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  • An Invaluable Research Tool Providing Scholarly Standards and Comprehensive Coverage of the History of the World
  • Students and researchers rely on the extensive information provided in this resource to guide them through their world history studies. This resource provides a robust selection of bibliographic records from thousands of academic journals, magazines and books & monographs.
  • 1. An index of world history literature built up since the 1950s with over 2600 journals. 2. Provides indexing of historical articles in over 40 languages 3. Organizes materials by place, time period, subject, etc. 4. Covers world history outside North America from 1450 to the present (for American history see the database, America: History and Life). 5. Links to full text through the red UST button. 6. Published since 1955 7. Covers over 2,000 academic journals in more than 40 languages
  • 7. Includes over 713,000 entries, with more than 22,000 new abstracts and citations of journal articles, books, and dissertations added annually. 8. Full-text links to over 131,000 articles available from JSTOR, History Cooperative, University of California Press, ProjectMUSE, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis journals, Swets Blackwell, and Ingenta
  • 9. Serving as the standard indexing tool to the world's periodical literature in history and related social sciences and humanities for over 50 years, Historical Abstracts has only gotten better for researchers ... of history since EBSCO purchased the ABC-CLIO database, adding all the enhanced functionality and full-text direct linking through the new platform.
  • History of Education Military History Women's History World History
  • Each year, approximately 2,000 journals are screened for articles and books of interest to historians. The database contains a selection of hundreds of journals in the social sciences and humanities for use by those in other areas of study. As each journal is screened entries are created and loaded into the database. Full-text links from partners that include JSTOR, Project Muse and ProQuest allow users to link directly from the abstract to over 131,000 articles, book reviews, dissertations, and theses. What type of information will we find in Historical Abstracts?
  • Useful limits (excluding results that dont meet these criteria) Click Indexes to see lists of categories that you can browse to narrow your search by place or subject. Dont check Linked Full Text! Historical Abstracts
  • Having selected Geographic Terms from the Browse an Index drop-down list, I enter the search term, kinshasa. Here is the Indexes screen.
  • Here is a sample index search for a place. If I select kinshasa (congo) and click Add, then Search, I will get a focused list of results about that city.
  • Here is a list of results on Kinshasa. We can narrow results further by clicking on Subject and selecting Show More.
  • These are database subject terms that appear in the list of results for Kinshasa. Selecting them can be a useful way to narrow your results. You can also find additional subject terms for your topic. Searching for these terms is an efficient way to find resources.
  • The article record lists all the subjects and geographic terms associated with that article, as well as the article abstract. Use these tools to email, cite, or export the article record to RefWorks!
  • To get full text of an article, click PDF Full Text or the red UST button. The UST button searches other databases for the article. If no copy is available, you are given a link to Interlibrary Loan.