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Café La Lee Mark A. Mariano Marketing & Management Internship Incheon, South Korea BA 495A Professor Kline

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Caf La Lee

Caf La LeeMark A. MarianoMarketing & Management InternshipIncheon, South Korea BA 495AProfessor Kline

Marketing Assistant

Position Duties:

Promotional & Advertising Activities

Social Media & Brand Management

Web & Graphic Design

Company Information

About Upscale bakery &caf chain in South Korea since 2000

8 Branches Located in wealthy districts

Branch of Occupation Songdo International Business District of Incheon, Korea

Caf La Lee Incheon, South Korea (Songdo)

Built in the year 2012

Located in new and developing business district of the metropolitan area of South Korea

15 total employees including 3 managers

Most successful Caf La Lee branch of the 8 different locations


International Market

Volatile Industry (saturated market due to popularity of cafs and bakeries in South Korea)

New venture in growing district

Purpose of ProjectBrand Awareness

New Target Markets

Marketing & Promotional Management

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Experienced marketer within the Entertainment Industry of South Korea

Utilized personal connections and social media skills to provide more awareness to the brand

Utilized skills attained from previous coursework in Marketing & Management

Utilized both Korean & American perspectives in the workplace for collaborative efforts toward efficiency.

ReflectionNew Experience - never worked in a food/restaurant related industry

Challenged creative thinking on something that I was inexperienced in

Challenged my mental strength on adapting and working in a foreign market.

What Did I Learn?

Understand the culture

Push through!

Dont doubt yourself, but dont be too overconfident

Dont waste time waiting for tomorrow

What Am I Taking Away?Dont be scared to take chances

Greater understanding of the caf/bakery business in South Korea

Greater understanding of Korean management structure

Was able to parallel many things to our previous course studies

A full stomach of amazingly tasty cakes!