le futur simple. so far this year, we have learned the present tense (to talk about things that are...

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Le futur simple Slide 2 So far this year, we have learned the present tense (to talk about things that are happening now) and the past tense (to talk about things that already happened). But what if we want to talk about something that will happen? For that, we need a whole new tense: the futur simple. Slide 3 Its easy! All you do is add the endings to the infinitive, and youve got it! The endings for futur simple are: je -ainous-ons tu-asvous-ez il-ails-ont elle-aelles-ont on-aqui-a Slide 4 Regardez ces exemples: regarder nous regarder ons we will watch choisirtu choisir as you will choose Vendre elle vendr a she will sell Slide 5 Theres one little trick to remember. Look at the example with vendre again. Do you see what we did? Thats right, we dropped the e before we added our ending. That wasnt so bad, was it? Slide 6 Ok, so some of the verbs dont like to follow the rules. To be perfectly honest a lot of the verbs dont like to follow the rules. There is no trick to learning them, they just have to be memorized. Slide 7 Here they are: aller ir-j ir aiI will go avoir aur- tu aur asyou will have devoir devr-il devr ahe will have to tre ser-elle ser ashe will be faire fer-nous fer onswe will do / make Slide 8 Here they are: pouvoir pourr-vous pourr ezyou will be able to recevoir recevr-ils recevr ontthey will receive savoir saur-elles saur ontthey will know venir viendr-on viendr awe will come Slide 9 Here they are: devenir deviendr-qui deviendr awho will become Revenir reviendr-je reviendr aiI will come back voir verr-nous verr onswe will see vouloir voudr-elles voudr ontthey will want Slide 10 There are also some verbs that have accents or consonants added to them in the futur simple because of pronunciation. Take a look: acheter tu ach terasyou will buy jeter vous jet t erezyou will throw appeler qui appel l erawho will call Slide 11 Thats it! You have learned your last verb tense for grade 9 French. You can now talk about things that are happening, have already happened, and will happen. Congratulations! Slide 12 Pendant que vous coutez le pome suivant, encerclez tous les verbes qui apparaissent au futur simple. Demain, ds laube