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Facebook Timeline was presented at the January 14, 2012 meeting of the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group.


  • Its Time for Timeline Saturday, January 14, 2012
  • Huh? Timelines new cover photoProfile shot
  • Agenda The Presentation Change Intro to Timeline Privacy Settings 101 Why, Why, Why? Subscribers Change Games Whats What & Scams Terminology Account Settings Timeline Cover Photos The Ads! Facebook - Free? More Privacy Settings Ulterior Motive Wrap-up Breaking Down Timeline View Your Timeline As . . . Friends & Fakes
  • Todays PresentationThe presentation is a mix of slides, videos & livedemo. The slides & links to the videos are online for you to use as areference guide. Well cover what we can, but pleaseknow we will not be able to cover everything.We are going to flip quickly through some of theslides so we have time for live demo and Q & A atthe end.So get ready . . . Here we go . . .
  • Why, Why, Why ?In order to stay fresh, Facebookbelieves it needsto change up the user experience on a regular basis
  • Why, Why, Why ?Facebook wants to avoid following thepaths of MySpace, Friendster and otheronce popular social media websites
  • Why, Why, Why ?And Facebook wants to stay ahead ofcompetition like Twitter and
  • I HateChange!
  • Whats What Over the years, different parts of Facebook have been called different things. Lets review the current terminology . . .
  • NewsfeedClick Home on the upper right to see streaming posts fromyour friends, subscriptions and pages that you liked. This is different than your Timeline, which used to be your Wall.
  • NewsfeedPosts from your friends and pages that youlike will appear on this wall. ONLY YOU cansee this page. If you see something youwould like for YOUR friends to see, clickSHARE and it will appear on your Timeline.
  • Wall, er, Profile When something is posted on your Timeline, they used to be talking about your Profile. Now your profile has become . . .
  • Your Timeline (top part)
  • Your Timeline (second part)
  • Creative Timeline Cover Photos
  • Creative Timeline Cover Photos
  • Creative Timeline Cover Photos
  • Creative Timeline Cover Photos
  • How can Facebook be FREE when Facebooks annual expenses exceed $1 BILLION???Facebook makes money selling targetedads,based on what YOUand your FRIENDSput on Facebook.
  • How can Facebook be FREE?Facebooksprojectedrevenuefor 2011is$3.8BILLION
  • Surely theres an Ulterior Motive?If you put up somethingabout snowboarding oryou liked a post aboutcooking, or if you likePages about a certainmusical band . . .You will start seeing adsrelated to those topics,so be careful what youlike.
  • You arent the customer; youre the Product!
  • So Lets Start a Demo
  • Friend Requests, Messages & Notifications
  • Search Box
  • Link Back to Your Timeline
  • Facebook Settings
  • The Ads!
  • Profile Photo
  • Basic Info
  • Facebook Timeline Components
  • Update Your Personal Info
  • Your ActivityOnly You Can See It
  • View Your Timeline As
  • View Your Timeline As
  • View Your Timeline As Public
  • View Your Timeline As Friend
  • View A Friends Timeline
  • Accepting Friend Requests You can click Confirm or Not Now.WARNING: Just by sending a friend request, that person will now receive your posts and be able to view your Timeline.
  • Finding friends via email address:Dont want to be friends with the world? Dont use this option. EVER. You can create Lists of categories of friends, interests or places.
  • Adding your profile shotA headshot is recommended, but any jpeg will do. You can crop a photo once its uploaded, or tell it to fit.
  • Adding Friends Who you have in common. Look for personal connections, not public persons.
  • Sample of a Fake ProfileIt is against Facebooks Terms ofService (TOS) to use a fake name or abusiness name in a personal profile.Facebook will, without warning, denyyou access and then delete this profile.
  • Clevelands Snake Rock booted
  • Remember..In Facebook, the only constant. is Change!
  • Privacy Settings 101This is how much of Zippys personal information isrevealed to the public with current settings: Continued
  • Privacy Settings 101This is how muchof Zippyspersonalinformation isrevealed to thepublic with currentsettings:
  • Privacy Settings 101This is how much of Zippys personal information is revealed to FRIENDS
  • Privacy Settings 101This is how much of Zippys personal information is revealed to FRIENDS
  • Privacy Settings 101 This is how much of Zippys personalinformation is revealed to HERSELF ONLY
  • Privacy Settings 101This is how much of Zippys personalinformationis revealed to Recommend this information HERSELF not be entered ONLY
  • Facebook PasswordDO BEE sure its not one you share withemail and financial websitesDO BEE sure it is at least 8 digits longDO BEE sure it has at least: 1. ONE CAPITAL LETTER 2. one lower case letter 3. At least 1 numeric value 4. And perhaps a symbol #
  • Subscribers
  • Subscribers
  • Subscribers
  • Subscribers
  • Subscribers
  • Games You have many options to use witheach post that appears on your wall.
  • Timeline-related scams January 4, 2012: We have found 16 Timeline-related scam pages, which have collectively gained more than 71,000 likes. The largest, with nearly 19,000 likes, has been around for at least two weeks. These pages are among the top search results when searching Facebook for timeline.
  • Timeline-related scams
  • Featured storyStory will be highlighted onTimeline and be 2 columns wide.
  • SettingsOn