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Table of contents1. Acknowledgement ……………………3

2. Introduction………….……………...…4

3. Organization: Citibank Berhad………..7

4. Department: In Business Control ….....10

5. Tasks assigned…………………...........11

6. Experiences acquired…..……………..13

7. Project assigned…………………….....15

8. SWOT analysis…...…………………...17

9. Suggestion for Department Of Political Science KIRKHS, IIUM……………...…...19

10. Suggestion from the host company.....20

11. Conclusion…………...……………....21

12. Appendices………..…………………22

13. Photographs…….……………………24



Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah S.W.T, our creator. I am so blessed that I have

managed to put an end to my internship session successfully with Allah’s blessings I would

like to thank Him for giving me good health and ability to go through my internship

peacefully and well.

Thank you to my supervisor from department of political science, Tunku Mohar for

helping me and the rest of my course mates during our internship session with abundance of

information and helpful feedbacks to ease our journey during the internship. Many thanks

also to the Department Of Political Science KIRKHS, IIUM for giving us, the students

majoring in political science, such a huge opportunity to be able to choose to go for


Next, I would like to thank my host company supervisor, Foo Cai Hong, the In-Business

Control Manager, for giving me an opportunity to undergo my internship in Citibank Berhad.

I would like to thank all the staffs in In-Business Control Department in Citibank Berhad for

the hospitality that they have given me which make me feel such a comfort during my intern

as well as feeling belonged there.

I would like to thank my parents who always support me with the decision I took in doing

my intern. Thank you so much to my husband and family in-laws whom had been my

backbones during my intern period by sending and fetching me to the office as well as

providing all my needs without hesitation while being in Citibank.


IntroductionThe internship is an integral platform for anyone to gain experience in an actual

workplace. Thus, PSCI 4100: Internship is a good opportunity for students to learn, to gain

experience and also to make preparation. Men learn through experience, and a real life is full

of different kinds of experiences. We will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and with

experiences we are expected to be able to encourage and complete the cleansing process.

Experience in my eyes is a very valuable thing in life because we need to be brave in taking

risks. It is also not something that we simply create, but we need to undergo through it. By

doing my internship in an actual workplace, it helps me to know and discover myself from

different angle. It also helps me to control and develop my attitude and behaviour in dealing

with different kinds of people and situation.

I have decided to take the internship course to grab the golden opportunities to apply

theories and knowledge that I have in real working life setting. Through learning in

university, I learned about theories but by doing internship, I learned the practicality

approach on dealing with a real world. Even though it was not that much, it still has profound

results in some aspects of my life. In some ways, through the internship, I also have learned

that I am still lacking as an individual and employee. Internship helps me to identify my

weaknesses and also my strengths. Immanuel Kant once said, “Experience without theory is

blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” The other reason why I choose

to take the internship course is as a preparation for more challenging work environment and

situation. Our life in school and university is incomparable with working life. A working life

is very challenging as it requires great effort, commitment, and abilities; those are something

that I need to be prepared and trained to.


Apart from that, I really want to gain professional knowledge and skills by taking the

internship course. At the same time, I also want to improve my communication skills and

ability to interact with people. I realize that by being part of working society, I will need to

meet different people around the office and I will have to communicate with them to settle

their needs. Undergoing internship also helps to make me learn on how to work in a

systematic organization. It helps me to learn how to be independent in accomplishing my

tasks. Besides, all knowledge that I have learnt through my learning in classroom can be

implemented through internship. Not only that, by doing internship, I am able to undergo

challenges which is normal in working life setting.

During my 3 months of internship, I want to actively contribute to the company’s

objectives by applying the knowledge I obtained during my education environment for

example differentiate between public sector administration and private sector management. I

could see how the private sector like Citibank managed their organization structure as

compared to the public sector. At the same time, I want to uphold the vision and mission of

my host company in achieving its objective of establishment.

