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  • Brazil Not Only Soccer Dr. Ilan Cohn Patent Attorney, Senior Partner Reinhold Cohn Group [email protected]
  • Brazil Sprang into world attention in 2009 No because of what happened; Rather what had not happened World en large slowdown/recession Brazil: island of economic stability [Another such island: Israel] Quickly picked up growth after only 2Q of slowdown Positive growth in 2H/2009 Expected growth 2010: 5% Brazilian debt now has investment grade rating 2
  • Brazil: Some Facts 5th Largest country in the world (~8.5 Km2) 5th also in population (~200M) 50% between the ages of 16 and 49 GDP: > $2 Trillion 10th in the world Or 7? A growing world power 3
  • Brazil: Changing Role An overall shift of wealth and importance from the established economies of the US, Europe, Japan and some others to the new new world Brazil is among this new new world And one of the key players And indeed: A growing world power 4
  • Brazil & Israel Brazil Exporter of commodities Importer of knowledge (=IP) Israel Importer of commodities Exporter of knowledge (=IP) A natural match 5
  • Brazil & Israel Brazil investment overseas ~ $125B An opportunity also for Israel World cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 Also an opportunity 6
  • Brazil, Israel & IP Growing interest of Israeli companies to protect their IP in Israel Growing interest of Brazilian companies to tap into Israeli innovations and IP Growing trend of technology and IP-based Israeli Brazil deals. 7
  • Thank you And Now to the Main Presentation Dr. Ilan Cohn Patent Attorney, Senior Partner Reinhold Cohn Group [email protected]