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‘Ideas into Action’ How to Find, Process , & Implement Ideas in Books

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The powerpoint presentation "Ideas Into Action" for I Love Marketing's Tempe Meetup group July 18, 2013.


  • Ideas into Action How to Find, Process, & Implement Ideas in Books
  • by Kevin J. Kula
  • If you could have any SUPERPOWER - what would it be?
  • Being able to read super-fast. Ive probably wasted 10 years reading slowly.
  • ...a portal to Time-Travel Download decades in days
  • Books are the best way to store and transport knowledge we have ever developed. Years and years of backbreaking research go into books. And we can access that research in hours? How crazy is that. - Jim Kwik Learning is a Metaskill The ability to learn quickly is a distinct and powerful competitive advantage in business. It enables all success in a fast paced, fast changing world. - Steven Kotler Human performance is hackable. Learning is hackable. The brain is hackable. Literally. - Steven Kotler
  • Prepare Yourself after the next hour... Your reading speed will increase 25-50% You can become an expert in any field You can hack the process of learning You will gain access to the ultimate superpower You will discover strategies for greater wealth, health, and awareness
  • Jim Kwik Kwik Learning & SuperHero You
  • Finding Ideas
  • What is Something You Always Wanted to Learn?
  • #1: Make a Reading List Wealth Health Awareness Master Word Document Books to Read: voice-memos, screen-caps, photos Marketing Investing Mindset Nutrition Fitness Environmental Health Meditation QiGong Integral TheoryPsychology Taoism Education/Learning Primal Lifestyle Communication Business Economics Kevins Areas of Interest Who are the Industry Transformers in each field?
  • Become an Expert Niche & Grow Rich Unique Ability How to Write a Good Ad Start Something that Matters Scientific Advertising Tell to Win Profit Activator #2 Profit Activator #1 Evil Plans The Experience Economy Delivering HappinessWhats the 1 book in each sub-topic that is the must read? Profit Activator #5 (Marketing) 8 Profit Activators Download Breakthrough DNA: * Profit Activators - www.ILoveMarketing.com Select a single target market Create a compelling offer Deliver a dream come true experience Research sub-topics within broader fields (Before/During/After Units)
  • Discovering Books Blogs/Social Media In-Books/Bibliographies Podcasts Peoples Libraries Amazon
  • Tracking-Down Books WorldCat Library Holds Amazon Half-Price Books Library Book Store
  • Processing
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyW9AjplDfY&feature=share&list=TLtO2vcUgvuhE Chopping Books Video
  • #2: Schedule Your Reading Early morning Peak energy 30-minute chunks (15/15) Consistency - morning tea Down-time: in-line at post-office
  • #3: Improve Your Reading Brain-Function Functional Medicine Exercise Nutrition Meditation Reading Speed Whats your current speed? 3 tips to increase 25-50% Reading Technique Headings Highlighting Vary speeds
  • Brain Function Functional Medicine (optimizing brain health) Exercise (for improved brain function) Nutrition (hormone & energy regulation) Meditation (cultivating awareness)
  • Determining Reading Speed Read for 2-minutes Count the number of lines read Divide the number of lines by 2 Multiply by words per line
  • 3 Obstacles to Effective Reading Lack of Focus (slow reading) Subvocalization (JFK Rule) Regression (re-reading sections)
  • Lack of Focus SPEED=FOCUS
  • Subvocalization (JFK Rule) Speaking Speed vs Reading Speed (words per minute) 300wpm 1200wpm Fastest JFK speech JFKs reading speed
  • Eye Movement/Chunking Schools teach reading aloud - bad practice for reading speed Extremely slow readers read word by word Very slow readers read a few words at a time Average readers read a sentence at a time Quick readers read a few sentences at a time - capturing the thought Speed readers practice constant eye movement at quick speeds Use a visual pacer - pen in left hand to initially increase speed
  • Reading Technique Headings (what are the big ideas?) Highlighting (mark, highlight, photograph what you want to review) Varying Speed (vary your speeds depending on content)
  • Components of FLOW Intense & focused concentration Merging of action & awareness Loss of reflective self-consciousness Sense of personal control Distortion of time Intrinsic reward The Ultimate Super-Power
  • Conditions for FLOW Clear Goals Immediate Feedback Balance (Skill=Challenge)
  • Deliberate Practice (talent is not innate or just about practice - there are specific conditions that you can follow to become an expert) Motivation & effort to improve performance Integration of pre-existing knowledge (context) Immediate feedback Repeatedly perform task Being outside of your comfort zone Deliberate Practice is good for learning and improving, FLOW states are good for practicing and processing known information Find balance between being outside your comfort zone and finding FLOW in everyday activities
  • Implement
  • Thoughts, Behaviors, Actions
  • Examples of Implementation How to Write a Good Ad - Read the section on 100 headlines and write out headlines to use in direct marketing campaigns Key-word research for generating content: speed read comments sections of popular blogs to get inside your prospects minds How to Deliver a TED Talk - Immediately implement speaking tips in your presentations The Creative Habit - learn how to create habits that will differentiate how you communicate your product or service and engage your prospects
  • kyronite
  • Obstacles No RoutineNo Excitement Using books as sedatives Schedule your reading Find topics you enjoy or study skills you dont enjoy but need to excel at
  • Share Ideas & Your Opinion Blog about it Be someone who is in the know Have an opinion Use material to engage your audience
  • Resources Kwik-Learning - Jim Kwiks site on learning and memory SuperHero You (Jim Kwik) Singularity Hub (Industry transformers in accelerated learning) Flow Genome Project (http://www.flowgenomeproject.co) UltraMindSolution (http://www.ultramind.com/files/guide.pdf) Reader (mobile app for speed reading) WorldCat (mobile app for library database) Blog about speed reading techniques (http://singularityhub.com/2013/07/11/ learning-to-learn-faster-part-ii-harnessing-the-subconscious-for-accelerated- performance/)
  • Must Reads
  • Clarity, Confidence, & Capability