I go through my internship course for the duration of approximately 12 weeks

excluding holidays. I chose Citibank Berhad as my host company for me to complete my

internship. I have several reasons onto choosing this place to do my internship. First of all,

my house is nearby to the Menara Citibank Jalan Ampang. Thus, it would be much easier for

me to go to work by using the LRT. Secondly, I wanted to have a full of excitement and

experiences period of internship. I had never gone to a banking institution in my whole

lifetime until I start doing my internship there. The environment was so much different and

new to me. Perhaps, all the experiences while having internship in Citibank Berhad will be

beneficial in future.


About The Organization

I did my internship at Citibank Berhad Malaysia, Jalan Ampang and I have gained a

lot of knowledge and experiences. Citibank Berhad is a licensed commercial bank operating

in Malaysia with its headquarters in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Citibank Berhad operates

as a subsidiary of Citigroup Holding (Singapore) Private Limited. Commencing its banking

operations in Malaysia in 1959, Citibank Berhad was locally incorporated in 1994. Today,

Citibank Berhad has 11 branches spread across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Kuantan,

Malacca and Johor. It also provides its customers access to cash and a range of banking

services through 11,000 MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System) ATMs covering

2,000 locations nationwide.

Citibank Berhad (Citi) is a universal bank offering a wide range of banking and

financial services including retail banking, institutional banking, and investment products and

services. It also provides offshore financial services out of its office in Labuan, Malaysia. Citi

is the only foreign bank to be rated AAA by the Rating Agency Malaysia for 15 consecutive

years. Citi's Malaysian operations are organized into the following business groupings:

▪ Institutional Clients Group

▪ Consumer Banking

▪ Cards

▪ Wealth Management

Citi is a market leader in credit cards holding the largest market share in sales volume

(usage) and receivables, and a dominant share in wealth management. In addition, Citi is the

top foreign bank for Corporate FX, cross border Cash Management, e-Payments and


institutional investor transactions. Citi is also the number one custodian bank for foreign

broker inflows. Citibank has established strategic centres of excellence providing centralized

operations in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru through Citigroup Transactions

Services (M) Sdn Bhd (CTSM, formerly known as Citigroup Trade Services Malaysia) which

was incorporated in November 1994. Through CTSM, Citi became the first bank in Asia to

select Malaysia as the location for financial BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services

leveraging upon the availability of a large, skilled, multi-lingual workforce in Malaysia.

To add an interesting point about Citibank Berhad, Kuala Lumpur centre also handles

activities across operations and technology including Anti Money Laundering transaction

monitoring to identify and prevent possible money laundering activities; Securities & Funds

Services, the Fraud and Authorization Centre of Excellence and Global System Entitlement

Administration. Malaysia is also the centre for Citi's regional trade processing and serves

over 25 countries from the region and from as far afield as South Africa, Finland and the


Citibank’s statutory powers and functions are designed to achieve the above objective

and include the following core functions as well as vision and mission. Citi’s core activities

are safeguarding assets, lending money, making payments and accessing the capital markets

on behalf of the clients. Citi protects people's savings and help them make the purchases –

from everyday transactions to buying a home – that improve the quality of their lives. The

alternative function of Citi is to advise people on how to invest for future needs, such as their

children's education and their own retirement, and help them buy securities such as stocks

and bonds.


Citi also functioned as working with companies to optimize their daily operations,

whether they need working capital, to make payroll or export their goods overseas. By

lending to companies large and small, Citi helps they grow, creating jobs and real economic

value at home and in communities around the world. It also provides financing and support to

governments at all levels, so they can build sustainable infrastructure, such as housing,

transportation, schools and other vital public works. Last but not least, Citibank strives to

earn and maintain the public's trust by constantly adhering to the highest ethical standards.

