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With Samsung KNOX Customization,


transform Samsung devices2

into purpose built appliances to better meet your business needs. 3

It provides a comprehensive set of tools and services, for a rebranded software, tailored user experience, and advanced device configuration4

to customize Samsung devices for specific objectives, offering optimized value to customers in a wide range of industries.


In-flight entertainment is now one of the key differentiators in the aviation industry.6

To provide passengers with optimal inflight entertainment, airline companies are replacing traditional back-seat displays with sleek mobile devices.This enables passengers to enjoy multimedia with high resolution display and familiar User Experience, while being able to move devices freely at their seats.7

However, there are several obstacles when using normal tablet devices for air travel.8

In-flight entertainment devices are used by passengers of all ages, including children and the elderly who may mistakenly change device settings or access content from unauthorized sources. 9

System and application sounds from tablets may make unpleasant noise, and as a result, disturb neighboring passengers.10

Also, it is time-consuming for the aircrew to manually turn on a large number of devices for their passengers.11

These three limitations that hinder the effective use of tablets, can be overcome12

with KNOX Customization, which provides Professional Kiosk Mode, External Sound Control, and Automatic Power-on for passengers to experience premium in-flight entertainment with mobile devices. 13

Professional Kiosk Mode locks devices to a designated application. This prevents users from accidentally or intentionally changing device settings, accessing content from unauthorized sources, and receiving unnecessary notifications.14

It can also keep sounds off to prevent neighboring passengers from being distracted during travel. but exceptionally output system sounds through external speakers in emergency situations, even when devices are connected to headsets.15

Finally, power provided by the flight deck can enable all devices on the aircraft to automatically turn on. This way, the aircrew do not need to turn on the devices one by one.16

Mezzoglobal, a worldwide corporation headquartered in the UK, revolutionized in-flight entertainment by customizing Samsung devices with KNOX Customization. It now provides unique value to passengers with sleek mobile devices that embeds its onboard entertainment application. 17

With Samsung KNOX Customization, passengers gain an adaptive in-flight experience . This is invaluable for businesses in the aviation industry that seek to provide the best travel experience for passengers while also maintaining security and management efficiency. Customized tablets help businesses establish a Premium Brand image, reduce the weight of the aircraft, and also minimize maintenance cost for aircraft.18

Transform Samsung devices to better meet your business needs 19

with KNOX Customization. Visit Samsung dot com business to get started today.20