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Details of trainingName of the company :- Hettich India Pvt. Ltd.Position :- Sales TraineeReport To :- Dr. Manish Gupta Name of Company Supervisor: Mr. Divyankar GoelContact Details of Supervisor: Mobile No: 09599082312Email Address: [email protected]

IntroductionHettich is the world leading fittings specialist for the furniture industry with over 125 years of expertise in furniture hardware. The company was started by Karl Hettich in 1888. Hettich has a presence in 110 countries.

Hettich is the only brand worldwide, which has a complete range of fittings and hardware like:- Hinges, Drawer runner, Screws, Handles, folding and sliding door System etc. Its products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort.

Hettich India Pvt. Ltd.Hettich India Private Limited is a joint venture with the Hettich Group, Germany, and was set up in 2000-01. It is a market leader by a wide margin, with sustained profitable growth, year after year.

Hettich has more than1500 large and small Dealers, Furniture and Kitchen manufacturers in India . It has six registered offices in all metros across the country, like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Values provided by the hettich

HETTICH SCREWSHettich is offering the screws of different types like:- Stainless Steel(SS), Econ Zink(MS), Econ Zink PAN, Handle Fixing Screws, Etc.There were Unique features and qualities In Hettich Screws Like:-There were sword on the thread of screws.Only Hettich provides 410 Grid in the Screws.Screws which are in SS that are also magnetic and rust free.

NEWSHettich ranks among the top 500 family businesses

The Foundation for Family Businesses has named the Hettich Group as a top 500 family business for its outstanding business achievements.As an economically and politically independent initiative of family businesses, the Foundation encourages dialogue among family business owners, supports research activities and institutions focusing on this type of business and promotes a better perception of family businesses in the political and public area.

Date :- (02/11/2016)

CONTINUE Studies are also regularly conducted in the family business context. For the study on "The Economic Importance of the Family Business", scientific institutes gathered key data on the economic performance of Germany's largest family businesses over a period of ten years. It revealed that in 2012 the top 500 family businesses employed 4.6 million people worldwide. This is more than all employees working in Gerrmany's skilled crafts. Family businesses were shown to have continually created jobs: since 2006, the top 500 family businesses generated 700,000 jobs worldwide.

CONTINUEFamily businesses are a mainstay of the German economy. Worldwide, the Hettich group of companies employs over 6000 members of staff, 3000 of these in Germany. At the moment, 245 young people are completing an apprenticeship or work-study programme (dual course of study) at Hettich. Hettich is the largest employer in the Herford district.


Report 1On the very first and second day I received the whole description about screws of hettich by Mr. Mahesh tiwari, sales manager hettich India pvt. Ltd.

On the third day I was sent to South Delhi at plywood and hardware shops like Gupta and corporation, Taneja group, shudarshan trader etc for Initial learning in the market with Ankit and Rahul who were taking training Since last 1 month

LearningI got good learning from the market and understood how to influence the shopkeeper or purchaser to purchase the product on the given prices which were higher than other brands like Patta and Omni.

Report 2 I went to Moradabad with Mr. Mahesh Tiwari Sales manager, Hettich India pvt. Ltd. On June 10, 2016. We covered many plywood and hardware shops like Ganga plywood, Bharat plywood Suneja plywood & h/w, Raghav plywood & h/w and Sai hardware store etc. and also received orders of screws form many shops.

LearningI Became aware about the Plywood and hardware shops in Moradabad. I used to interact with many Retailers and Shopkeepers.I got to know that how to make deals with the retailers and how to build a good relationship with them

REPORT 3I promoted the Hettich Screws in Bareilly market and visited to many plywood and hardware shops like:- National Hardware Store, Swadeshi Hardware Store, M/s Delhi Hardware & Plywood, U.P Hardware and agriculture Store, Shri Sai maulding and hardware, Shri Guru Krpa Trader, Harshit and Siddharth Hardware, Bolt Nut Center, Kapoor Plywood and Hardware and many more and I also received some orders of Hettich Screws.

LearningI understood the pricing war in Bareilly market, purchaser or shop keeper told me that most of the customer are looking for low prices of screws Rather than the Quality of the Screws.

Report 4 I introduced about the company and their products to some of the plywood and hardware stores who were not aware about the company and their products.(Some small shops were not aware about the company)

LearningI learned how to face different type of retailers or shopkeepers and how to negotiate with them Regarding Price and Quality of Hettich Screws.

MY ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES DURING TRAING WAS:- To go to retail shops and give the description about Hettich Screws.To generate the demand of Hettich Screws through influencing the retailers.To introduced about the company to those who were not aware about the company.To analyze the Price bar of Screws in the market.To tell the orders details to the Distributer of Hettich.To ensure the availability of screws at Distribution center.

RecommendationsPrices of Hettich Screws are very high in comparison to its competitors like Omni and Patta so the company should decrease the price to attract more customer. (because most of Indian customers look for the lower Prices of the product not the quality)As Bareilly is a big City so there should be a distributor of Hettich in Bareilly so that the Hettich Product can be easily available in Bareilly.There is lack of awareness of the company Hettich in Bareilly as well as in Moradabad therefore the company should focus on the advertising and promotion of the Hettich company and its products.

ConcluSion This was my first experience to do work in the corporate world. I became aware about the functioning of the company. I learned How to influence the Customers or Retailer to purchase the Goods.How to negotiate with customer or Retailer.I Sold around 35,000 Screws of Hettich in the market. I Got the Certification of Hettich India pvt. ltd.