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  • Science Lab Equipment
  • Compound Light Microscope Purpose: to magnify microscopic objects Safety: carry close to your body using 2 hands
  • Computer Purpose: for research or data analysis; to solve multiple problems quickly; store data Safety: Only visit sites approved by your teacher or an adult.
  • Beaker Purpose: to find the mass of irregular objects or for working with larger volumes of liquids
  • Graphing Calculator Purpose: for making accurate calculations, graphing data, and can be attached to probeware
  • Balance Purpose: to find the mass of an object
  • Triple Beam Balance Purpose: used to find mass before and after an experiment
  • Notebook Purpose: for data collection
  • Hand Lens Purpose: magnification
  • Thermometer Purpose: obtain temperature Safety: broken thermometers can release mercury, a harmful element; use caution
  • Meter Stick Purpose: find length
  • Graduated Cylinder Purpose: used to accurately measure the volume of a liquid; like the measuring cup of the science lab
  • Spring Scale Purpose: to find the weight of an object
  • Hot Plate Purpose: non-open flame heat source Safety: Use beaker tongs or insulated pads to handle hot objects
  • Anemometer Purpose: determine wind speed to predict weather
  • Stopwatch Purpose: measure time
  • Thermal Glove Purpose: for handling hot or cold objects
  • Goggles Purpose: eye safety
  • Erlenmeyer Flask Purpose: to measure, mix, and store liquids Safety: use caution when dealing with hot or cold liquids
  • Test Tube Purpose: A thin glass tube used to hold small amounts of material for testing or experiments Safety: use caution when working with chemicals; discard broken tubes per teacher directions
  • Test Tube Holder Purpose: to hold/support test tubes
  • Psychrometer Purpose: used to measure relative humidity; to predict rain and cloud formation
  • Spectroscope Purpose: to separate light rays (spectra)
  • Lab Apron Purpose: protect clothing/body from harmful substances
  • Probeware Purpose: provide and record real-time information during experiments; can measure force, acceleration, soil moisture, motion, temperature, etc. and send it to a computer or calculator for analysis
  • Vent Hood (Fume Hood) Purpose: to vent hazardous fumes produced by chemical reactions
  • Pipette Purpose: transport a specified volume of liquid to another vessel
  • Bunsen Burner Purpose: produces a single open gas flame for heating, sterilizing, and combustion Safety: use caution when working with an open flame
  • Alcohol Lamp Purpose: open-flame heating source used when low temperature is desired Safety: always use caution with an open flame