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6 strategies to a smarter marketing plan in 2015 of people determine a site's credibility by its design Creating product-specific landing pages raises overall search TRAFFIC BY 135% of small businesses say they already use social media of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations Businesses that publish at least 15 blog posts per month will get average 1,200 new leads per month Site Design 1. 46% Landing Pages 2. Social Media 3. Case Studies/Reviews 4. 79% 94% Blogs 5. Email is 40x MORE EFFECTIVE than social media Email Marketing 6. Brought to you by: TaaZaa INC

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MARKETING GUIDE FOR 2015 6strategiestoasmartermarketingplanin2015 1. SiteDesign ofpeopledetermineasite's credibilitybyitsdesign 46% 2. LandingPages Creatingproduct-specific landingpagesraisesoverall searchTRAFFICBY135% 3. SocialMedia ofsmallbusinessessaythey alreadyusesocialmedia 94% 4. CaseStudies/Reviews ofconsumerstrustonline reviewsasmuchaspersonal recommendations 79% 5. Blogs Businessesthatpublishatleast 15blogpostspermonthwill getaverage1,200newleads permonth 6. EmailMarketing Emailis40xMORE EFFECTIVEthansocial media Brought to you by: TaaZaa INC