how to write a cracker resume/cv for your next job application!

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How to write an Effective Resume Impressing Recruiters and Panelists

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A DIY (do-it-yourself) guide on how to write the most effective resume ever for your next job application. Write it in style to win the employer's trust and the panel's interest.


  • How to write an Effective Resume Impressing Recruiters and Panelists
  • First things first Rsum French word meaning "summary Ideally a summary of one's education, skills (specific to the target job profile) and employment when applying for a new job CV Latin word meaning "course of life More detailed than a resume, generally 2 to 3 pages Lists out every skill, all the jobs and positions held Highlights the general talent of the candidate FOR FRESH GRADUATES BOTH TERMS MEAN THE SAME
  • What is an Effective resume? Effectivity is 3 things. 1. Your resume should bring out all the information clearly and concisely 2. It should address the employers needs 3. Once the needs are addressed, it should go one step further to show the employer how they will benefit from hiring you, and not someone else
  • WRITING A DECENT RESUME 3 Steps and you are done!
  • What all goes into any Resume Writing resume is no rocket science! There are just 3 elements 1. Gather information, information and lots of more information 2. Structure the information - make some sense out of the chaos! 3. Design and format with a read me look
  • 1. INFORMATION 1/3
  • 1. The big i - Information What all information should you gather? 1. Educational Qualification 2. Certifications/Trainings 3. Work Experience/Internships 4. Projects 5. Volunteer Experience 6. Memberships/Activities/Extra-curricular 7. Awards/Honors
  • 1. The big i - Information For each of these points, remember that you need to present yourself as a doer and not just as a passive participant Took part in a campaign on empowerment of women, Nov 2010 (passive participant) Volunteered as change representative in campaign on women empowerment; movement featured in HT, Nov 2010 (doer) Note the difference!
  • 2. STRUCTURING 2/3
  • 2. Making sense of Chaos! You have all the information now. Though, cluttered! The first step now is to filter and organize it. Omit redundant information from the pile. Group all the information in sections such as academic related, project related, group membership related and so on.
  • 2. Making sense of Chaos! The order in Slide 7 is the order you could consider presenting your information in the resume. Reason: As a fresh graduate, the most important accomplishment for you till now is your education, and hence it comes first All your project and internship inclusions must include a synopsis of the work that was carried out and your learning Similarly, your extra curricular activities should include your role (not just a passive participation) and what you achieved from that activity
  • 3. FORMATTING 3/3
  • 3. Formats and Formatting Formatting your resume means presenting information in a manner which entices your viewer into knowing more about you, and subsequently calling you for a face to face! Two Formats are known to mankind Chronological or Reverse Chronological Functional A third one, though more suited to heavily experienced people is a combination of Chronological and Functional formats
  • 3. Formats and Formatting Chronological or Reverse Chronological Presenting information date-wise Oldest information first Chronological Newest information first Reverse Chronological (most popular) Whichever format you choose, be consistent with it throughout your resume. Functional Presenting information skill-wise Rather than classifying information under dates, in a functional format you focus on what skills are being highlighted USE A FORMAT WHICH HIGHLIGHTS YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN THE BEST POSSIBLE MANNER
  • 3. Formats and Formatting Take care of these formatting tips when giving your resume the final touches Limit your resume to 1-2 pages only Use a Serif font, and which is common to most PCs like Times New Roman, Palatino Linotype, Cambria. (Studies have shown that Serif fonts are easier on the eye than Sans Serif fonts like Arial) Use a font size of 9-10 points for regular text and 12-14 for Headings Use BOLDFACE but avoid ITALICS for the resume core Be generous with the use of Margins and Bullets more bullets mean more readability Avoid writing paragraphs in your resume a 4-5 line paragraph will most likely be skipped as nobody has the time to read lengthy paragraphs about you!
  • SOME ADDITIONAL POINTS to be kept in mind
  • #. OTHER POINTS WRITING AN OBJECTIVE Not required and not expected for a fresh graduate Still, if you wish, write a single line on what role you are aspiring for WRITING A SUMMARY Not required and not expected for a fresh graduate Still, if you write, mention 2-3 bullets about your extraordinary abilities which you want the employer should notice PERSONAL DETAILS This section is only present for resumes in India & Middle East Should include your Date of Birth & Address; avoid gender Contact details should be at the top your resume If more than 1 page, your resume should have page numbers
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