The colleagues ensuring that their decisions pass three tests: they are in their clients' interests,

create economic value, and are always systemically responsible. When they do these things

well, they will make a positive financial and social impact in the communities they serve and

show what a global bank can do. The main goal for Citibank stated on the 10 Golden Rules

that Citi had highlighted to the staff and customers. (Refer to Appendix 7)


About the Department

I was assigned to In-Business Control Department lead by Foo Cai Hong as a

manager officer and its Head of Department in which the department consists of a total of 39

employees. In-Business Control Department was established for the purpose to ensure that

the Citi customers will enjoy the well-growth of economic flow, to ensure the details of

customers are highly protected to build up mutual trust between Citi workers and the

customers, and to ensure that the business related both local and international are taken care

off. Citi's mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing

financial services that enable growth and economic progress. In order to achieve the mission,

there are five broad areas of goals that have been identified. The employees of In-Business

Control Department are divided into several units based on the five broad areas of goals

which are economic well-being, business empowerment, and business relations well-

developed among Citi workers and the customers.

For almost three months, I learned a lot of things from my supervisor, Foo Cai Hong

was born in Perak and obtained his Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). She possesses experience in the multiple fields. She

was once a part-time lecturer at UTM in 1999, teaching Economics and later in 1994, she

worked at OCBC Bank as a Manager Officer. On 30th July 2004, she joined Citibank and

started in In-Business Control Department. Later in 2014, she became a part of In-Business

Control Department as Manager of CBORC Unit. In this unit, there are two core projects in

progress. There are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and dealing with FATCA Project.

Currently, Foo Cai Hong is in charge of FATCA Project.


Task and Job

I started my practical training on 6th June 2016 and ended on 26th August 2016. My

attendance schedule can be viewed in Appendix 5, and my training certificate can be viewed

in the Appendix 9. As a practical trainee in Citibank, I was expected to work according to the

office hours from 9 am until 6 pm. But sometimes, I started to work early and ended exceed

the office hours because of the commitment of the works. My job description basically is to

assist Foo Cai Hong and the Head Manager of CBORC Department, Foo Meng Yu in dealing

with FATCA matters. As I mentioned before, this CBORC Department has two core project

in progress; AML Program and FATCA Project. AML Program was organized to reduce the

Money Laundering cases occurred among the banking institutions particularly in Malaysia.

The main reason of establishing the AML program is to increase credibility of Citibank to

maintain the standard of Citibank as one of the high standard banking institution.

Apart from that, FATCA Project is the core project that me and Foo Cai Hong had

been completed in the month of July. FATCA could be generally defined as FATCA stands

for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. FATCA is a United States (US) legislation that

primarily aims to prevent tax evasion by US taxpayers by using non-US financial institutions

and offshore investment instruments. FATCA impacts financial institutions on a graduated

implementation timeline. In this unit, I had been assigned to validate the customers’ data in

order to document in a coherent way. As a practical trainee who is under Foo Cai Hong

supervision who considered as FATCA expertise, I assist her in following up updates for the

rectification or regulation have been made by the respective branches in Malaysia.


In order to establish customer tax status, customers need to obtain certain documents.

These documents are Citibank declarations and/or US tax forms that will enable Citi staff to

declare and confirm tax status for the purposes of FATCA. My main task is to check and

validate the formation of documents, for example, customer’s certificate of incorporation or a

similar type of document confirming the place of incorporation. Moreover, I was also

involved in other projects and programs in order to build up potential to engage good vibes

working in Citibank.



During twelve weeks of internship, I have accumulated various experiences and wider

new knowledge through activities and tasks had been assigned to me. My beloved supervisor,

Foo Cai Hong encouraged me to do diverse task across the department. However, in this

section, I am going to relate my experience with courses that I have taken in IIUM especially

Political Sciences core and elective courses.

My field of works required me to involve with US Tax Laws that called as FATCA in

dealing with US customers who live in US or other foreign countries. This closure of task

given can be related to one of Political Sciences subjects which is Interntional Relations. My

task is to balance good business relationship between Malaysia and US through FATCA.

Main reason on why Citibank would become the prior banking system who managed FATCA

matters because Citibank is much more likely become the representative of US systems that

located in Malaysia. Through the subject, I have learned about policies, governance and how

diplomatic relation works between countries. The engagement task helped Citibank to help

US government to chase US person to pay tax. In fact, Citibank also incorporate with other

banking institutions like Bank Negara to create a business growth for better economic

development. This is related to the subject of Introduction to Economics. At first, I thought

my knowledge regarding this subject would not be used; instead I came to realize that I need

to use it in future.

