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  1. 1. Helping Businesses to Grow Digitally Raj Mack Digital Birmingham
  2. 2. So whats stopping SMEs from becoming digital?
  3. 3. Connectivity
  4. 4. Outcomes
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Access to Connectivity
  7. 7. Why is superfast broadband important for your business? More robust and reliable service Take advantage of the Cloud and the revolution in software-as-a-service Faster download and upload speeds More efficient working Collaborate easily with customers and suppliers all over the world Change how your business works, from automated processes to remote working Share data seamlessly with customers and colleagues
  8. 8. The Birmingham Connectivity Voucher Scheme SMEs can now get financial help towards the cost of connecting to a better business broadband connection. Well cover up to 3000 of the connection costs for eligible organisations. (Thats usually enough to pay for all the work) Its a grant not a loan, so you dont have to pay it back. You just pay the VAT, any amount over 3000 and the new monthly subscription cost. Simple to apply online
  9. 9. Do superfast business with superfast broadband