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Big sites as booking.com are taking over the travel industry, the traditional travel industry is suffering, with content marketing they can regain their terrain.


2. Create creative content people want to see and share 3. We zijn goed bezig, of niet? 4. Want er is een en ander veranderd zo was het vroeger... 5. zo is het nu... Spreken we die mensen nog aan met onze klassieke aanpak? 6. schema Lucius 7. Do not despair 8. 78% are still willing to go to a travel agent 9. But the search starts online 10. We need to attract and host them with content marketing 11. schema Lucius Redrocketmedia 12. content marketing is less disruptive who still believes these people? 13. it is about talking with people instead of to them 14. it is about telling what people are really interested in 15. In fact, some brands were pioneers in content marketing 16. We have all browsed through these 17. Is what we tell relevant enough? 18. What we want to tell!What we should tellWhat people want to hear 19. What can we tell? 20. Create your own story 21. not like this... 22. Make sure it is real, authentic 23. Claim an emotional domain or niche 24. a common enemy 25. or a common cause 26. Exclusive / curated (make it your own) 27. How can we tell it? 28. owned... 29. ...and paid... 30. ...gets you earned media 31. invest in a relationship, every day 32. content marketing = philosophy 33. @het_salonwww.het-salon.beKleindokkaai 17, 9000 Gent.09 266 14 [email protected]