knox customization for hospitality industry

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With Samsung KNOX Customization,


transform Samsung devices2

into purpose built appliances to better meet your business needs.


It provides a comprehensive set of tools and services, for a rebranded software, tailored user experience, and advanced device configuration 4

to customize Samsung devices for specific objectives, offering optimized value to customers in a wide range of industries. 5

In the hospitality industry, hotels are always seeking for ways to improve guestroom experience. 6

They are adopting mobile devices for room service, facility control concierge & survey to realize an automated and interactive guestroom services. 7

However, digitalization of guestroom service raises several concerns among hotels.8

Devices placed in hotel rooms are exposed to a variety of people who may accidentally or intentionally change device settings, for example delete applications, disconnect wifi, or even lock devices with unknown passwords. 9

Furthermore, notification sounds and screen backlight from tablets may disturb guests when they are asleep.10

Resources are often wasted when devices stay turned on for the whole day, even in vacant rooms while guests are away. This ultimately reduces devices lifespan.11

These obstacles to creating an interactive guestroom experience, can be easily solved by integrating devices with Samsung KNOX Customization. 12

It provides Professional Kiosk Mode, display & sound control, and Optimized Power Management for guests to fully enjoy their stay.13

Professional Kiosk Mode locks down devices to a specific guestroom application so that customers are not be able to access the device settings, quick panel, status bar and power dialog.14

Display and sound settings can be set up to suit the guestroom environment. For example, brightness and volume can be automatically minimized when guests are asleep.15

Finally, power management can be optimized by setting the device to automatically turn on upon check-in and turn off after check-out. 16

Tapendium is a leading hospitality technology company based in Australia. It integrated Samsung Galaxy Tablets with KNOX Customization to deliver an automated and interactive service, enhancing overall hotel experience. 17

KNOX Customization is a simple and affordable solution that creates a digitalized hotel environment. Hotels are able to not only increase sales revenue and reduce overhead, but also increase customer loyalty by delighting their guests.18

Transform Samsung devices to better meet your business needs 19

with KNOX Customization. Visit Samsung dot com business to get started today.20