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Café La Lee Mark A. Mariano Marketing & Management Internship Incheon, South Korea BA 495A Professor Kline

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Café La LeeMark A. MarianoMarketing & Management InternshipIncheon, South Korea

BA 495A

Professor Kline

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Marketing AssistantPosition Duties:

• Promotional & Advertising Activities

• Social Media & Brand Management

• Web & Graphic Design

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Company Information

• About – Upscale bakery &café chain in South Korea

since 2000

• 8 Branches – Located in wealthy districts

• Branch of Occupation – Songdo International Business District of Incheon, Korea

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Café La Lee Incheon, South Korea (Songdo)

• Built in the year 2012

• Located in new and developing business district of the metropolitan area of South Korea

• 15 total employees including 3 managers

• Most successful ‘Café La Lee’ branch of the 8 different locations

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• International Market

• Volatile Industry (saturated market due to popularity of cafés and bakeries in South Korea)

• New venture in growing district

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Purpose of Project

• Brand Awareness

• New Target Markets

• Marketing & Promotional Management

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Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

• Experienced marketer within the Entertainment Industry of South Korea

• Utilized personal connections and social media skills to provide more awareness to the brand

• Utilized skills attained from previous coursework in Marketing & Management

• Utilized both Korean & American perspectives in the workplace for collaborative efforts toward efficiency.

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Reflection• New Experience - never

worked in a food/restaurant related industry

• Challenged creative thinking on something that I was inexperienced in

• Challenged my mental strength on adapting and working in a foreign market.

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What Did I Learn?

• Understand the culture

• Push through!

• Don’t doubt yourself, but don’t be too overconfident

• Don’t waste time waiting for tomorrow

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What Am I Taking Away?

• Don’t be scared to take chances

• Greater understanding of the café/bakery business in South Korea

• Greater understanding of Korean management structure

• Was able to parallel many things to our previous course studies

• A full stomach of amazingly tasty cakes!