My experiences worked as practical trainee in Citibank teach me to be a thinker. This

is related with Creative and Critical Thinking and Public Personnel Administration. For one

project, I need to carefully checked and think for the possibility different cases occurred


among the customers. For example, how to deals with US person who currently not in US

anymore? What is the correct documentation or tax form for the customer? Why certain

customers have invalid tax forms? Are the branches have detailed checks on the documents?

All these questions I need to ensure the correct ones and if there is something wrong with the

documentations, therefore, I need to inform the respective branches to rectify the tax forms

and other documentary evidences. This is something new to me and I need to be concerned

about. The most important to complete the task is to carefully listen the instruction that have

been given to the supervisor. Do more work and talk less in order to produce quality works.



I still remember during my first day of internship, Foo Cai Hong showed me around

the department and introduce me to the staffs. After that, she briefs to me the task that I am

going to do and passed the reading materials on FATCA. The first task she assigned me to do

was the cross-checking bundles of customers’ data for identifying the correct tax code that

have been tagged. At first, I am quite surprised because she put trust on me for the first day of

internship by looking at the high confidential records of the customers in Citibank that

consists of low value and high value of customers. The purpose of the cross checking is to

validate the correct documentation before handed it over to higher authority such as Internal

Revenue Service (IRS). While doing the checking and validating processes, there are many

mistakes I have committed since I was still new and lacked in knowledge on the new project

of FATCA. But I referred a lot to my supervisor, Foo Cai Hong and she helped and guided

me on the process.

Since I was registered during the month of Ramadhan, the CBORC unit was running

the project called ‘Iftar with CBORC Muslim Staff”. I was assigned to handle the project like

searching for the convenient place to conduct the program collected the money and ensure

that all are involved in the program. My third project was assigned by my head of

department, Foo Meng Yu. The project was to deal with Bank Negara for the regulatory

process by updating the tax forms that have been used by the branches. My tasks were to

follow up and check whether all the documents and tax forms have been aligned to the same

date which is 1st August 2016 among IRS, ESOK and Citi FATCA Business.My fourth

project was to importing the High Value Customers’ data into the global tracker among Citi



I was assigned by my supervisor to create a database for FATCA PADD LV both

Individuals and Entities which contains all cooperative information and details. Therefore, I

contacted with the branches to ensure the correct documentations had been sent by the

branches to Branch Support Operations (BSO). This database is crucial because the details

and information of the involved cooperative still were not updated and CBORC need the

database in FATCA exercise. The data only can be access through the Citi systems called as

Eclipse, Regional Build and Global Tracker.

The main objective is to updating the records of the customers for further reference by

the global Citi worldwide. My fifth involvement in projects was attending two CBORC

monthly meetings in June and July. The objective of the CBORC monthly meetings is to

follow up the progress if what have been doing and come out with solutions for any of

pending issues in CBORC. I was felt so lucky because this was my great opportunity to be

among of the board president and managers in CBORC. My job scope was to take note

important points regarding FATCA matters and consulted Foo Cai Hong for further action

required. (Refer to Appendix 10 & 11)


SWOT Analysis

From doing my internship, it helped me in identifying my strengths, weaknesses, the

opportunities and the threats. It also means that I have learned many things. My strength in

the internship is I am a good team builder. As I mentioned before, I worked with my

supervisor and the staffs. We worked in a team. As a member of team, I am responsive in

group discussion and giving my own opinions. If there was anything that I did not

understand, I would ask. Besides that, I am a cooperative person. I am able to give

cooperation to anyone. I am also approachable and an easily adaptable person because I am

able to approach the branches staff and I am capable to adapt with different situations easily.

My weaknesses during the internship were, I am not comfortable to work under

pressure. Before this, I thought I am someone that is competent to work under pressure. I

realized that still did not know myself very well. Besides, since I am still new in this field, I

am lacking in terms of planning, making decisions and business plan. Moreover, I am quite

weak in receiving information from the higher authority because I am more visual receiver of

information, not auditory receiver of information. Therefore, I need to be carefully listen to

what Foo Cai Hong brief to me and I need to take note immediately what have been assigned

to me.

