listed cutting $400million to fight serually transmittedisease,Hovrcrcr,the anti-smokingand STDprograms still bould be funded withstimulusmoney;goingo the CentersorDisease Control and PreventionDemocraticeaders trippedout manyof the specificprogramsn the bill andrenlacedhemwith noolsof .monevcr

    while heBlueDoccoalition's