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日日日日日 The Japan Experience Japan is a country of contrasts: Modern technology yet ancient traditions, Millions of people yet very little violence, Extremely clean cities yet no trash cans... Presented by Kimiko Kano April 29, 2010

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Trip to Japan, visiting the cities of Tokyo, Takayama, Hiroshima, and Kyoto


  • The Japan Experience Japan is a country of contrasts: Modern technology yet ancient traditions, Millions of people yet very little violence, Extremely clean cities yet no trash cans... Presented by Kimiko Kano April 29, 2010
  • Flight Path to Japan (with an unexpected delay) Narita Anchorage Los Angeles
  • 20 hours later Were finally there! Some First Impressions: High-Tech Toilets Unique vending machines
  • Where we went: 2 weeks, 4 cities Honshu, Japans largest island Distance from Tokyo to Hiroshima: ~ 420 miles Japan has 6,852 islands, 426 are inhabited The area of Japan is ~144,000 sq mi, slightly smaller than California However, Californias population is ~37 mil, Japans is ~128 mil Shinkansen trains run at speeds up to 160 mph
  • First stop, Tokyo Eastern Capital Population: over 12 million people
  • Tokyo Sightseeing Tokyo Imperial Palace Home of the Emperor of Japan Sony Building Bike Tour
  • Japans Main Religions: Shinto and Buddhism
    • Shinto: Worship of ancestors and nature
    • Buddhism: Spiritual solace and daily guidance
    • Most Japanese will have a Shinto Wedding and a Buddhist Funeral
    Shinto Shrine Buddhist Temple Water trough Entrance gate Buddhist Statue Torii gate
  • Tokyo Shrines and Temples Sumiyoshi Shrine on Tsukuda-jima Island Zojoji Temple, Hanamatsuri festival Atago Shrine, Steps of Success
  • Tsukiji Fish Market The largest fish and seafood market in the world The auction price world record was a fish that sold for 2 million yen (~$174,000 ). It was a Bluefin tuna weighing 445 lb. The fish shown here is only 1/10th that size.
  • Odaiba: An artificial island with futuristic architecture Fuji TV Headquarters Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Big Sight Fuji TV Headquarters Statue of Liberty replica Tokyo Big Sight 377 ft Ferris wheel
  • Tokyo Fashion Schoolkids Business People Harajuku style
  • Takayama Denvers sister city
  • Takayama Sightseeing Takayama Jinya Edo Government Building Morning Market Sanmachi-Suji
  • Takayama Festival: One of the best festivals in Japan There is both a spring and fall festival and each has a different set of floats. This festival triples the population of Takayama, normally around 95,000.
  • Hida Folk Village Gassho-zukuri: Hands held in prayer This village of traditional thatched houses demonstrates the lifestyle of rural people in medieval Japan
  • Takayama Ryokan A traditional Japanese inn featuring tatami floors, sliding paper doors, and sleeping on a futon Sitting room turns into bedroom Onsen hot bath Drinking tea in my yukata Dining area Remove your shoes at the door
  • Delicious kaiseki meals Meals consisting of many small dishes and featuring seasonal and regional specialties
  • Hiroshima: City of Peace
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Peace Memorial Park Cenotaph contains all victims names A-bomb dome (Gembaku Domu) Childrens Peace Monument
  • Miyajima Island Floating torii gate at low tide Itsukushima Shrine Friendly deer
  • Meeting Family Family Gravesite Brad and me with my cousin, also named Kimiko
  • Kyoto Capital City The Capital of Japan from 794-1868
  • Heian Shrine This is was built in 1895 to celebrate the 1100 th anniversary of Kyoto. Their gardens are famous for their display of sakura (cherry blossoms).
  • Sanjusangendo The Temple of 1001 statues of the 1000 armed Kannon Also houses the statues of 28 guardians of Buddhism
  • Kiyomizu-dera Drinking these waters gives you health, wealth, or wisdom This temple is known for the amazing views from its veranda that juts out from the hillside
  • Nijo Castle: Featuring art from the Kano School of Art relatives perhaps? Built in 1603 as the official residence of first Tokugawa shogun. Has nightingale floors and hidden chambers for bodyguards.
  • Kinkakuji - The Golden Pavilion An illustration of the harmony between Heaven and Earth
  • Nishi Honganji The main temple of Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism
  • Nara: The first permanent capital of Japan from 710 - 785 Like Miyajima, Nara also is the home of many deer, but they are a little more aggressive.
  • Todaiji Temple: The l argest wooden building in the world Pindola Bharadvaja, Buddhist disciple, master of occult powers This Daibutsu (Great Buddha) is the largest bronze Buddha ever cast at 16 m high
  • Kasuga Taisha: Shrine of 3000 Lanterns
  • Japanese Food: Both healthy and delicious Plastic displays Ramen Bento box Yakisoba
  • Figuring out what to order It was confusing at times, but we managed It helped when there were pictures!
  • Regional Specialties Takoyaki Okonomiyaki Fugu (blowfish) Conger Eel
  • Seafood Conveyor belt sushi We ate a lot of raw fish on this trip
  • Entertainment: Pachinko, Karaoke, Purikura
  • Conclusion: Japan is awesome and I cant wait to go back! But first I need to learn to speak Japanese Questions or Comments?