The opportunities that I have gained from this internship are, I am able to gain more

experiences and knowledge, and also build a relationship with colleagues and customers. I

am not a tough person but since I am working in Citibank, it demanded me to embrace myself

in dealing with senior staff. In fact, I fell in love with my job. I think this is among the best

things I had experienced. Moreover, I was able to increase my knowledge into wider


perspectives and various fields in the business plan, US tax laws, and the other assignments.

Besides that, by attending some of CBORC programmes, it helped me to build a good

relationship with the boss and colleagues. We were able to exchange opinions on the issues of

FATCA project and this was something new and interesting for me.

The challenge that I faced during the internship was, I carried out such a high

confidential works. The work actually was assigned to the permanent employee but

somehow, because of workload faced by Foo Cai Hong, therefore, I need to assist her from

time to time. I realised the differences between university life and work life. Do not simply

take things easy or you will face lot of problems. I challenge myself to be an honest worker

and focus on took care of customers’ demands of securing their personal details.


Suggestion for the Department of Political

Science, KIRKHS

From my point of view, the internship subject should be made as a compulsory

subject to all Political Sciences students before they graduated from the university. It is

because, as a Political Science’s student, we learned a lot of theories, therefore, by doing

internship, we will be able to apply and practice the theories. Furthermore, the life in the

university and workplace are different. In my opinion, the students should experience the

hardship of the working life so that they will know the importance of knowledge, abilities and

skills that they should have gained and developed during university’s life. Besides that, the

duration of internship should be lengthening. The three months duration provided by the

department was not enough as there are many things that can be learned from.

Other than that, I would like to suggest to the department to create a mentor mentee

program between former interns and interns to be. Maybe, the former intern will be assigned

to a group of students, so they will be guided for future work and at the same time help to

lessen the burden of department. This mentor mentee can be supervised by the lecturers of

Political Sciences or the department. My next suggestion is to encourage calibration of

department with organization to organize high impact program for students such as talent

recruitment, mentoring program and career camp. Indirectly, it will help in producing

successful and careers right after the students freshly graduated.


Suggestion from the Host Company

My head of department would be much appreciate if the department of Political

Sciences to give at least four to six month duration for internship program. It is because the

duration assigned was unsuitable for the company to teach, to guide, and to develop the

students. For my company, for those who did their internship for at least six month will have

a high chance to get the job offers from them. It is a golden opportunity for the students since

unemployment rate are high nowadays.

Furthermore, the students are encouraged to explore more knowledge in university

that can be applied for improvement of the organization that they will work. In fact, public

speaking skills, management skills, and computer skills are expected to be developed within

the students. In fact, my company suggested encouraging and exploring more professional

life to improve appearance for market of job. Knowledge on the way for professional

communication, public relations, and others are important.



Overall, internship is a really good program and recommended to my fellow friends.

It helps to enhance and develop my skills, abilities, and knowledge. It was a good experience

and memories as not only I have gained experience, but also new friends and knowledge.

Citibank also a good place to do the internship since it provide numerous benefits and

advantages to the practical trainees. They provide us with our own places and several

accommodations such as laptop, Wi-Fi, access card, car for site visit’s use and allowances.

The treatment by the company was just, equitable and professional. I’ve learned from

different units and people. I am grateful and thankful to my supervisor, Foo Cai Hong and the

department of In-Business Control for the experiences and tutoring. They also help me to

handle some of my weaknesses and provided guidance to me whenever I am in need. I think

the three months duration for the internship was not enough for me to learn more in details

about the jobs. I wish the internship program will be make as a core subject and I am

encouraging for the students of Political Sciences to grab the opportunity to do internship as

it will help us to identify your strength, abilities, weaknesses and more.




APPENDIX 1(Internship Application Letter)




Working Places

Documents & Parcels


Iftar with Staff during month of Ramadhan




Farewell Lunch with Supervisor